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BeyondPod Podcast Manager
Created by BeyondPod Team
BeyondPod Podcast Manager

Android version
Team note
8 / 10
Users note
8 / 10
about 1000000
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Team review

" Thousands of free audio and video podcasts. "

The application has not yet detailed description, however the team assigned the note of 8 / 10. This note is based on the following criteria: Quality, Usefulness, Ease of Use, Privacy Concerns of user data (depending on the permissions required)..

The app is compatible with most Android devices running on.

Its number of downloads in the Android Market (Google Play) makes it an extremely popular application and rightly so. More than a million users are using it on mobile or on touch pad.

User reviews

40 users have given their review on BeyondPod Podcast Manager.

Neutral review New version is horrible! by anonym
I've been using it for few years and I thought it was great, then they upgraded it an everything got very confusing... I thought that after a while I'd get used to it... but after a month using it daily I am still very confused. It went from 5 star product to a 1 star one... never seen such a drop in quality in my life!!! Update: after another month of using the upgraded version rising rating from 1 to 2 stars. Updste2: After a year I still find it confusing... from 2 to 3 stars! 3/5
Negative review Wow! This app went to complete shit :O by anonym
Ive been using this past few years, and needles to say not really updated it because it worked so nicely. But after uninstall and reinstall realized all too common problem nowadays.. formerly good working app is made so complicated its easier to listen podcasts from android default browser. To me seems idiotic, but then again Im not app developer :D 1/5
Negative review by anonym
Podcasts frequently disappear for no reason after pausing near the end. Notifications often announce new podcasts that are nowhere to be found inside the app. App updates are very rare. Not worth your money. 1/5
Neutral review Fallen out of love by anonym
When apps undergo a major update makeover I almost always dislike the changes at first. And almost always, once I get used to the changes, I see the good sense in the updates and learn to love what's new. I've really, really tried to like the changes made in the last update of this app. I will say, it looks good, but the functional organization of the podcasts really sucks. I used to love this app, but I just don't like using it anymore. 3/5
Neutral review It's good, but not very user friendly by anonym
Powerful search tools and the ability to customize how and when you download information make this a great app to help you keep up with your favorite podcasts. On the downside, these tools are difficult to find and understand. Additionally, some features (such as attempting to skip backward 30s in a podcast) rarely work correctly or as expected. 3/5
Negative review Used to like it... Looking forward to improvements by anonym
The podcast is not user friendly. I can't figure out how in the world to listen to a podcast from episode one and just have it play each episode in chronological order. I also can no longer fast forward or rewind. It will only start at the beginning. No matter were you try to search within the episode it startes at the beginning. If you miss something and want to go back a few minutes within the episode you can't. It forces you to start over. This has become a very frustrating app :( 2/5
Negative review Used to be my daily by anonym
I vouched for this app as a daily podcast player. Since lollipop, it drops Bluetooth when another app is open. The Dev blames lollipop in previous reviews and posts, but so far this is the only app that does it. I have to use another app I'm not as happy with, but at least it functions. 2/5
Positive review 5 Stars!! by anonym
My faith is restored. Best podcast manager on the play store. And I've bought all of them. Took awhile to get used to the new interface but grows on you after awhile. Everything works as it should. My only suggestion at this point is an app for Chrome OS. 5/5
Neutral review Happier with new UI by anonym
After a few weeks I got used to the new UI and really like it. 5? for the UI. Since I upgraded to Lollipop I hate not having the home screen widget which is big enough for me to knock down to 3?. I have to open the app to start my podcasts. Please bring back a 1X1 widget ASAP! 3/5
Positive review Needs audio compression by anonym
Love this app. Use it everyday but I wish they could add an audio compressor (dynamic limiter) to make it easier to listen in loud places. This is more a bad podcast production problem, but it could be fixed with this app as a work around. Love this app, but I HATE this 4.0 version. Change it back, please. 5/5
Negative review Used to be the best by anonym
I've been using BP for years. Used to be the best podcast player on google play. The newest update broke it completely. Downloaded podcasts pause randomly to the point of being unlistenable. I shouldn't have to resume every 45 seconds. 1 star until this basic functionality is fixed. 1/5
Positive review Great app, Use it every day by anonym
I've been a Beyondpod user for years and in general things have only gotten better. Once in a while new feature takes some getting used to, but I'm glad to see active development of the app anyway. My current problem is battery life, which seems to have recently gotten worse with BeyondPod as the top battery consuming app on my phone (Galaxy S5 running lollipop). If there was an area I'd like to see more development work done, it would be on improving battery life. But in general it's a great app. 4/5
Negative review Many Great Features but one BIG problem for me... by anonym
App looks and performs quite well except...when trying to move the download folder from the default location to the SD card the app crashes my smartphone. I do not have enough main storage on my phone to store my downloaded podcasts so the app would be unuseable if this problem cannot be resolved. Too bad...I could really like this app. I have submitted a help request to the support team on the forum to see how responsive they are. I will add this to my rating this as well. I am awaiting their response and possible fix action. I will update this review based upon that response. I noticed that BeyondPod changed their logo form a really nice coffee cup to a bland and boring orange and white B in a circle. Too bad. The old logo was much, much better. 2/5
Positive review Great! by anonym
The latest update (as of 3/2/15) was amazing for usability! So many smart tweaks that make the experience better in ways that I didn't even know needed improving. Very well done. 5/5
Neutral review Auto download issue by anonym
Everytime i refresh a feed it seems tl want to download random episodes of the channel im on. I don't want to download anything. I can't find a way to turn it off in the settings. 3/5
Positive review Excellent Podcatcher by anonym
I am a recent convert from iOS downcast. This app is the best I've found on android. However I still miss some features. I'd like to see: keep N unplayed episodes in cleanup, grouping podcasts with no unplayed episodes, ff via gesture, 2nd touch while playing video remove on screen elements shown by 1st touch. 4/5
Positive review It actually works so it's the best for me by anonym
The schedule update and download episode works reliably unlike Pocket casts which only sometimes works. The Beyondpod interface is slightly less intuitive but given how the schedule download process works it is more than livable. 5/5
Negative review App keeps stopping by anonym
It's an ok app. A download only section would be nice. Also being able to search through specific podcasts instead of a general search would be nice. Aso the app stops about every hour and a half and randomly skips to the next thing in the playlist. 2/5
Positive review Great app, only two minor issues by anonym
Works great, just two minor issues. When I say "download" it shouldn't keep saying I set it to only do Wi-Fi, as I meant it to download over 3G when I pressed it. Second, I want to be able to download single episodes without subscribing. 4/5
Negative review Huge improvment, still lacking by anonym
The dark theme and compact cards are a huge improvement over the original UI redesign, but there are still a few annoying touches missing which mean this version of the UI falls short of its predecessor. Chief amoung them is the "date of latest episode" being shown by the feed instead of an unspecific number. It's impossible to tell at a glance which feeds have a new episode when they all report 100-500 new episodes. If I could opt to see the date, using this new UI would be almost as easy as the old one. 2/5
Negative review Hadn't kept up with the times by anonym
I was an adamant beyond pod fan as a creature of habit. I have now moved to pocket casts and recommend you check them out as well. Beautiful UI, logical UX, an overall pleasure to use. RIP: beyond pod. 2/5
Positive review Update made it worse, not unusable by anonym
I use this app everyday. I opened it this morning to find a new "upgrade" and thought ok let's give it a look. But it doesn't list any of the feeds that I don't currently have an episode downloaded, so all the feeds I am caught up on don't show up, I'm caught up on a lot of feeds, I can't remember all of them that's why I use this app. Edit: I was able to figure somethings out and found my feeds but it's more work than it used to be. Isn't that the opposite of progress? Bring back the old app please! 4/5
Positive review Exactly what I want by anonym
This app is exactly what I want. I love how lightweight it is and all the options for WiFi only, avoiding mobile data, and the customizable skip forward/backwards settings, and resuming from where I left off. Playlists and categories are great too. Worth paying for premium. EDIT: it took some time to adjust to the new skin, but all the features I love are still there, and some have improved.. 5/5
Negative review Updated version sucks... by anonym
Used to love this app... Now I'm searching for a better one after the updated look. Can't browse through my podcasts as easily and just choose the ones I want to download. Everything is all on the same page, and an update of episodes turns into a download frenzy of stuff I don't even want. New is not always better, and I wish I'd never updated. 2/5
Positive review It's the best. by anonym
There's an awful lot of talk about the update. Maybe I don't utilize BeyondPod like some users, but for whatever reason I really like this new version. I find it easy to find what I need and the edge navigation is a big plus for me. Still the best podcatcher on Play. However - since the most recent update, the paused notification does not remain in the notification tray. I do have the option checked. 4/5
Neutral review Newest UI, while better, is still not as good as the older ones. by anonym
Back when critical features were free, it just worked better. 3/5
Positive review A little fiddly but pretty good by anonym
Beyondpod is little fiddly and took WAY too long to set up, but once I got it figured, I think it's great. It pretty much ticks all the boxes: - Media keys support - virtual feeds (Dropbox via local folders) - reordering episodes - big (enough) buttons - Tasker integration The only real downside is that the default smartplaylist thing is way too complicated to be the default. It's a cool feature but more than I want to deal with. Overall, great app. 4/5
Neutral review Feed update is now very confusing by anonym
Before, with the touch of a single button I could see only the new podcasts available for manual download, but now the feed update is just a mess. I can update the whole feed list but I need to scroll through it to check one by one which ones have new episodes for download. Even organizing the list to show the latest podcasts on top only works closing and reopening the app. It'd be just perfect to swipe down on the 'all episodes' section and see all non-listened episodes, ready to be downloaded or streamed. 3/5
Positive review New update is growing on me by anonym
A few months ago I submitted a negative review regarding the new interface. Now after a few months of usage (and a few updates) I have to change my mind. I think the clunkiness has really improved and I've discovered that the new interface works quite well. I'm a happy camper now. This app deserves five stars. 5/5
Neutral review Inconsistency with the back button by anonym
Sometimes you hit back and it goes back to your last screen, other times it closes the app entirely. For those who hold the phone in their right hand it's annoying to have to reach all the way up to the left corner (usually with the other hand) to go back to the my feeds page without closing the app. Sounds like I'm splitting hairs, it's a great app otherwise but I miss the old design for that main reason 3/5
Neutral review by anonym
I don't understand the trend of "simplifying" apps by taking away the functionality that made them great and useful. With the new update, it became harder to go through my feeds and pick out what I want to listen to. I bought the full version but now I will be reverting to the previous version or uninstalling until the new interface is less of a mess. 3/5
Positive review Much better than before by anonym
Much better than before, despite what others say. Cleaner and more intuitive. Only complaint is that I can't find the cleanup function anymore. Do I have to go through and delete each downloaded episode manually from now on? That seems laborious. 5/5
Positive review Finally fixed by anonym
The last big update was horrid. Made a simple app way too complex. The new update (09/03/15 Australia ) adds compact mode which fixes everything. If you like the old version, then compact mode is the perfect in between. 5/5
Negative review New "modern" interface is a joke by anonym
I've been using the new interface for 6 months (paid version) and still feel it is inferior to the previous version. Updating seems less reliable too. Make sure your playlist will last your whole trip, navigating the software while driving is dangerous. 1/5
Neutral review Bring back the user friendly app by anonym
Time wasted trying figure out where my podcasts are. I have to manually update again like I did before I bought the upgrade. Please fix this soon so I don't have to go looking for something better. Otherwise, great app. 3/5
Positive review Fantastic podcast client by anonym
Very slick, easy to organize subscriptions, excellent widget, lots of customization options. I love this podcast player. Having used many players and aggregators before, I like this one the best. 5/5
Positive review Best Podcast App by anonym
Anyone who is crying about the new update needs to just give it a chance. This is a great app and the Dev. has worked hard to keep it looking fresh and crisp. 5/5
Positive review Has gotten better, but still prefer old version by anonym
Despite my problems with the redesign it has gotten allot better. However, the player still slides up when viewing feeds for no reason and I can not lower it until backing out and returning to the app. Also, please return the "mark all read" button to the top bar so I don't have to use the menu and tap the wrong option. 4/5
Positive review Great, despite bad reviews by anonym
I really don't understand why people are so negative of the new look. Personally I find it intuitive and a positive upgrade on the old interface. Didn't take long to get used to it, and in a couple of swipes get to the podcast I'm looking for. I waited months to install the new version because of the bad reviews, however I'm happy I eventually downloaded it. Using the paid version, so can't comment on the free variation. 5/5
Negative review The new version doesn't work by anonym
After updating to the new version, BeyondPod just stopped working. Every time I try to run it, it immediately stops, and there's nothing I can do about it. I have used this software for a few years but I figured it's time to move on. I switched to a different app. Bye BeyondPod. 1/5

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