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Created by GO Dev Team

Android version
4.0 and up
Team note
9 / 10
Users note
9 / 10
about 100000000
1 Mo
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Team review

" Personalizing and fun ! "

The application has not yet detailed description, however the team assigned the note of 9 / 10. This note is based on the following criteria: Quality, Usefulness, Ease of Use, Privacy Concerns of user data (depending on the permissions required)..

The app is compatible from version 4.0 of Android. Any supperior OS version will support it.

Its weight is very light, less than a megabyte is sufficient to store and operate.

Its number of downloads in the Android Market (Google Play) makes it an indispensable application. More than five million people already use. Do not hesitate to get it back. Any device (smartphone or tablet) must possess.

User reviews

40 users have given their review on GO SMS Pro.

Negative review Trash by anonym
It's only fast if you delete all your text threads on a regular basis. If you don't, the app slows way down and starts freezing up. If you have a multi person thread active and people are texting while you are trying to send a message out, it will freeze up on you. 1/5
Negative review Rip-off by anonym
I paid for the premium version of this app - ad free and extra features. Since the recent update I'm getting push notifications to my phone (advertising other apps), and the only way to stop them is to start paying a monthly subscription? I'll be uninstalling instead. 1/5
Positive review by anonym
I used to think my default Google Messenger was the bomb, but now Go SMS Pro takes the title!! This is THE BEST SMS app I've ever seen/used!??? 5/5
Positive review 5 stars if u fix msg problem by anonym
Sometimes if I'll be txting and I won't receive a text but actually go in the app, the msg would be in my inbox. Fix that. Everything else is perfect 4/5
Negative review Disappointed by anonym
After my phone just did a system update today something happened with this app and the phone's update that I lost my "premium" membership. I'm getting pop up ads again and it's ticking me off that I paid for a service that got taken away by an update. (8/12/15) It just happened again. My app tells me that I have the premium version but I'm getting pop up notifications for ads. (11/25/16) 1/5
Negative review Always an issue by anonym
So first I can't send pics and now there's constant ads? This app is almost not worth it anymore. Maybe if you made premium a little cheaper then more people would buy it 2/5
Negative review by anonym
I use to love this app. Now it's sending my messages to the wrong person all the time. Which leads to a lot of confusion. Why is this doing this and when will it be fixed? 2/5
Positive review Love by anonym
Popups still don't work properly 80% of the time, but so be it. At this point, I've just gotten used to not being able to use it the way its supposed to. 4/5
Negative review Pay again for the paid version.. by anonym
Paid for this app years ago. Loved it. With every update it gets worse and worse. Now I have to pay a monthly fee to remove ads from an app that I already paid to have ads removed from. Y'all can go suck a dick!!! 1/5
Negative review Mms pictures by anonym
After update I can no longer receive picture texts it just keeps saying downloading!??? Please fix this is very annoying 1/5
Positive review Love the features by anonym
I understand ads but the amount of ads in this app is border line ridiculous. Now having said that the features in the app almost makes up for it. You can block people, phrases and there is a private box that you need a pass code to get into. I like that you can customize it too. 4/5
Neutral review It's ok by anonym
I like the variety of interfaces but I find I often don't get my messages. It's not a problem when I don't have this as default. I eventually get them but I've missed many time sensitive messages, and that's unacceptable. Also way too many ads. 3/5
Negative review Freezes up often by anonym
This app freezes up a lot you would think the fact that I'm paying for a subscription that It would better. The app that came with my Verizon service never had a problem 2/5
Neutral review It's Good but by anonym
You know I used to like this app very much but the problem is it's not getting as my default app. So my private msgs are no more private and they pop up as usual text ..Need help 3/5
Negative review Updates ruin instead of improve by anonym
Can't send pictures or screenshots any more. Also paid for the premium which is supposed to be ad free but now I get pop up ads on the lock screen. Gets worse instead of better :( 2/5
Negative review Lost SVIP by anonym
Paid for a year VIP Subscription and it disappeared.. I've tried the reactivation thing several times, hasn't worked. I've also tried getting in touch with the Dev team and haven't had any responses.. I'm disappointed. *Update* It's been over 12 hours, I still have the ads, no VIP, and can't use any of the features.. This is extremely frustrating... 1/5
Positive review Too cute by anonym
It's so cute. It took me a minute to figure it out, but I did it. I still don't know how to stop getting double notifications and how to set individual text tone. I have a sMsung galaxy4. 5/5
Neutral review Good and weakness by anonym
Back up system usefull. I use dual sim, but some time conflict with other messenger. Cant send text. Have to uninstall then install again. Then must setting again. Some report mail will not send due to wrong email address, need to improve more. often conflict with other application 3/5
Neutral review It's not as great as it used to be by anonym
I used to be able to set a password for my messages that were not in the private box. I can't do that anymore. I cracked the screen to my phone and it was a couple months later before I replaced it. I have forgotten the password to my private box and it won't allow me to reset it! 3/5
Negative review Update: purchased TWICE! Why a 3rd? SCAMMING PPL?! by anonym
At the moment, I feel SCAMMED! Same has happened to Girlfriend. Convinced her to buy this and ALL UR PRODUCTS - upgraded phone - Everytime I update my cell phone to NEW CELL. I GO TO RE-DOWNLOAD - INSTALL IT, and IT'S ALL ADS AGAIN! it wants me to PURCHASE again to remove ads again. - I bought EVERYTHING for GO - including the FULL PACKAGE. - I Want this fixed asap please. I HAVE SPENT $100. Fix it, I will give 4 or 5 STARS. ty. 1/5
Negative review Horrible App by anonym
Do NOT pay for the VIP upgrade. Their ad says it will eliminate all ads. That is a BOLDFACED LIE. It eliminates NO ads. In fact, there are so many ads, it's almost impossible to figure out how to update themes. 1/5
Neutral review Was good but now getting push ads by anonym
I paid for the ad free version, but now get annoying push ads for games etc.... I won't continue to use this. The built in messaging app with cm works just fine.... Ad free! 3/5
Positive review (Resolved!!) Paid version now getting ads. by anonym
(Resolved). Ads have stopped. Now back to the excellent app with great features like - privacy Folder, stranger folder, block sms, delay send and receipt notification. Thanks!! ---------(Original Post) This is terrible. Why would you ask legacy paid customers to pay every month to remove ads the we paid for before. That is a terrible business strategy and will piss us off. I will have to look for a replacement app now. 5/5
Neutral review You Just Lost 2 Stars (Edited)! by anonym
You had a 5 Star , but because I had to download a App/game to purchase a SMS Theme and play it for 300 points. I hate this type of Blackmail!!! Smh 3/5
Negative review It used to be good I already paid once by anonym
I have used go SMS for years, and I already paid once, now they want me to pay again cause they have changed the way they do it (now its monthly instead of one time small fee) I have a new phone and tried using this and I am spanked with ads on my phone even while not in the app! I have tried to email developer multiple times and get no response. Its ridiculous, pay and pay again seems to be this motto. It was a great app till all this BS, a yearly subscription is 24$ all to get rid of spam! 1/5
Negative review MMS not working with recent updates.. by anonym
Since 11/19 with recent updates, MMS messages have been slow to send or fail completely, wifi or no, even the disable wifi option doesn't work like it used to, and even with custom APN settings. I've tried everything on my end, not sure what changed as this has not been a problem for the last couple years. On T-Mobile, SGS5. Please address. 2/5
Negative review Bye bye by anonym
Used to be my favorite SMS app! I recommended it to anyone who needed a different SMS app. Now with all these ridiculous ads and notifications to download other apps, I'm uninstalling. This is absurd. 1/5
Negative review by anonym
Since the latest upgrade 1 of 2 things occur while texting. 1. Text is sent but never received, text is sent and received but their reply never comes thru. 2. Write a text but unable to click the send button. Until this is fixed I take away my 5 star rating and leave you with a 1. *Original rating* Have yet to have any issues with this app. I love being able to customize txt rings so I know who it is . 1/5
Negative review I've answered your questions idiots......stop auto replying by anonym
The app kicks my Wi-Fi off when I send or receive pictures. This is only 3rd pay app I'm using. Stock app works fine. It doesn't turn off my Wi-Fi and force me to restart my phone to connect to a Wi-Fi network. It will show no available networks when I scan for them. I answered you're questions. ---->Fix it or refund my money<------ I won't support useless apps. 2/5
Positive review No notification sound! by anonym
Checked all my phone settings. When I get a message I do not get a notification sound never had this problem before. Also several times app keeps trying to send the same message multiple times but doesn't actually send it , there is a red exclamation mark next to it. Please fix! Using Samsung s7 edge and using latest update. 4/5
Negative review Have had the app forever but... by anonym
I did update today and MMS wouldn't send so deleted and reinstalled. I got GO SMS PRO premium on 2013 and now I have ads popping up and it wants to charge me for something that I already had. Please fix or I will delete permanently. . . . . Update *** No answer from GOSMS. STILL STUPID ADS EVEN THOUGH I HAD THE NO AD VERSION SINCE 2013. PLEASE FIX. DELETING UNTIL YOU GIVE ME A FIX. PLEASE EMAIL ME. 1/5
Negative review Time to say goobye by anonym
Uninstalling. Intrusive ads, every update resets your settings. 100 NIS per year is too much!!! Bye bye. Earlier review: Some setting/features disappeared. Can't send contact info. Sent 2 messages to company and got ignored completely. Why aren't you answering? 1/5
Neutral review by anonym
What fid you guys do?? I absolutely love this app i use it for every phone i get.. but since the "bug" was fixed i cant send any mms thru the private box which i use frequently... no pics go thru and any message thats more than 2 sentences cause the entire app to lag or stop working.... please fix this... please... 3/5
Neutral review Please fix !!! by anonym
I've had this app for a long time, and has been pretty good. But suddenly i cannot send or recieve mms....??? I have adjusted the settings but to no avail. I have never had this issue before sending/recieving a regular photo through gosms. What is going on??? Please help and sort this out. 3/5
Neutral review Complete sms solution by anonym
Ok with few messages but slow if there are 10k+ sms.... Add new feature....1) bring back send sms individually for group sms 2) add prefered sim detection via contact number so users can send via cheapest sim (ex sms from numbers 0917xxxxxxx will higligth sim 2 as prefered sim) 3/5
Negative review Ads are ridiculous and MMS is buggy by anonym
This used to be a good app. Now it is full of bloated ads. Also, when sending a lot of MMS the app lags and then crashes. Lots of great features, but ruined by greed. Reply: I am running your latest available through the play store. No change in the ads. 1/5
Neutral review Not so private by anonym
When using the Private function SMS feature, it doesn't allow me to start a new text privately. I have to start a new one and send it to a private contact. When my contact replies, their part is private and from this point forward the rest of what I type is private, just not the initial text that generated the text. If THEY initiate the text, all is well. 3/5
Negative review by anonym
I've been using this app for years now. Why can't I even send sms? I have connection and load for it. I've already checked my phone settings and all. I've already uninstalled a few times and re installed again, for the few hours it will work just fine then back to having unsent messages again. I may not be knowledgeable about this much which is why I need help. Been reporting for about 5 times already, but no response at all. Problems aren't fixed. 1/5
Negative review I should have never upgraded . by anonym
Now I cant individually customize my msgs fix for full 5... 11/28/16: so you guys sort of fixed being able to customize my own themes but I need a whole app. It's OK I'll deal. But would love to have those restored when I change phones.. Back to 2 stars 2/5
Negative review What's wrong with the MMS!?! by anonym
I used to LOVE this app. Used it for years. Had the ability to recommend it to hundreds of people in the job that I'm in. But now I can't send MMS! I understand a developer needs to make money and do that with pop up ads.. but warn us first! Very close to never using. And telling people the same. PLEASE FIX 2/5

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