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LinkedIn Pulse
Created by LinkedIn
LinkedIn Pulse

Android version
Team note
9 / 10
Users note
9 / 10
about 10000000
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Team review

" Brings you the right news ! "

The application has not yet detailed description, however the team assigned the note of 9 / 10. This note is based on the following criteria: Quality, Usefulness, Ease of Use, Privacy Concerns of user data (depending on the permissions required)..

The app is compatible with most Android devices running on.

Its number of downloads in the Android Market (Google Play) makes it an indispensable application. More than five million people already use. Do not hesitate to get it back. Any device (smartphone or tablet) must possess.

User reviews

40 users have given their review on LinkedIn Pulse.

Negative review Do not like the new style by anonym
I was expecting my normal Pulse after I upgraded my phone now it looks like Flipboard. I already have Flipboard so why would I need this now? Change it back or I will just stick to the other app. Horrible decision. 1/5
Negative review Typical by anonym
As usual, a once fine app with user control has succumbed to the Facebook and LinkedIn account validation. I never ever leave reviews, but it is time. I am so irritated by the disintegration of this app and now I can't even get it to launch it is so broken. I agree with Kalvin Kerns, Elliot Yu, and Michael Tea's comments, all right on the money. It's the typical business model these days, "To heck with what the people want, just give them this crap, what are they going to do about it! Bwahahahaha!" 1/5
Negative review Stops Working Frequently by anonym
I love pulse especially that it is connected to LinkedIn but it stops every other time I try to use the program. It does give me frequent updates on who has posted new stories in my notifications area but will not work when I access the app. Regards, ~ Holley Jacobs 2/5
Negative review Why do I have to log in now? by anonym
Hate linked in, I just wanted news blogs! 1/5
Negative review Good bye.... by anonym
Forcing me to login with my linkedin account after logging in with my pulse account and not remembering my feeds is uncool. What a shame was one of my fav apps 1/5
Negative review Was great, now blows by anonym
I don't want a linkedin account just to read news. Shove off. This was my go to news app. Now it's going into the trash can. 1/5
Negative review Bets version terrible. by anonym
New bets version is bad as many comments say. Also, I've been having issues with the share to Facebook option. It fails constantly, I'm switching to a new reader app and sad that I'll lose all my cultivated collection of feeds. But where this program is headed is nowhere I want to be. 2/5
Negative review Way to ruin a perfect app by anonym
What the heck have you done to my favorite news aggregator? IF I WANTED FLIPBOARD I'D HAVE FREAKING DOWNLOADED FLIPBOARD.. I used to put my channels in groups - so if I wanted to read Android news, I'd group all the sources in "Android". But now, it's all mess. Shamelessly copying Flipboard. 1/5
Positive review Stay away from beta by anonym
After the update I gave this application 1 star because I hated the new look and functionality. Luckily there is a setting that allows you to go back to the previous version. I'm giving you five stars as long as you let me keep the pulse I know and love! 5/5
Negative review Pulse Beta is garbage by anonym
I love pulse as a news feed. It's clean, pretty, well organized and quick. Beta is nothing more than an additional LinkedIn app. I already have one. 2/5
Negative review Worst update ever by anonym
This was a great app until the update it was easy to use and see the stories I wanted. Now that's pretty much taken away 1/5
Negative review A piece of shit by anonym
This crap takes a lot of time to load. Earlier versions were a lot better 1/5
Negative review I loved the old version by anonym
I like how the old version organised the information by channels. Now its all mixed together and feels like I'm scrolling through a bunch of Facebook posts. 1/5
Negative review Sad... by anonym
Used to be my go to app for random news... This app doesn't even have sports anymore... LinkedIn really took this app and made it something different... Big disappointment. 1/5
Negative review Unfortunate by anonym
Pretty much what everyone says is true about this new direction this app is going in. Pulse used to be my prime reading resource but it's just not practical anymore. I just wanted to read articles in categories I created with sources I chose but the new layout is messy and I prefer not making it a priority to have to sign in with LinkedIn. It's unfortunate, but I'm going to have to uninstall and look for something better. 2/5
I have never had an app that crashes more than this one. It is HORRIBLE! I have sent countless error and crash reports but nothing happens. No point whatsoever to download this app. 1/5
Negative review Beyond Broken by anonym
There are a number of issues but the biggest one has to be that I literally can't remove channels. Whether you choose the "Unfollow" or the "Remove" option (don't quite understand why there are two options which should do the same thing but whatever) but regardless of which I choose, when I return to the app at a later time, the removed/unfollowed channel is back. This is annoying when you want to get rid of one's that are no longer relaxant, have been shut down, or don't add new content. 1/5
Negative review The new UI is disaster by anonym
When I 1st knew Pulse, I gave it 5 stars, then 3, & now 1. What is happening with this used-to-be amazing app?! The new UI is disaster. I no longer have access to the channels I used to have. I only get the feed of new stuff. I understand that it maybe convenient, but I do not see any reason for removing a lot of very productive & useful features. And what makes the current app worse, it always crashes and force closes every time I receive a notification from my LinkedIn contacts. I am uninstalling sadly. 1/5
Negative review Used to be awesome, now useless! by anonym
This beta version is truly appalling, being some quasi-mix of Flipboard and Facebook that's hell to navigate especially when the focus is in making sure I'm up to date on all of my favorite RSS feeds. I recommended the old version as my default go-to reader to everyone I knew! I loved it! Now I'm just bummed that the future of my favorite reading app is going in this useless direction. 2/5
Negative review HATE BETA VERSION!!! by anonym
Beta version had me so bummed! I had completely stopped using app I used religiously for a few years until I read one of the many bad reviews where someone mentioned you could turn off Beta mode and return to original format. This made my day! If they eliminate the option to return to the old version, I'll delete the app. It's useless. Boring. Restrictive. Depressing. OK... Enough now.... 1/5
Negative review Update Sucks by anonym
Your update sucks. Don't try to be flipboard.. You will fail and you will lose everything that makes your app appealing. I use your app because the stories are organized by publisher and category. Your stupid update makes it look pretty but it loses all functionality. I don't want to read a scrabbled mess of different story's. I want to easily choose the story's I want to read. I've been a long time user of this app and I do love it but every update were you radically change the interface has degraded it. 2/5
Negative review Terrible by anonym
The worst thing that happened to Pulse was having LinkedIn take over. This used to be a great news app that I could add just about whatever I wanted & section it off by a custom theme. Now it's trying to be Flipboard & failing miserably. 1/5
Negative review They went and messed it up by anonym
Upgraded to a new GS6 and a moment of panic till I figured out how to revert away from the horrible Beta. Now the widgets are messed up. They are 3x2 and can't be stretched. So they leave a spot practically unusable, and the widget cuts off the third thumbnail. Why did they mess up a near perfect app? 2/5
Negative review Was Good, Now Crap, Can be fixed? by anonym
When I first had this app I enjoyed the news aggregation, sharing, & widget. Now the widget terrible, sharing to Facebook is broken, & organization of the feeds is wonky...Also I'm not going to get into the Beta because that's crap. Hopefully LinkedIn will wake up & fix this soon, otherwise I'll uninstall & never look back. 1/5
Positive review Update made it worse by anonym
This fwas a 5-star app, but after the recent update the app was a few kinks that has made it less enjoyable (e.g., last opened channel not remembered, scrolling issues), so I'm deducting 1 star. UPDATE: Deducting one more star for frequent crashes. It seems this app is getting progressively worse, which is a shame. UPDATE 2: The app seems to have stabilized, so adding back a star. 4/5
Negative review I used to love this app. It's now ruined. by anonym
I used to tell so many people to get PULSE. Now I wouldn't recommend it to a single person. It is a shadow of what it used to be. The old layout was fantastic with all your stories there in thumbnail ready to be tapped. It used to be a very well designed application. Beta looks like something the app would have started out like 5yrs ago. It's like you have reverse engineered your own app to purposely make it worse... And what is with this LINKEDIN connection!! What rubbish! Who wants that?! 1/5
Negative review The beta version is terrible! by anonym
This was a fantastic news app, brilliant and easy to use. Was 5 star. Until now. The beta version is horrible - where before I could scroll through and read particular news stories now it's just a mess. Please don't make the beta the only version. 1/5
Neutral review LinkedIn sux by anonym
I really wish LinkedIn had kept their grubby fingers off of this app. Turn off beta and you'll get the way it used to be. 3/5
Negative review Really dislike new look by anonym
Finding interesting reads is annoying, i can no longer find the articles i use to read, such as Cracked and various gaming websites. 1/5
Negative review Beta has ruined the app by anonym
Seriously, the app used to be perfectly functional, but now they've tried to make it more stylish, which ruined the functionality. Was way better before the LinkedIn purchase. 1/5
Negative review The new version is annoying... by anonym
... Bring back the previous format that was vastly superior to the new version. I used to enjoy browsing the stories, now I can't easily find what I'm interested in and I keep getting notifications that Pulse has stopped working. Please listen to your users... The previous version was worthy of a five! 1/5
Positive review Seems most bugs have been squished. by anonym
Good app. Been using it a long time! I still liked the older pre-linkedin versions better but at least no more pop up ads. Great way to organize blogs. 4/5
Negative review Once a great app. by anonym
Now it has completely lost what made it great and special. I update to the most recent version and find it ruins my widgets and reduces functionality further. I put up with the social integration but after this update its just like any other crappy news reader so I'm off to find something better. 1/5
Negative review Great before LinkedIn by anonym
LinkedIn is the proverbial bad office, in which I spend as little time as necessary. What they have done to Pulse with this new beta version is the equivalent of asking me to come in on weekends. They have slowly been turning this once awesome RSS reader into a channel for sponsor advertising, hoping we won't notice that what was once valuable, user selected content has been replaced by lazy business writing and ads. I wish LI would just cut their losses with this one and give us back our RSS reader. 1/5
Negative review Sharing feature bugs by anonym
Pulse beta sucks. If this is the direction you're going, stop now. I don't give a crap what my LinkedIn connections are reading. I want to read want I want to read. Don't limit my options. If you get rid of the option to use the old Pulse layout, I will stop using this app along with millions of other people. What are you guys thinking over there? Fire the PM responsible for this. Idiot. 1/5
Neutral review App Stops Working Frequently by anonym
Dear Pulse Team - uninstalling because app stops working often and I even get a pop-up notice on my phone that "Pulse has stopped working" and I have to click ok. Lookout Mobile Security app tells me it keeps restarting and is draining the battery. Ping me if you fix the issues and want me to re-test - I'd be glad to change back to 5 stars when fixed. Running Moto Droid Turbo Android 4.4.4. 3/5
Negative review Beta is a step in the wrong direction. by anonym
The ticker tape list of stories drew me in to oils when the y first launched. Now the bet makes this once great app another flip board. I don't need 2 of the same app. 1/5
Negative review What is this? by anonym
This app seems to just keep getting worse. Nothing like it use to be. Change for the sake of change. 1/5
Negative review TERRIBLE NOW by anonym
I'm getting so sick of all these random apps asking me to make an account or sign in with Facebook or Google+. NO! I want the regular news app back that the old pulse was. Is it so hard to understand that not everything needs to have an account? Deleting. 1/5
Negative review Bring back the old look please by anonym
This new Pulse is absolutely terrible. The old one was plain and simple. It had a perfect look and there was nothing else like it. Stack your news networks and swipe left to see which article you want to read, perfection now lost. 1/5

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