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Runtastic Running
Created by Runtastic
Runtastic Running

Android version
Team note
9 / 10
Users note
9 / 10
about 10000000
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Team review

" Running app tracker ! "

The application has not yet detailed description, however the team assigned the note of 9 / 10. This note is based on the following criteria: Quality, Usefulness, Ease of Use, Privacy Concerns of user data (depending on the permissions required)..

The app is compatible with most Android devices running on.

Its number of downloads in the Android Market (Google Play) makes it an indispensable application. More than five million people already use. Do not hesitate to get it back. Any device (smartphone or tablet) must possess.

User reviews

40 users have given their review on Runtastic Running.

Negative review Inaccurate, glitch filled and worst by anonym
This app disconnects itself from GPS and never tries to reconnect. And the distances measured are inaccurate. Thumbs down. 1/5
Neutral review It's very good, coul be better by anonym
Its goog for what it does, sometimes integration with sony smartwatch 2 is erratic. Loweing my rating, it does not work on Sony Z2 with Polar H7 monitor, Iknow it's not the monitor because it works with every other compatible app such as endomondo and Polar Beat 3/5
Neutral review Weird but will continue by anonym
Just used first time didn't start so only got half at first but we will see 3/5
Positive review Very good by anonym
Keeps track and even highlight were you've been, best running app so far 5/5
Positive review Love it by anonym
Keeps my history so I can track my performances also it covers a huge range of activities. 5/5
Positive review by anonym
I use this when I run, and now I consider my phone one of my essential tools when I run. Highly considering buying Pro.. 5/5
Negative review Tracked only 5 minutes by anonym
I walked for 1:20hrs today and the app recorded just the first 5 minutes (0.3mi)!!! RunKeeper recorded the walk accurately. All the while, both apps had active notifications running. How can I rely on this? 2/5
Negative review Awful by anonym
Just finished my 5 mile run. Apparently I only ran 2.6 miles, taking me over a 1000 hours and burnt over a million calories. Safe to say it dont work! 1/5
Negative review Charles Allen by anonym
RUBBISH!!! Customer service and support unable to help sync my account. Now wanting me to lose all information from 2 years training. DO NOT PURCHASE unless willing to take the risk. 0 Stars, but have to give one to be able to put warning up. 1/5
Neutral review Voice feed is terrible! by anonym
I like the idea of this app but GPS isn't always reliable. Wish it integrated more easily with the pedometer. On the plus side, it's easy to use and good for tracking progress over time. I really really dislike the voice feed. 3/5
Positive review Great app by anonym
I've used this app for a couple years now, still the free version, and I have no reason to upgrade to the pro version. It even works as a motivator for me. 5/5
Negative review GPS issues but two stars because there is no way to turn off text nag alerts by anonym
Posts messages in my phone notification system with various messages that I don't want. Like "its Friday get moving this weekend." Don't need or want that. I turned off the pretentious British women's coach voice but can't turn off the spam texts. 2 stars for being annoying. 2/5
Positive review by anonym
For a free app it does all i need it to do. How much carp must i know... all i care about is approximately how far i went and how fast it was done. Don't need a constant reminder.. but it may be worth it one day soon. So the Option is out there for me. 5/5
Negative review Many gps wrong positions by anonym
The app functionality is amazing but unfortunately the gps has many problems. I have very often 150 to 250 mts. difference calculating the exact same path i do everyday. The gps from the phone using any other app (including Google maps) shows the correct location, but runtastic does not 2/5
Negative review Doesn't work by anonym
For some reason the GPS doesn't work at all or starts to work in the middle of the run, so I can't get any relevant statistics. I could just use stopwatch to record time, as it is the only feature that works on this app. Pretty useless. 2/5
Negative review Won't sync by anonym
It won't sync to my fitness pal. I wanted this to connect with my fitness pal and keep track of my calories and excersie but it won't. What a shame. 1/5
Negative review Used to be Fantastic! by anonym
Really good app, just what is needed to push you that little harder. Keep up the good work! Can't believe how many adverts there are on this app now, everything you do another adverts covers the screen. Used to be good, but going to look elsewhere now. Real shame was excellent :( 1/5
Negative review Does not calculate calories, no syncing with Google fit by anonym
Doesn't calculate calories when connected to runtastic heart rate monitor, heart rate shows, but calories stay at zero, and workouts are not syncing with Google fit!!! In other words, no use, will be returning their heart rate monitor and using another app that works ... 1/5
Positive review Pretty good by anonym
Today I started running is nice app to see your and keep progress 5/5
Negative review I have a problem by anonym
I cannot reuse my promo code that came with my Sony smartwatch because it is "already used" ! I had to reset my phone and now I cannot use pro mode. I am not paying for the app! Please do something! 1/5
Negative review I had a huge data problem downloading this app on my Samsung 3S by anonym
Download took 487 MB is this normal? It's killed my phone bill. Not happy. 1/5
Negative review Obnoxious by anonym
Add on apps are obnoxious and poor quality. Doesn't connect to bluetooth smart hr monitor (3 other apps connect fine). LFconnect integration is badly broken (corrupts data). I tried to like it, but I failed. Uninstalled. 1/5
Negative review Too annoyed ads by anonym
Don't get me wrong, I'm ok with ads. I use Runtastic since the beginning and ads are fine. But now the ads pop-up full screen every 10s. I finish running and just want to check my performance. The ads are just too annoyed. It's totally fine when they appear on sides. Looking for a replacement now. 2/5
Negative review Many buggs by anonym
Interface is not easy to use especially with pop-ups difficult /annoying to test app before buying it. Somehow application turns off my mobile phone just so! On android 4.4 and on android 5 ... especially when somebody sends an SMS or email....why? In any case the application is very good thanks for your big job! 2/5
Neutral review So far so good! :) by anonym
Guys I was RunKeeper user for 3 full years and for that time I moved more than 1400 kilometres. I quitted it because that app was too unreliable. It failed to upload my 2 half-marathon runs. I can tell this app is zillion times better. I ran half-marathon and it worked. So I can tell my test was successful. Now I took a Gold membership to have all those nice adds and voice assisting wich is very important to me. ???? Sadly PRO version isn't available for my country. I want to go PRO. 3/5
Negative review Glitch filled, and terribly developed by anonym
GPS does not update frequently enough, and causes substantial issues on things like running trails with numerous curves. Also, when in treadmill mode, it looks for a gps signal... because that makes a run of sense. I paid for gold on the runtastic website, which was a waste because it is equally terrible from a development and user friendly perspective. Also just started getting an error about Google play services with a recent update. I have an S4, fyi. I will be going back to runstar. 2/5
Positive review Best app for running by anonym
I'm so happy to have this app on my Android phone. I used to use it on my iPhone, then when I switched, I couldn't find it until now. I like everything it keeps track of. So happy to use it again. Thank you Runtastic!! 5/5
Negative review Confusing by anonym
Confusing dashboard. Basic information is not clearly shown in the screen. Once you finish your training, the statiatics are not clear and easly indicated (such as avg speed) 1/5
Neutral review Good BUT calorie count way off by anonym
This app is great for keeping track of workouts however the calories burned is always so far off. If I walk 3 miles in an hour the calories burned should be 170-180 ish but this app tells me I've burned over 700 calories. It's great to see but if it's not accurate it could sabotage people who are counting calories and think they have burned enough to eat more. 3/5
Neutral review Could be better. by anonym
I also use the sister apps, six pack abs and the squat app and they don't communicate to each other which is frustrating. It would be nice if this app was compatible with a Garmin watch or a fitbit. This should have the ability to add more detail to a treadmill run such as speed, incline and or program such as hills or sprints. Lastly, the sister apps should be integrated into this app as a tab so you don't have to have separate apps for each. Otherwise it's a good app. 3/5
Positive review Good free running app by anonym
Have had it for blackberry and android now. A little fussy about history (forgets old runs sometimes) but the tracking seems to work well (for not having a pedometer and hr moniter which I believe are options) and I like the map view 4/5
Positive review Great but... by anonym
I love this app and have recommended it to my buddies in the Air Guard, but I recently found out all of my personal data (including GPS tracking maps) were public. I only found out because I was "friend requested" by someone I have never met. I had to dig up the location of those settings. As a woman this is a concern. For safety reasons I would ask that profile settings such as GPS tracking and personal profile are made more prevalent and easy to locate. 4/5
Negative review not accurate by anonym
I usually walk 1 mile and the app shows its 1 mile, and then at the same place I run the same distance twice, when I do this it should be something around 3 miles as a walk/run distance but what the app shows is something below 1. 5 miles!! this happened with me 5 different times with 3 devices Galaxy s4 and nexus 5 and now nexus 6!! I am gonna switch to some real apps 1/5
Positive review Maybe it's not the app.... by anonym
I see all of these posts claiming loss of GPS signal and what not,let. Maybe it's your phone and not the app because it works perfectly for me. 5/5
Neutral review Could Improve by anonym
GPS is pretty mediocre compared to other tracking apps, and I have to go online just to change the sport type of an activity. 3/5
Neutral review A Little Disappointed by anonym
I was so excited to upgrade and to be able to access all the different training plans, but then after running the first plan on the treadmill, I realized that you cannot edit the run to input your distance, incline, etc. So therefore, I have to add in a manual entry so my weekly/monthly statements are accurate for the milage. This is my only complaint. Hope someone fixes soon before I cancel my upgrade. 3/5
Negative review No support for interval training by anonym
There's no way I'm paying just to be able to create my own routines; Runkeeper has that for free. 2/5
Positive review The best App by anonym
I originally got it on my blackberry back in 2010 and later on my droid. Highly recommend it! Originally I gave it 5 stars back in 2012 but I've reduced it to 4 stars because after my numerous requests, they have not added "Trail Running" to the list of activities. Overall, I recommend it to all. 4/5
Negative review Don't go pro! by anonym
When I had the lite version this was a 5* app, stupidly upgraded to pro and now it doesn't always track my full route if any, most of the time it shows that it has started but by the end of the run or walk you go to hit the stop button and it hasn't moved. Fix this extremely annoying problem and I'll raise my stars, not upgrading any other runtastic apps and might start uninstalling them. 1/5
Positive review Gr8! by anonym
Am using Lenovo a319 & this app worked without a glitch. 5 stars from me and this will help my overweight friend achieve his cardio target & hopefully a better life for years to come. Thanks Runtastic and the greaaat people behind it!! 5/5

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