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Party Mixer
Created by Pun Software
Party Mixer

Android version
Team note
8 / 10
Users note
8 / 10
about 1000000
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Team review

" Play two tracks at the same time. "

The application has not yet detailed description, however the team assigned the note of 8 / 10. This note is based on the following criteria: Quality, Usefulness, Ease of Use, Privacy Concerns of user data (depending on the permissions required)..

The app is compatible with most Android devices running on.

Its number of downloads in the Android Market (Google Play) makes it an extremely popular application and rightly so. More than a million users are using it on mobile or on touch pad.

User reviews

41 users have given their review on Party Mixer.

Positive review Great App by anonym
Please update with waveforms on each deck. I'll gladly pay for it.I s there a way to save the playlists on a SD-cart? 5/5
Positive review Nice app but, by anonym
I stayed a long time mixing songs when at the end i cant find where did it saved the mix :[email protected] 4/5
Neutral review I dont get it by anonym
Do I have to download songs onto my phone to do this or what??? Once I figure out and do a mix or two I will give five stars 3/5
Positive review Awesm by anonym
I jst love it. Its vry user frndly. N xactly same app tht i needed. Thnx team. Bt i cnt find the mixed songs file i saved. Plz hlp. 4/5
Neutral review Playback Problem by anonym
Please fix it. This app was the best music mix app I ever came across. I am patiently waiting for this to be fixed. 3/5
Neutral review Download the song by anonym
I actually want the song to go on my phone but can't. It's an okay app just get that fixed this app would be great! 3/5
Neutral review Mixtape by anonym
This app is great. I'd give it a 5* rating if it allowed me to save my mixes. It doesn't give an option to save the actual mixes, just the playlist 3/5
Positive review G2 by anonym
I love this app. Only thing I don't like is it won't let you choose your own playlist from your phone. Update that &it'll be FIVE STARS DEFINITELY!!!!! 4/5
Positive review Awsome by anonym
Best auto party mixer, just select all music from your device library, create your own mix, or just auto play or shuffle. Can even choose when to crossfade and duration...great app. Easy to use. Easy to load tracks and remove. Wish it had more mixing or sound effects options though. An added soundboard would be awsome to customize any track your currently playing. Hopefully this app creator will consider these possibilities. Oh and if your trying to save your playlist, make sure you go into the app menu. 5/5
Positive review realy good mixer by anonym
Really an awesome mixer... cool update..awesome mixer 5/5
Negative review Errrr... by anonym
"your android device does not support tempo/pitch control" are there ANY decent WORKING dj apps out there???? Another one for my ever growing uninstalled list :( 1/5
Positive review Best app I ever even had! by anonym
Best dj app I ever even had I use it thing ever THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS :)) :) 5/5
Neutral review Not bad could use a little bit more. by anonym
Nice app, blending music couldn't be nicer, but a few things caught my attention, 1 right away I notice that screen rotation doesn't work, you have to use the screen one way and one way only, you also have to click the >> forward button to go to the next song, or drag it up to the top to hear from that point, when it should be as soon as you touch a song from your playlist it should play automatically. If you can fix that I'll give this app 100% rating. 3/5
Positive review This app dj mix by anonym
Is exactly what I want for home use is the best among others tumbs-up for you guys . 5/5
Positive review cool by anonym
thts a good mixer app..I have install many other mixer...but those r nt like dat.. 4/5
Positive review I love it!! by anonym
I'm a on air personality who normally does Talk shows, but was asked recently to add some music to my program. I never really got the training to cross fade songs, but with this app I can do it easily... thank you for providing this wonderful app. How can I legally advertise it for you on the air? 5/5
Positive review Excellent by anonym
A very nice app. I become my own DJ and when I get tired I switch to auto DJ. Easy, flexible and simple to use. 5/5
Positive review by anonym
Its the bomb.. boom.. luv this Dj app the best. Works great. Very practical. Just like me. I can play one song at a time or on the fly input tracks, then flip to auto mode. Also I can select songs have them in a cue and see the songs as I load up my play list.. the list go on and on.. luv It, its Awesome. I am a musician and I play a lot of one man band gigs, having all these options works best for me. Definitely an app I shall recommend to all my friends. Thanks for making it... 5/5
Positive review Thee best app by anonym
This is the best dj app i've used so far it's so easy to use downloading songs is super easy good job guys I wish that every time I get a new phone I could just type in my user name and get all my files back but good job 5/5
Positive review OMG! by anonym
PERFECT! Im so thankful that this app exist!! I love music. But i feel so boring listening to music only. Now i can finally set,configure,make and produce my own music playlist. You can called YOUR OWN MUSIC PLAYLIST. GIVE IT A HIGH FIVE!!! 5/5
Positive review You want this one by anonym
Two words.. "auto dj" load the songs you want to play... Press auto dj and it fades them in and out right into the next song.... So every song you are like hell yes this is my $#I!! 5/5
Neutral review Auto DJ request by anonym
This app is amazing, the only reason I downloaded it was because of the tempo/pitch feature. I am very close to purchasing this wonderful app if... Auto DJ could also set the tempo/pitch while transitioning to music. This would be very useful because adjusting the tempo/pitch manually every time a new song is played becomes tedious. Please add a feature where the user is able to notify the Auto DJ to adjust their music to one pitch they desire. For example: -8.0% on Deck 1 and -5.0% on deck 2. 3/5
Positive review This is goood by anonym
Take some time to learn how to use it and you'll see just how amazing this app is...problem though:you can't filter sounds for transitions,you can edit the pitch,can't tweak the grain- basically it's limited(expecially if you're coming form mixing on an app like virtual dj on pc to this,it kinda sucks but considering that this is a cell phone app it's pretty good-it's better than most of it's competitors trust me!you probably not ganna find any better app that's for *free* like this one)... 5/5
Neutral review by anonym
Good intentions but has problems with playlists. Playlists stop playing and then the cross fader doesn't work. Adding reset to pitch control can be useful 3/5
Positive review Nice by anonym
Would give you 5 star if you add the beats per mins of the songs because sometimes their speeds are difference and don't rym 4/5
Negative review Surprise! by anonym
The surprise is that it does not work. A great concept saddled with bad programming. Perhaps it functions well as a real time mixer but if you were drawn to the idea of a Auto DJ who cross fades for you as I was, this app is a huge let down. First some design flaws. I read an earlier review of someone complaining they could not stop the music from playing. While there is a pause button, it actually serves as a stop button but even so, theres no way to exit the app! You have to use an app manager to force cl 2/5
Positive review Professional back up by anonym
I use a mac book but have never fully trusted computers for DJing after a crash... Having my phone plugged into the mixer with this app on standby let's me relax knowing I have an emergency play list ready to go. The play list features are good and the auto mix is great for background music without no gaps of silence. Couldn't care less about effects nd beat sync as I'll never use a phone for actual mixing... This app is simple but easy and reliable. If you want anything fancy go for traktor or djay 5/5
Positive review Unique, simple and best by anonym
Great app, bought a new phone and I was missing this app like hell...great work developer... Long live :) 5/5
Positive review great by anonym
just what I needed for cross fading. no ads. 5 star if you add a portrait mode. also, it would be nice if it snaps to currently playing track instead of having to look what the next several songs will be. needs a pause, back and skip in the notification pull down 4/5
Neutral review Good by anonym
The only problem I've run into would be that it can't see any tracks from my music folder and only sees music on my download folder. 3/5
Positive review Awesome app by anonym
Works great I would give it 5 stars if sometimes it didn't just stop for no reason but it's an awesome app can't wait til an update fixes these little bugs. 4/5
Positive review Why the sudden stop? by anonym
It's so awesome. Love love love it. But every now and then, it just flat out stops. I don't understand why. Other than that, it's amazing. Just a little embarrassing when your music stops in the middle of a Dance for no reason 4/5
Positive review Wonderful by anonym
It's easy to use,even for starters like me.I had tried some apps and wouldn't work for me,until I came across this one...thanks. 5/5
Positive review by anonym
I am a DJ myself a very good app but needs work it would be good with a sync button, scratching, effects & being able to add cue points. 5 stars if you add at least some of the listed features but all together a very good app. 5/5
Positive review Ausome by anonym
Graphics dont alwayz matter it just makes the app heavy.... however I luv this app coz of its simplicity.... dosent have a lot of jazz..... user friendly I must say.. yall killed it totally.... 5/5
Neutral review Improve graphics by anonym
I like your app but i don't like graphics of the app , app looking simple, plz improve graphics of the app and i give you 5 stars.... 3/5
Positive review Slow by anonym
To download but nice app....gave me a stiff neck...... :-) :-). :-). :-) still good had a remix of timber and what does d fox say and gent,emenn and I love it and dont wake me up..... nice try it guys.... :-) 4/5
Positive review Its pretty good by anonym
This app is awsome but theres only 2 problems but only 1 can probly be solved 1. It automatically closes sometimes 2. We cant download are mixes 4/5
Negative review Playback Issues by anonym
Whenever I press play, nothing plays! I loaded all the tracks I wanted and tried mixing manually, and the automatic mixer, but no audio. Everything else on my tablet (Galaxy Tab 3) that has to do with audio outputs the sound, except for this app. I even tried closing all other applications and restarting my tablet. It seems amazing, but it's not working properly. Please help! I have a party on Friday and I was totally pumped to use this highly recommended app. 2/5
Neutral review Letting me down by anonym
Spent 2h creating two play lists to find out that I was just wasting my time, cause at the end the playlist was not saved 3/5
Positive review WTF! by anonym
I've been through hell finding the best mixer in my phone. Guess what! I FREAKIN FOUND IT! and i'm really happy you made this kind of app. i've been using this for two hours now and there's no problem with it. 5 stars baby! thanks! 5/5

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