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Jet Car Stunts
Created by True Axis
Jet Car Stunts

Android version
2.1 and up
Team note
9 / 10
Users note
9 / 10
about 1000000
11 Mo
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Team review

" Adrenaline rush driving game ! "

The application has not yet detailed description, however the team assigned the note of 9 / 10. This note is based on the following criteria: Quality, Usefulness, Ease of Use, Privacy Concerns of user data (depending on the permissions required)..

The app is compatible from version 2.1 of Android. Any supperior OS version will support it.

Its weight is relatively light (11 MB). This space will be required for the proper functioning of the application on your device.

Its number of downloads in the Android Market (Google Play) makes it an extremely popular application and rightly so. More than a million users are using it on mobile or on touch pad.

User reviews

40 users have given their review on Jet Car Stunts.

Positive review An excellent arcade racer by anonym
JetCarStunts is an obvious TrackMania clone, but it is a very good one at that. Developer True Axis took everything that was great about TrackMania and made their own android version. With pleasing aesthetics that not only make the game look great, but also serve as an easy way for players to orient themselves and fun tracks to race on, JetCarStuns stand as one if the best android games on the market. 4/5
Positive review A few fail to open. by anonym
After playing the game, the apps icons would flash very quickly and close. Using task killer after each use ended this problem. 4/5
Neutral review by anonym
This game would have been the best android game i've ever played, if only it had the option for keypad control. Game deleted. 3/5
Positive review Epic!!!!!! by anonym
Beat game ever! I have been playing it for hours and never get bord! By far 5 stars 5/5
Positive review Amazing in the best way possible by anonym
Great game gives me the least problems and is great fun and looks cool to kids so it occupies them. 5/5
Neutral review Decent racing game by anonym
Doesn't prefer the type of the race track however nice implementation. Colors is great and doesn't make distractions somehow I see some image stuttering and 3D crashing 3/5
Negative review Laggy control response and all white track floors ruin it. by anonym
The floor is completely white with no textures and barely any shadows. Makes it very hard to tell where you are relative to the track floor since it's ALL WHITE. Expecting someone to make gold medal times when they're practically blindfolded is ludicrous. The lag in reaction to motion based turns doesn't help either when you're speeding around a track. No way I'm buying the full version. 2/5
Positive review COOL): by anonym
I love it , its a great game the best thing is when u can fly in the sky ,but i wish there were more levels .but its awsome. 5/5
Positive review by anonym
I actually love this game. I'd like to see more games produced by true axis. I bought the full version for the iPod touch, but now I'm all android ;) 5/5
Positive review Really awesome game by anonym
This is a great game. The physics engine is just insanely good. The handling is so realistic in every way. If you turn going off a jump, you will drift when you land or spin completely around. This game is awesome. I wish there were more levels in the free version, or I want this app to switch to an in app purchases game so I can get more levels. 5/5
Positive review Cool game by anonym
Truth is a very .heavy game because. It has boost in it so this a very. Cool and blasting game. I have this game in all my android divis... could be better I suggest to add new cars and more stages. And give more levels in the lite version. So keep on.going provid more. Games thx 5/5
Positive review Warning : highly addictive game by anonym
Just like angry birds and fruit ninja this game is very fun. Recommended to all users. Just wish lite version has more levels. Smooth, silky and working in Vizio VTAB1008 Update:uninstalling for a have finished all the levels 5/5
Positive review by anonym
Cool game, demo works great, if you can garantee the full version would work I'd buy - Nexus One Android 2.3.4 5/5
Negative review This game is so stupid by anonym
Because I turn to left it turn to right and I change the sensitivity but still cannot. 1/5
Positive review Wow by anonym
a lot better than I thought it was going to be. competitive addictive frustrating fun. working on a galaxy s2 5/5
Positive review Awesome game but..... by anonym
I really love this game but could you please make more games like this & could you please make tue full version of this game free for a few days .PLEASE 5/5
Positive review Awesome by anonym
This game is epic everyone should have it. I love when you can use the air brake and sometimes if you go really fast you break like a Lego!!!!!! 5/5
Positive review Jet Car Stunts Lite, Update: I've been playing this for >2yrs, I still prefer this original over v.2 by anonym
Awesome game, customizable, responsive controls & great graphics/physics. I've had this on my HTC Inspire 4g for years and loved it. Never knew how great it would be on my Nexus 7 tablet. It's just as great on my Google Nexus 5, it's a fantastic, in your pocket time passer. This game never gets old. Each time I play I feel like George Jetson sporting around in a new ride. Best part, no tickets or hospitals! This is a no brainer. Download this app it's awesome! 5/5
Negative review Sick! But... by anonym
Now this used to work just fine when I first got it. Now it totally glitches every time I start playing! Please fix so I can rate 5 stars like before... 2/5
Neutral review Glitches by anonym
Fun, but game always messes up in time trial mode. Nitro and accelerate buttons won't stay pressed down. Glitch. Other than that, great game. 3/5
Positive review It's cool not to hard by anonym
I loves the game it's cool 5 out of 5 stars i recommend you to download it awsome 5/5
Neutral review by anonym
Its ok, but i dont like that theres not alot of levels. Just good 2 waste time 3/5
Positive review Brilliant! by anonym
My only complaint with this game is that somehow the full version is incompatible with my Defy while the demo works fine. But it's amazing. Racing platformers FTW! 5/5
Positive review Awesome by anonym
It's cool but, Make it where there is a multiplayer zone and different things and make it where you get to get out and in the vehicle (when your out make it where you can change your own person or character.) And make it where you can create your own car too. 5/5
Neutral review Slow frame rate by anonym
This game runs at twice the frame rate on my aging iPhone 4 while chugging along on my brand new HTC One. Sucks. I was really excited to see it was on Android but won't be buying the full version again any time soon. 3/5
Negative review Just another ice driving game by anonym
The concept is really nice, love the variety of maps, but controls.. Why dont u just call it "jet cars on ice"? In some maps the only way to stay on the track is just to crash into the walls and drive along them. Once the car reaches half of its speed no turns are possible without four wheel drifting. That ice skating makes the game annoying while it suppose to bring fun. Must be a fool to pay money for it 1/5
Positive review Great game! by anonym
I'm so gonna buy the full version I love the game its so fun and cool if the car was blue it would be better but the game deserves not 5 but 6 stars 5/5
Neutral review Shameful... by anonym
It is awesome game but sometimes my afterburner gets stuck and wherever i tap it uses afterburner and sometimea when i try to run the game it just turns black screen. Using sony ericsson live with walkman 3/5
Positive review Great game! by anonym
I like stunts! And this game is little difficult to me. But I can do it. 5/5
Positive review FUN by anonym
It is a very fun and legs are talking points out of people with a great time and then I think the best possible freelance programming languages in a great for phones to be a way yet yet another reason I have said they would you to pay off a long term care to live a few of all times the most important that has to live up the price is a few years ago. 5/5
Positive review Awesome by anonym
The first 3D game I've seen on Android that has perfect physics, sound effects and good enough graphics. Also, seems like the developers have great imagination coming up with the concept and the levels. Love the air-break thing. 5/5
Positive review #amazing but 1 thing by anonym
Is an amazing game but their needs 2 be more level think about it u don't want 2 seem like a demo bcause then people won't get it 5/5
Negative review Daveman by anonym
Throttle cuts out after few seconds. Absolutely loved the game til then. Recommended 2 me. To pass time healing from military surgery. That chain stops here. Was thinking about full version..not till fixed!!! 1/5
Positive review Good but not great by anonym
I had this game for a while but then the steering malfunctioned and I could only steer to the right I uninstalled and then I reinstalled and it ran perfectly needs fixing otherwise its awesome. 4/5
Negative review Logan by anonym
This game sucks so bad! I can't steer at all or all the stupid thing will do is turn left....uninstalling ASAP biggest waste of time ever..NO STARS! 1/5
Positive review Please make a free version of the full version by anonym
I really like the lite and i want the full version ...but i dont have any money and i really like the game so can you please make it free...please? 5/5
Positive review The memories by anonym
I remember playing this game on my old Windows phone. I'm so glad i found it on the play store its such a sick game. 5/5
Negative review Low-res by anonym
Fine concept for an app with smooth gameplay, but it's set to a resolution far below that of my Nexus 5. Ruins the experience. Like driving an F1 car with a foggy windshield. 1/5
Positive review Frustrated by anonym
Awesome Love this game. But doesnt work properly on the Motorola phonton. The acceleraring button doesnot accelerate. FIX IT MOTOROLA..! 5/5
Positive review Cool but scary by anonym
Sometimes you drive of ralls warning reads your phone I'd can see and hear all can get your credit card and debit cards numbers and still your money don't install avoid spyware removal advised until developer comes up with a privacy policy can't be to careful with private information 4/5

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