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Slice It !
Created by Com2uS
Slice It !

Android version
2.2 and up
Team note
9 / 10
Users note
9 / 10
about 10000000
11 Mo
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Team review

" Slicing shapes into fragments. "

The application has not yet detailed description, however the team assigned the note of 9 / 10. This note is based on the following criteria: Quality, Usefulness, Ease of Use, Privacy Concerns of user data (depending on the permissions required)..

The app is compatible from version 2.2 of Android. Any supperior OS version will support it.

Its weight is relatively light (11 MB). This space will be required for the proper functioning of the application on your device.

Its number of downloads in the Android Market (Google Play) makes it an indispensable application. More than five million people already use. Do not hesitate to get it back. Any device (smartphone or tablet) must possess.

User reviews

40 users have given their review on Slice It !.

Positive review by anonym
One of the few intuitive and thought provoking games out there. I love it! 5/5
Positive review Awesome Game! by anonym
This is a super fun and simple game. It gets increasingly challenging and is one of my favorite games to pass the time. 5/5
Positive review nice and addicted games :) by anonym
love it so much ! have a lot of fun !! but i prefer the line to become thinner. love this game :) 4/5
Positive review Not bad by anonym
Sum levels were rlly annoying but tht feeling u get when u complete tht level - amazing gud game I like it 4/5
Neutral review by anonym
There should be tutorials and while cutting the shapes it need to slide finger across the shape which may not be necessary.... Try to fix 3/5
Positive review by anonym
Outstanding game, but burns battery like crazy for no good reason. Would also like an ad-free option. 5/5
Positive review Worth playing by anonym
It's a good timepass and it boost up your thinking. But d graphics are not too attractive. 4/5
Positive review by anonym
So addictive I always play it every time I ride a train to my work from munich to london, every day. 5/5
Positive review Fun by anonym
Fun app. I wish the lines you draw were a little thinner and more precise.....but very fun app. 5/5
Positive review Htc explorer by anonym
A very different game in the store. This game is not only entertaining but also teases your brain. 5/5
Positive review Fun! by anonym
Its the perfect sneaky way to get your braian going! Fun yet time consuming, thats what I find good, an app that gets you thinking... Really must get XP 4/5
Positive review Miracle by anonym
I like this.if mean I'm playing upto iq. Maybe, sometimes helpful brain and relax. 5/5
Positive review Great design nice game by anonym
Simple and nice, feels like a kid drawing using pencil with precision 5/5
Positive review Love it! by anonym
I had the game a long time ago and I recently downloaded again, and I love it more than I used to:)! I'm basically obsessed with getting "perfect" on every level! 5/5
Positive review Love it by anonym
I really love this game because like when I'm on vacation in the boring car this is a really good time releaver plus sooooo fun 5/5
Positive review by anonym
Great fun game. Quite a Novell idea that keeps you coming back to play. Check it out. 5/5
Positive review by anonym
Wonderful App! Great way to pass the time. It's challenging enough to be fun, but not too hard that you become frustrated with it. 5/5
Neutral review TO CONFUSING & annoying by anonym
Some r easy and the rest r hard 3/5
Neutral review Interesting by anonym
Too hard to trace along existing lines. Jiggling FAILED stays on a little too long - it gets annoying. Let us get on with a retry. Getting used to it... 3/5
Positive review : by anonym
I LOVE this app, but it force closes every five minutes. -HTC Rezound 5/5
Positive review Great game by anonym
I wish there could be another way to get hints but other than that it is really fun 5/5
Neutral review by anonym
I liked this game but can't play it anymore with android 5.0. It closes every time I try to open it. Tried with nexus 5 and nexus 7 3/5
Positive review Fun Game by anonym
Good game to play, but I wish there were more levels to play.. and the line drawing can be pretty clunky at times 5/5
Positive review Amazing by anonym
It has precision mathematical algorithms, love the percentage of pieces. And I loved the papery theme... five deserved! 5/5
Positive review Amazingly fun! by anonym
One you start you can't stop 5/5
Positive review Awesome! by anonym
I love things that challenge me so this is just perfect i love it!!! Great game!! 5/5
Positive review Definitely worth downloading. by anonym
I have had this game for years now on several different phones. Get the most out of it by not moving on until you get all 5 stars. Ads are annoying, hence 4 stars. 4/5
Neutral review Fun by anonym
I really enjoy this game a lot. My problem is ep 2-42 when I slice it half of the puzzle disappears. It's frustrating. 3/5
Positive review Simple games cant stop by anonym
The difficulty of this games is to make the line as precise as we want. A very little move can cause the line to miss our plan 5/5
Positive review Challenging and Addictive by anonym
This game is great for perfectionists and people who love math. It makes you use your mind. I think most perfectionists would prefer this game over "Compulsive" because there are plenty of stats, great progress view, and no time limit to get everything perfect! Also, thank you for not forcing us to impose social media on our single player game. Only "complaint" would be the placement of the shapes on the grid. You could make an optional feature for a visible x and y axis. 5/5
Neutral review Amazing game by anonym
Just you have to optimize it for tablets.... I was unable to play some stages properly on my galaxy tab 10.1 (the shapes exit the screen ) 3/5
Neutral review Challenging But Fun by anonym
Its Very Fun & Easy At First But After A While It Becomes Harder And I Believe That They Shouldn't Just Give You Hints If You Get It Right They Should Have Gave You A Maximum Of 10-15 Then As You Work Your Way Up They Give You Them As You Get Them Right But Overall Very Addictive & Fun 3/5
Positive review by anonym
I really enjoy the pencil styled drawings. The only thing that bothers me is that it is not signaled when 2 lines superimpose and form a very small area that was not intended. Great app! 4/5
Positive review Amazing by anonym
Following points demand an enhancement: 1. Hollow region in between shape needs a different background. 2. Many lines crosses a point with auto focus such that small red mark region is not formed. 3. Pencil size should be thin. 4. I personally will encourage similar shapes to be made rather then dividing them just in equal area but in any shape. 5. "Perfect" needs to be more accurate and there should be some bonus for getting a perfect. 4/5
Positive review Nice brain teaser game by anonym
It's a really good game. Original, and we'll developed. The ads are not annoying, as in many other games. The music and graphics are beautiful. What else can I say. Just, 10/10 for me 5/5
Positive review Good buy not best by anonym
What is the use of 156 hints when you are not allowed to use it. 4/5
Positive review Fun and addictive by anonym
Very fun. For we perfectionists, it's very addictive to try and get every shape perfect. One negative is that the lines one draws are too thick. They should be thinner than the lines on the original piece so placement can be more exact. 4/5
Positive review Excellent brain teaser! by anonym
Like most of the games I play, this is played on the bus on the way to and from work, so I need something I can pick up and put down quickly. Some of the puzzles will definitely have you scratching your head. Enjoy. 5/5
Positive review Amazing by anonym
Love this game, it is simple and challenging at the same time, ads at the start can be sightly annoying but when they have been closed they dont come back up till next time 5/5
Positive review its good game but wtf by anonym
wtf you have to be on WiFi to play quick mode thts stupid why fix tht to offline as well then I will give 5 stars 4/5

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