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Created by LINE Corporation

Android version
Team note
9 / 10
Users note
8 / 10
about 500000000
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Team review

" Reshape communication around the globe ! "

The application has not yet detailed description, however the team assigned the note of 9 / 10. This note is based on the following criteria: Quality, Usefulness, Ease of Use, Privacy Concerns of user data (depending on the permissions required)..

The app is compatible with most Android devices running on.

Its number of downloads in the Android Market (Google Play) makes it an indispensable application. More than five million people already use. Do not hesitate to get it back. Any device (smartphone or tablet) must possess.

User reviews

40 users have given their review on LINE.

Negative review Line Today Trouble by anonym
My line today page was trouble. I can't read the news. When I open it, it showed white blank page. I tried to uninstall and re install. But it doesn't help me. Please fix it. I'll give 5 stars when it fixed. Thank you 2/5
Positive review I really enjoy this app but... by anonym
You should consider linking it with sms messenger so that we could use it with everyone and not just with people who have line. I think you would get even more people who would be interested in it if you did that. That way people can use it to message purple who are unable to download line. 4/5
Positive review by anonym
I love it "BUT" FIX !! Please fix your line poin and coin exchange, much my friend and my parent not only that much !! So much people confused how to change line point to coin... You said line point will automaticaly change when you purchase some sticker or theme in shop BUT it not change at all !! I have 25K POINT but iam realy realy hell don't know how to use it... Many think i do start from searching in youtube how to change line POINT TO COIN "BUT" no one knows... PLEASE FIX IT "GO BACK TO YOUR OLD VERSION LET US CHANGE BY OUR OWN HAND" ??????? 5/5
Negative review line news stopped working by anonym
at first everything was fine, then one day somehow i cant access line news anymore. everytime i clicked a news it went blank (white screen). such a pity because so far i found line news interesting and useful. please fix immediately. 2/5
Positive review Great but missing one features by anonym
Using LINE for several years.. but u removed off auto rotate option.. please restore it back.. it's frustrating when I want to type while lying on the bed then the app starts to rotate into landscape mode.. 4/5
Negative review Photo permission not work on nougat by anonym
LINE Is great to use and communicate with friends.. But since the nougat update 7.0.1 the app no longer can send photos in chat. The error "Can't use Sd Card. Please confirm sd card settings" appears. 2/5
Neutral review Messages are slow.... by anonym
Great chat app. Has many rewards and games available. [Update] messages received are still slow, which are annoying especially when someone tries to contact you urgently and it doesn't appear until you check LINE. 3/5
Negative review too bad :( by anonym
i just updated the new version. i can't read line today because the news can't load properly. after i re-installed, the same thing happened. totally i can't open poll, sticker shop and also theme store. please fix this :( i'm waiting for the new version 2/5
Positive review Pls make this improvement developer. by anonym
I need one more very very very important feature. Please give a real link to show his/her profile wnyone who commented in line today. In indonesia, there are billion haters comment each day with no respect. Because there's no link to show who"s comment line today. I need this one please. 5/5
Negative review LINE TODAY BUG by anonym
I'm exhausted please fix the problem in line today. I can't read any news cause internet connection although i have it and i can still explore timeline but can't in line today i'll give 5 star if u fix thia please fix this :) i want to read again 1/5
Negative review New Update Still does nothing. App does not open at all. No one is working on fixing this. by anonym
This app is usually great but, I am still unable to open Line for 4 weeks, even after several ipdates since. I have to contact my friends on this app but no updates are working but making it worse. Now, the people on Line tell me on SNS they are upset with me for not responding. Is no one working on fixing this? I updated both Android Webview and Chrome so many times already. This is really bad customer service. They don't care about their customers because now people are mad at me for Line's mistake. 1/5
Positive review Awesome Apps by anonym
I love chat with friends using this apps, also I can post anything in Timeline. I love stickers in line! Also I can make line call and video call (including group call). But I feel not that good for group, Line need some administrator for group setting so no body can't remove other members except the administrator. 4/5
Negative review Line app no customer service by anonym
Had line app and forgot my password so I hit the request for password reset and have gotten nothing back and can't use line at all so after buying stickers and not getting a response back I will not recommend this app to anyone. All I wanted was to reset my password and continue using it with all my friends in game. 1/5
Positive review Annoying timeline by anonym
Line is so good and have a lot of feature. But i think we need filter on timeline. This filter will make user choose between other user's post, and OA post. Sometimes OA post really annoying and make timeline full OA's post, they really spamming timeline because not all of the post is meaningful 4/5
Negative review Why i cant open the sticker & theme shop? by anonym
Hi Line! i hope you will fix this problem. I cant open the sticker and theme shop anymore. It just show white screen. I think its loading, BUT? almost 30 minutes i wait and the screen still show white screen. Btw my internet connection in good condition. Thanks 1/5
Positive review Bugs/Error (?) by anonym
It's a good apps, easy to use. But now, I Can't Access "Line Today" on my timeline.. Maybe another bugs/error there? If it can be fixed, i really appreciate it.. Thanks 4/5
Positive review I love it but..... by anonym
Line has been my favourite chat platform where I can meet new friends and using a lot of cute stickers in chat. Timeline thingy was good until Line Today comes. It's good to get up to date with news but lately the article title doesn't match with the content itself and it is annoying to read something like that, just like fake things. I hope line can separate timeline and line today in tabs. 4/5
Positive review Cool app by anonym
On of the best messenger appd i've ever seen in this galaxy. But sometimes when i text the messages are sent but the person i address to doesn't receive it.. it left me hanging when i texted my bae so yeah.. pls fix the lag 4/5
Neutral review Please!! Do something! ! by anonym
LINE (video chat) used to be an excellent and very useful application. It was my favorite application for this purpose for over 4 years until they started adding several things making the app very heavy. Please, I hope the developers can improve this. Thank you. 3/5
Negative review Video/free call popped out automatically even when phone is locked by anonym
Mehhhh! I love line so muchh!!!! But the only problem is that i hate the videocall feature, if the video/free call just popped out even when the phone is locked thats mean anyone that hold my phone can see who's calling me. NOT GOOD. 2/5
Neutral review This has been my fave messenger but by anonym
I've been using this for years, and it used to be so reliable, but since a couple minths and updates back, it seems to be having a lot of issues/glitches for me and other friends when sending and recieving messages. Sometimes it says it sent it but the other party doesn't see it. Sometimes it says it didn't send it, but it did. This is very frustrating, and I'm not sure why me and my friends are having these troubles nowadays. 3/5
Negative review Line lossing the vision by anonym
I use this apps since long time ago. I enjoy this apps so much. But now I hate line messenger because this apps should focus on chat messenger, but why now the apps open the timeline and newsfeed in the first time? It should open the chat first, because it is "Chat Messenger" not "news apps". I hope you can fix it guys, I hate it so much.. Even uc browser open the news feed first. 2/5
Positive review Line is very good by anonym
I love this app. Since this morning, I am unable to connect to the app. All the other apps are working well except Line. I am not able to receive any messages or calls. Can you kindly tell me what to do. I restarted the phone and updated the app but it still doesn't connect to Wi-Fi. 5/5
Negative review LINE TODAY by anonym
I know that news is important. But, isn't very urge to see the news on the chat based system, plus It's slower than the older version. Please, can you just separate the news from LINE, bacause not everyone happy about it. Thank you LINE. Since these years the looks got an improvement. Keep it up ! 2/5
Negative review LINE: Free Calls & Messages by anonym
On latest version updated (v6.9.4) is nice looks when opened it up but everytimes I trying to watch video at my friends post, there is always said,"Unable could loud video". It's happened since previous version. I'm just hoping if I could enjoy it to stay connected with my friends. So, please fixs that's issues problems as soon as possible! Thank you. 2/5
Negative review LINE TODAY by anonym
I give you 3 stars because I can't read LINE TODAY even I already upgrade, uninstall, and reinstall. Please fix it. I like read LINE TODAY when I'm boring. Thank you. After the problem fixed, I will give you 4 stars. I give you 2 stars, because not only I cannot open LINE TODAY, I also cannot open theme store, sticker shop, and LINE Points. I don't know what's wrong with my LINE. But I already restart the phone, upgrade the app, reinstall the app, and re-login. Please fix this! 2/5
Negative review Bad backup by anonym
Line was good while it was installed. Then I had to uninstall it and change my phone. Now it's not sending the password of my account to my registered email id no matter how much I try. It's been a week already so I don't know what is wrong 2/5
Positive review Line doesn't show up in the main menu by anonym
I want to give 5 stars because i love this app. But now in my lenovo vibe p1m, my line isn't show up in the main menu screen viewer. I must run into settings > apps > line to run it down, there is no shortcut in the main menu. Anyone can help? 4/5
Positive review Delightfully adorable app! by anonym
My friend asked me to download this app so she'd have someone to send stickers to. I wasn't ready for all the adorable options you have! I personally would love if I could somehow sync this to Facebook and use it instead of messenger. The themes are a cute touch as well!!? 5/5
Positive review Useful by anonym
I was skeptical at first, but I've grown to appreciate it. I can keep in touch with people more easily than sms or email. Just make sure you keep control of it, rather than letting it control you. Don't add or join anything unnecessarily. The only thing I don't really like now is how user updates and "news" posts are all thrown in together. 4/5
Negative review Suggested sticker won't appear & xmas feature by anonym
When i type a keyword for suggested sticker it won't appear and all i could see was just grey smiley. The worst is when I tried to click it, this app close itself. And for now there's no falling snow in my roomchat and my roomchat's bg turn into black. orz 2/5
Negative review It crashed and I can't open it! Help me please! by anonym
It worked so well yesterday but now I can't even open it. Please help me! I need to get back my conversation. Please also add one feature whIch we can email archieve our conversation. Its heart pain to see chat being deleted when switching phones TT 1/5
Negative review by anonym
2017 and still no easy way for Android users to backup/restore the chat history between devices. (iphone users can use iTune) and making things worse... user names somehow changes from one language to another making the restore file useless. (and your old device chats are deleted when you find out about this on the new one) 1/5
Negative review Something wrong by anonym
I purchased much of theme. And the top of it, it crash. Blank, and not full. Please fix your theme too. I dont know why it can be like that in my phone. My phone it has a large screen. It is very dissapointed because i spend a lot of money to buy the theme and also the sticker. But the sticker works as well. Please fix the theme... I'll give 5 stars if u fixed it. 1/5
Neutral review Cannot open the LINE TODAY by anonym
I already updated this with the lastest version and have a very much memory (internal and external) but why on earth suddenly i can not open the line today? Whenever i open that, it always give me a blank white space and a purple header. Ive waited that for about 30 minutes but it doesnt give me anything even when i use a wifi too. Help? 3/5
Positive review Gd but don't work with Bluetooth hdphn by anonym
Why don't u add Bluetooth headphone enable! Video calling is comfortable with Bluetooth headphone. & add what is being writing while chatting live(like imo). & plz add animated stikars. Also need an option where i can control the hd video call or non hd call(add optinal 3-4stage quality low-midium-gd-hd) . Improve those. Thank u 4/5
Positive review Love it by anonym
I use it for keeping in touch with friends across the country and around the world. Great to be able to easily send messages, pictures, video whenever and have both individual and group chats. The stickers are great but a bit expensive. Would be great to at least be able to add them to a wish list or something to be easy to find for future purchase if maybe you can't afford at the moment. Overall it's a great app. 4/5
Positive review Really useful and helping but... by anonym
This is a very usefull app and it have many stickers in it.But it just got restart by its own when im chatting... and the app ask me to login again and i lost my important chat hostory..... if this is so kind of malfunction,i hope you guys fix it tho... its really disturbing ._. 4/5
Negative review Thing two Fix in app line by anonym
Fix Translator& add more transactions also fix Glitches fix Errors fix the video hard to get nice video it's blurry doesnt focused when using close up or far a way but sounds good when using. it fix take out the adds one only one u got but the apps u can leave it it's cool I like it just not the crap adds only one add pic but app I like it thier good this app is good better then kik or what's app add more to it make it fun also make group more fun too & more faces love them so much lol 2/5
Positive review by anonym
9 8 3 0 81 9 8 3 0 81 4/5

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