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TalkBox Voice Messenger
Created by TalkBox
TalkBox Voice Messenger

Android version
Team note
8 / 10
Users note
8 / 10
about 1000000
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Team review

" The fastest messaging ! "

The application has not yet detailed description, however the team assigned the note of 8 / 10. This note is based on the following criteria: Quality, Usefulness, Ease of Use, Privacy Concerns of user data (depending on the permissions required)..

The app is compatible with most Android devices running on.

Its number of downloads in the Android Market (Google Play) makes it an extremely popular application and rightly so. More than a million users are using it on mobile or on touch pad.

User reviews

40 users have given their review on TalkBox Voice Messenger.

Negative review Horrible! by anonym
Won't connect! Keep having to refresh and refresh and that loses messages. And I can't get any themes from the theme store! Get your crap together and fix this! 1/5
Positive review GREAT by anonym
Me and my friends are very humorous but when we text we don't exactly get the laugh we should it all has to do with the voice with talk box you could definitely salv that problem 5/5
Positive review Great alternative to Voxer by anonym
Requests: 1. Save all part history in cloud so when i log in from another phone i will always have my history. 2. option to hear msgs even when you minimize asp or screen if off or even when phone is locked. 3. Option to share our email msgs you want to save. 4. Text bar under talk button to make it faster and easier that having to select it. 5. Chat head technology where i can minimize to a round bubble. 6. Huge Emoji art like in FB messenger. 7. ready invite to Facebook friends 4/5
Negative review Annoyed by anonym
Had to reinstall the app and now I can't log back in it just says it trying to log in forever. I did like it when it was working, very convenient. 1/5
Negative review Stopped working on android 4.4 by anonym
Used this app every day, now however I don't. With android 4.4 the only time I get messages is when I restart the phone. It's like it doesn't stay active. 1/5
Positive review Has a lot of potential. by anonym
You have to click on every voice note received in order to hear them. It is much better if by clicking one, the voice notes after the one clicked play automatically. A feature that made wechat so popular. 4/5
Neutral review by anonym
I like this app but needs to be an alert when message received. Also, would be nice if the time was listed on messages. I would rate 5 once these issues are fixed 3/5
Negative review Fix it by anonym
It is sooo extremely annoying when nithing is being done amd it has been 4 days. fix it fast! Nothing is done!! Fix it!!! Dammit! 1/5
Negative review No volume control by anonym
It's either s4 problem or its talkbox's, anyway you can't change the voice volume on galaxy s4! It's so loud that damages my ear! 2/5
Positive review Sad by anonym
Everyone I know don't use it anymore. The only times I touch this app is when I change my profile pic. I still want to keep it though.. 5/5
Neutral review Much change need by anonym
make no need for change to sound or text or photo Make change so can make to notification sound. Change much need, speed up stuff. Make sound play live like Voxer. just I'm proud user. but need much thanks changes. much thanks. 3/5
Negative review What happened??? by anonym
Used to have this app, long time ago. Decided to download it again. Unfortunately, matter what I put in as a username, its telling me that "...alphabet, numbers and "_" only". Thats stupid. It wont take ANYTHING. So........fix that, then you can get a proper review. But, then again, Im seeing a LOT of negative reviews for a LOT of DIFFERENT reasons. Maybe Ill just stay away all together. Darn shame. I remember I used to REALLY like this app because it was user-friendly, and it worked. 1/5
Neutral review Almost perfect like Voxer but.. by anonym
Everything is great, but the only thing is that you can not take it off speaker. why would you make an application where you can't hear your messages privately. Plus you can't skim through your messages so if i didnt hear a part of my friends two minute message I have to rehear the whole message again, that is annoying.. you guys All most got it right. At least there's a feature to send pictures unlike most apps.. 3/5
Neutral review Few little problems by anonym
I would make this a 5 star because it's so easy to keep in contact with people but there are a few problems. Sometimes it will take hours to send one message sometimes it won't go through at all...that can hsppen often.And sometimes the audio disappears and you can't hear them but you see that they sent a message. Besides that its my favorite way besides Skype to keep in contact with my family and friends. If these problems were to be corrected I would five star this. 3/5
Neutral review Couple annoying things: by anonym
Would be nice if the messaged played doesnt cut off when my phone screen turn off. Also a feature where we can skip/fast foward to the place where we left off in the message would be nice because I hate when my phone screen turns off and I have to restart the message all over again. Another issue is that on my GSIV the sensor near my camera is extremely sensitive to the point that if I brush over it the message cuts off and repeats. (Please have off/on feature) Also I have not been recieving my messages too 3/5
Neutral review Could use a bit of work by anonym
Messages don't play straight through. Messages restart when I move my phone. You can't pause a voice message. Sound quality could be a little better. Overall, I like the set up but the app needs improvement. 3/5
Positive review No data at all by anonym
It automatically delete all data and history.. please fix I'm not able to see old voice conversations. Pls fix my entire voice conversations ave been disappeared. 4/5
Negative review So much potential. But.... by anonym
This app has the potential for greatness. Really well done interface, good features, good audio quality and easy to use. But it's all gone to waste when it comes to reliability. This app has big connectivity issues on Android. You'll have to constantly click Options -> Reconnect, to get any messages. Push alerts will not work. You'll find you have lots of missed messages waiting. And most of your sent messages won't go through. Their help forums are a spam filled ghost town, and don't bother emailing their support. Your odds are better at getting a letter back from Santa. Also, it seems this app is working just fine on the iphone. As I am reminded by my iphone using friends how "awesome" their phone must be. Ugh. This app has some severe connectivity issues and it's killing its usefulness for me. 2/5
Negative review Samsung Galaxy S3 problems by anonym
I Would give this app a higher rating but it crashes from notifications. Deletes half of long conversations. Fails to connect half of the time when other apps connect fine. It's a great idea but these issues need addressing before I redownload it 2/5
Positive review Good but one thing that bothers! by anonym
I love this app and use it all the time. Frustration is that anytime I move my phone to hear the message, it restarts, any time the screen rotates, the message restarts, some movement causes the message to restart. So I hear the beginning of some messages thirty times before I hear it all. Would be nice to disable the movement sensitivity. 4/5
Neutral review Slightly Better, Glitches moderately by anonym
Reliability has improved slightly. (Could be that I have a LG G2 now). It doesn't crash anymore, but still fails to connect sometimes and still does the annoying restarting sound byte on screen rotation. Sound quality is still not great compared to Voxer. 3/5
Positive review Has an issue with uploading pictures and voice post to Facebook by anonym
I love the app but lately it is having issues uploading voice and pictures to Facebook. It will upload text post to Facebook but not picture and voice. Please fix this and I will give full 5 stars once the issues are fixed. THANK you. 4/5
Neutral review Meh by anonym
I got this app so me and my friend who is in the army could talk with low wifi and not having to use cell phone numbers. There are minor bugs and annoyances. I receive multiple messages, messages restart when I move my phone, if I leave the app the message doesn't continue to play in the background like it does with voxer, and I have a great wifi signal but it has trouble connecting. Fixing some or all of these issues would be fantastic and really make me want to rate five stars. 3/5
Negative review Problem!! gt-I9000 by anonym
I put my phone on silent mode but talkbox still make sound... I tried to turn off sound notification but it also didn't help... Can you please fix it!!!!? I have galaxy s2 2/5
Negative review Doesn't work right Nexus 5 by anonym
This was a 5 star app until two weeks ago. On my S2 I got double or triple messages, can rarely log in to servers and didn't receive messages for hours. Now in the Nexus 5 I also can only listen to messages by speaker. Doesn't recognize the proximity sensor correctly. 1/5
Positive review great app by anonym
great app, works well. tried a couple times to contact support with questions, but never heard back. sadly for talkbox, facebook rolled out a PTT feature integrated with facebook messenger today... so sadly, services like talkbox are going to be less valuable 5/5
Positive review Cant Log in by anonym
I uninstalled this app for some reasons.. Now after I re-installed I'm not able to log in.. It says loggin n after a long 10 mins it says error.. Why.?? 5/5
Neutral review Hasn't been updated in forever! by anonym
This app was great until I discovered Voxer. Talkbox is good but the audio quality is sub par and the feature set is weak. You can't pause play back and there is a 1 minute limit per message. Also, the interface hasn't been visually updated in a really long time and its looking dated. 3/5
Negative review Keeps disconnecting me by anonym
While using this app I kept getting disconnected and don't get any messages until I reconnected from the settings. I had to check my connection every 3 min while using the app before sending anything to make sure it was going to work. If it ever gets fixed I'm willing to reinstall. 2/5
Positive review Was awesome :-( not anymore by anonym
This was my favorite app all my friends have it and it its a very fast easy and convenient way to communicate. Lately my friends and i have been having trouble connecting to server. Getting 10 messages at some time hours after they sent. 5/5
Neutral review Too sensitive by anonym
It would be nice if the message didn't replay everytime you put your face near the screen or even if a piece of hair touched the screen. It's super sensitive. I'd like to listen to my message once instead of a bunch of times bc my face or hair strand hit the screen. Other than that the app so far is working for me. 3/5
Neutral review Not able to enter any contact by anonym
Well... At first I'm really happy to have this such wonderful app, it went quite good. But later on I can't enter every single contact, I've tried log out and log back in.. But it didn't work at all! Plz fix this 3/5
Neutral review When it works by anonym
I wasn't having any problems, til now. I try to send a message and it sit there showing sending but doesn't do anything. Needs some improvements, #1- need more options on message sounds #2 need to have more time for talking. I can only get 30 seconds, have to hit the talk button 3 or more time to finish a sentence. 3/5
Negative review Re-reviewing (Note 2) by anonym
Would give a 5 stars if it wouldnt because of having to enter to receive messaGes,other then that is great,a widget could b fantastic addition-(many messages nit received ir sent,static on audio n dev. Ignores downloaders request.),it got lots of issues now,plz fix!!! 2/5
Neutral review Works. Needs More Customization Features. by anonym
This app works, looks polished, and conversation view includes texts and audio. And that's about all the good I can say. There are virtually no customizations that you can make to this app to make it look or sound like a top competitor. You can't change notification tones, and the default one is ear-melting. You can't change pictures of contacts manually. Changing themes - you can go from dark to light and you can download the "snowflake" theme. The list of can'ts is longer than cans. 3/5
Positive review Wow by anonym
Amazing 5/5
Positive review Good. by anonym
Simple app that gets the job done 5/5
Positive review by anonym
I can not change my password fr my samsung s7... everything okay with me 4/5
Negative review Username INVALID by anonym
Neutral review Needs a little tweaking to be great.. First, I've only recently tried this but just now I sent messages to my Wife and she didn't get any..why? Also, it's a little too sluggish when selecting ptt, Text or photo.. by anonym
If the connection on talkbox isn't working... There should be a notification. This application can be great and I really want to use this application full time, but the problems I have mentioned above are preventing that. Another great addition for the app would be volume control. The ability to bump up the volume of your incoming ptt messages. A quicker response and feedback, like a quick vibration, would be nice on the tap of the ptt button... Really love the app and appreciate all you've done, dev... 3/5

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