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The Weather Network
Created by The Weather Network
The Weather Network

Android version
Team note
8 / 10
Users note
8 / 10
about 1000000
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Team review

" Weather information and forecast details. "

The application has not yet detailed description, however the team assigned the note of 8 / 10. This note is based on the following criteria: Quality, Usefulness, Ease of Use, Privacy Concerns of user data (depending on the permissions required)..

The app is compatible with most Android devices running on.

Its number of downloads in the Android Market (Google Play) makes it an extremely popular application and rightly so. More than a million users are using it on mobile or on touch pad.

User reviews

41 users have given their review on The Weather Network.

Negative review Disappointed by Tnt
Old app was great. New one not so much. Too much advertising and less intuitive interface. 1/5
Negative review Poor since last update by anonym
Since the last update (ver. does not work correctly anymore on a tablet. On phone it works great. Widget does not work anymore and the app does not have a lot of information about the weather compared to my phone. 1/5
Negative review UPDATE by anonym
Widget doesnt update. Needs reboot daily or more. Too bad used to love it 1/5
Neutral review Widget is way too big on my nexus 7 by anonym
Like the new look. But the widget is way too big. I need a weather app. Not a clock weather widget, which millions out there. 3/5
Negative review Use another Weather Network App! by anonym
The widget used to be 2x1 and the recent update makes it 4x3 (it takes up too much space for weather) and focuses on keeping the Weather Network logo plus a clock as the priority. Use another app! 1/5
Positive review IGNORE THE NAYSAYERS by anonym
This is a great app. Works on the last three tablets plus this one and the last seven phones. The app hasn't been perfect, but what is? They work to fix issues fairly quickly. They need to hear from us about our experiences in order to improve the app. 5/5
Negative review Hate the new lay out by anonym
I have a large phone so I can see everything at a glance. No pinch and stretch. The old layout showed the 14 days as a list for quick reference and now I need to flick left or right. Not a fan. 1/5
Negative review Re: The Update by anonym
I miss when this app was awesome. I can't wait to fix my rating of this app because it's been so reliable in the past. 2/5
Negative review Nice clean interface but fails to load data. by anonym
I like the clean interface without all the clutter. I would prefer the radar not start animated and offered the weather fronts option of the Weatherunderground radar. Works well on my older CM9 based tablet running ICS (4.0.4). Have yet to try it during a thunderstorm to see how well the radar updates. Now getting error message frequently that it is unable to load content. Radar today is useless. Had such hopes, still like the simplicity and clean interface but it must be reliable also. 2/5
Negative review Update killed it by anonym
Why did you remove the 2*1 widget for tablets? Ruined it. Please bring it back and let me choose the phone layout. That one still rocks. 2/5
Negative review MINUS 2 STARS - Widget won't update by anonym
TWN Widget won't update anymore, size is too big, and need more current info displayed. Put it back to the way it was or fix it. Meanwhile it has been uninstalled as it is useless! 1/5
Positive review by anonym
Widget size does suck, but the app itself is much better. Not gonna panic just for a widget.. Lol 5/5
Negative review What were you thinking ? by anonym
You completely blew the change of this widget.... from something small 2x2 to this pain 3x4... as well as having to reboot every time I want to see the weather and time of day. It's time for TWN to go. Used to be great. 1/5
Positive review Better.....but by anonym
No more videos for the prairies. How come. Was nice to see it specialized for our area. Also road reports don't cover north of Saskatoon just like on TV. 4/5
Negative review Looks nice. GIANT widget doesn't refresh. by anonym
Don't update if you haven't. Needs more work. 2/5
Negative review Big widget turn off by anonym
As others have mentioned the widget is much too big. If I wanted anything that big, I could turn on my TV. I'll be looking for another weather app. 2/5
Negative review Locations need work. by anonym
Could input all my locations by postal code in old version but more than half not available in new app. Some come up blank and then app crashes. This app needs lots of work to get back to level of previous version. 2/5
Neutral review So inconsistent! by anonym
The Weather Network is by far my favourite forecast but your inconsistency on apps across platforms is driving me nuts! I prefer, for example, the app format on my 7" Nexus tablet over that on my Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Except for the 14 day format, which I love, but it only shows the date & not the DAY! Although large, the tablet widget has all the right info but the phone widget is terrible. Please add the date & time, & some widget choices, e.g. 4x1 & 2x2, etc. 3/5
Negative review by anonym
Does not work, I input my location and nothing. Input it location again same - nothing. Blank on the widget. And the widget is too big. Smaller please. 1/5
Negative review Worse than ever by anonym
So before at a glance I could get details for the week. Now its got a garbage layout with less details. Like everyone else said the widget size. If you respond don't mention the widget respond to how the app has less details and uglier style to find what info is provided 1/5
Negative review Update ruined by anonym
I have been using this app for years it updated now its useless. Why the f*** did you get rid of the 2×1 widget and replace with that god aweful 4×3. I will be deleting untill this is changed. What a shame that such a great app can be destroyed by a worthless developer 1/5
Negative review Useless temperature graph by anonym
Works fine on my Nexus 5 phone, but on the Galaxy Tab S it leaves off the temperature scale. Have a screenshot,but no way to post it here. Hmm, no need as it turns out - the first Screenshot shown here has no scale either. 2/5
Negative review New update worst widget by anonym
Widget is now too big and doesn't have the follow me anymore. We don't need a clock its already there at the top right of my screen! 1/5
Negative review News version killed the widget by anonym
The only reason I used TWN was for widget options. They they only have one big 4x3 widget. Removing TWN app and install Weather Underground 1/5
Negative review Widget Freezes by anonym
As of last update this app took 10 steps backwards. The widget freezes and won't let you tap on it. Too bad because IMO it was the best weather app. 2/5
Negative review Widget is BAD! by anonym
So long weather network. Huge and generally useless widget update. Clock does not even tell the right time. How pathetic is that. Bring back the small widget. 1/5
Negative review Not bad by anonym
The app is good and accurate. However the problem I have with it has nothing to do with the weather telling... rather it has to do with the date and time section of the app. It tells the wrong time. And there's no way to correct it. Too bad. 2/5
Positive review Fav weather app by anonym
Love this weather app 4/5
Negative review uninstalled after frustration by anonym
Have had this app for a long time. Used to work great, follow me was a nice feature. What I dislike is the excessive delay when retrieving weather information, the inability to look at more than one location without having to fiddle with pages and waiting, or turning off follow me and trying again. Polish is nice, functionality sucks. unresponsive. Look at another app. 2/5
Negative review Update ruined it by anonym
The widget now is useless; it's too large at 4x3. The old one was nice and compact, but now it's an eyesore. I dislike the apps new layout. For me you went from a 5 star app to a 1 star. 1/5
Negative review What did you do? by anonym
This new update is beyond terrible! Everything was in a nice concise, well laid out app before. Now, I can't see half of the forecast at the bottom of the screen because an ad is covering it up! I used to be able to expand and minimize the info I don't need to see ALL THE TIME, now I'm forced to look at it! It was also really handy to have a 5 day forecast right on the opening screen, but now that's not even an option to look at! And the widget is now 4x2, which takes up half of a page! The old widget had options, and I liked the compactness of the 1x2. Please fix the viewing issue, and add this customization back into your once awesome app, or I, and I'm sure many others, will be forced to find a new weather app! 1/5
Positive review Used to be the best by anonym
Now it's indistinguishable from my tablet's stock AccuWeather widget/app. With no appreciable difference between the two and the AccuWeather looking nicer with more information, there's really no reason to have it. The phone app is great though, nice simple display of quick info and no fuss. 4/5
Negative review Terrible Re-design by anonym
Need discipline in design control and review. Assuming Weather Network farms out app development, supplier control and performance review needed here to protect your reputation. In trying to be fancy, now all these ghosted small icons/images to hard to see. What happened with naming the days of the week for long range forecast? The list is long. Do you have a prototype test process before release? Hopefully everybody going "OOPS", we screwed up. Go to Accuweather for professionally written app updates. 1/5
Positive review Great new design, some missing features by anonym
Love the all new material-design inspired look and clean interface. Manual refresh is also a welcome option. As others have mentioned, a few smaller widget options would be nice. Also, I'd like to see an option to change the widget display to show the forecast for the next two days instead of the next two hours. Look forward to the next version. 4/5
Negative review Widget is a total fail on Galaxy Tab 4 by anonym
The app is fine but the widget is disastrous! First the time falls out of sync. Then the refresh button stops working... it just kind of freezes, displaying time and weather from hours or days ago. Scrapping the widget and dragging in a new one now shows a blank widget that doesn't work in any way. Tapping it doesn't even launch the app anymore. I love the 4x3 size but please fix this disastrous problem with the widget... ideally I'd like to use it as a clock widget so KEEPING IT SYNCED WITH THE TABLET'S TIME IS OF THE UTMOST IMPORTANCE! 1/5
Negative review What did you just do? by anonym
No more 2x1 widget??? Only the big honking 4x3? Really? Fire your dev team for being new. To top it off, the widget does not update on a Galaxy Tab S. Have to reboot to get it to update. the refresh button doesnt work. Another fail. why not bring back the old widget until you figure out how to get the new one working? 1/5
Neutral review Miss last version. by anonym
The tablet widget is huge, but a lot of it is empty wasting so much space on my home screen. Could be half the size and show the same info. How about including day of week with 14 day forecast not just date. If i want to check a days weather coming up, why should i have to get find the date first in my calender? Info is great, just some logistics are annoying. 3/5
Positive review Visually appealing IMO by anonym
Did not get 5 stars though because of compatibility issues with Android Lollipop. -Does not allow typing input from bluetooth keyboard when wishing to input locations. -Crashes when || icon is pressed. I assume this tap-able area is to extend the 14-day forecast to max size. 4/5
Negative review WONT EVEN.WORK by anonym
Negative review Gotta delete it by anonym
After recent update I can't see all the details. The forecast is at the bottom and I can only see half the temperature because an ad blocks the rest. There is too much info I don't need taking up space , such as air quality etc. I will delete it now. Yahoo weather has better layout, easy to read format. Also like Canada Weather & Radar as it has the detailed forecast. Bye bye TWN. 2/5
Negative review Have to reboot to update. Am uninstalling. by anonym
I like the new look but the widget no longer updates reliably. Have to restart in order to see current temp. Also preferred the old widget's default of showing temp for upcoming days, not hours. Perhaps a customization feature for a future version? 1/5

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