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Created by Lookout Mobile Security

Android version
Team note
9 / 10
Users note
8 / 10
about 1000000
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Team review

" Lost Phone Tracker ! "

The application has not yet detailed description, however the team assigned the note of 9 / 10. This note is based on the following criteria: Quality, Usefulness, Ease of Use, Privacy Concerns of user data (depending on the permissions required)..

The app is compatible with most Android devices running on.

Its weight is very light, less than a megabyte is sufficient to store and operate.

Its number of downloads in the Android Market (Google Play) makes it an extremely popular application and rightly so. More than a million users are using it on mobile or on touch pad.

User reviews

40 users have given their review on PlanB.

Negative review Still no email - HTC Desire HD A9191 by anonym
I lost my phone today. Downloaded the app. (I think it was remotely downloaded, I really don't know). It has been over 30 minutes and still got no email. I know my HTC is compatible and has GPS, so why the app is not working? Where is the email with the location? And yes, I do have a Google account. 1/5
Positive review AWESOME APP by anonym
helped me locate my phone with great accuracy, quick and reliable. a MUST HAVE if you dont already have look out security app. 4/5
Positive review Found 20 MILES in the WOODS AMAZING by anonym
This was my first time snowmobiling up in potter county PA. i really didn't know what i should expect but loosing my phone was not in the picture. when your snowmobiling and traveling at over 60 mph you can clock 200 miles in a days trip easily. so the last day i am out here i loose my phone some time mid-day, witch is mid-trip at least that's when i noticed i lost it. so later that night we get back to camp and i am looking around on the web for some answers. found some real bullshit adds for free GPS tracking and none of them work trust me don't waist your time. then i found plan b and did the downloading and such, it took about an hour for a pin point location but it narrowed it down to a spot on the "Billy Lewis" trail within 4 meters. hoped on the sled and headed out for 20 mile trip hoping it was going to be right and its darn near 10 degrees Fahrenheit. sure enough right on the dot, stopped where the GPS location was and stepped on my phone right in the middle of the pipe line. a few sleds ran it over and cracked the screen but it was still working and all was well. if you need to find your phone this is the best app if you own an android phone. good luck to you all! 5/5
Negative review Time? by anonym
How long does it usually take for the phone to be located? i got an email saying they will have the location shortly and that was 3 hours ago. 2/5
Positive review Excellent App! by anonym
this app was easy to use and found my phone within 15 a ski hill 2 hours away where my husband accidentally packed my phone into his suitcase. I would definitely recommend this app to anyone who hasn't already installed tracking measures. One glitch was that I had forgotten I had a gmail account and was looking for the emails on my other email accounts...once I figured it out and opened my gmail, it was smooth sailing. 5/5
Positive review Perfect. by anonym
I lost my old Droid Incredible right after I activated my new iPhone. I didn't have Backup Assistant on the Droid and I needed it back to transfer contacts and data to my iPhone. But of course, I couldn't call the phone to see if someone had it. Luckily I found plan B, and it sent me a Google maps point right in the center of my university's library's front desk - where they had a lost and found I didn't know about. I spend two days fervently posting Facebook statuses asking for my phone - and this tracked it down in less than 10 minutes. Love it. 5/5
Positive review Mark McLaughlin by anonym
Unbelieveable! What a great tool! Was going crazy looking all over town. Installed Plan B and located the phone at home! Thanks a bunch! Just wish I could zoom in the map a bit more to better locate what area of the house! 4/5
Negative review Did not work, very dissapointing by anonym
I stayed after school today and I left my phone in a classroom, the phone isn't where I left it, so someone picked it up with good or bad intentions, I don't really care, I don't have my phone. I have find my droid but the commander isn't working,and I forgot my trigger word, so I resorted to this nice application with a gleam of hope. I texted locate to my device using my ipad, no emails, nothing, and i know my phone is on, but the sound is off. I have been waiting for over an hour, I am disappointed, though I hope someone returns my device to me tomorrow. 1/5
Positive review Cant Find Mine by anonym
Usually this app works, but its not locating my phone at all. Does this app work if the phone might be turned off, if someone stole it. 4/5
Positive review `Great! But not accurate enough... by anonym
This app is amazing, it quickly sends me the location of my lost phone. But i find that the gps is not accurate says , when on "birds eye view", that it is on my drive, and on peg-man it says that it is on my wall...It is niether. Furthermore i still cant find my phone but it is great technology! I find this app is better for if your phone gets stolen. But all together this app is very good i recommend it to others!!!! 4/5
Negative review very dissapointing... by anonym
after reading some reviews, I thought this is the most awesome app to recover my lost phone. It claimed that this app is compatible with my phone, so I installed it. After installing, I waited and the icon install changed to INSTALLED. I waited for an e-mail to arrive but almost 2 hours have passed but no emails. I even send the word locate to the phone. I'm afraid that my phone is out of battery or has been shut off. Whatever the reason is. At least it should have send me an email to say that the search has begun. Dissapointing.. 1/5
Negative review the app doesn't work!!! by anonym
I followed all the directions, and in the end the app did absolutely nothing. I texted locate to my phone several times to try and get the app to start and it has done diddly squat. I have been waiting for over an hour and not a single email. This really blows, because that phone is my wife lying to friends, family, and work. Now I am going to have to replace it unless the app starts working. I know the phones on, it rings through when I call it. I know my GPS is on, because I use Google Maps a lot. There's no reason why this app should not work however it just doesn't. On that alone I can't recommend others use this app. What's the point of downloading an app onto your phone that doesn't work? 1/5
Neutral review Problem ... by anonym
Unfortunately, by gmail account is not exactly "set up" on my phone, because I couldn't get it to sync with my pop client(Thunderbird) and my phone at the same time. It would only show the email in one or the other, whichever checked first. Also gmail would send every single email in my inbox to the cell phone on setup. So I set gmail to forward to another account I set up on my web hosting account. Long and short, this app won't send me the location, because my email client is not the gmail app and/or the gmail addy is actually a proxy account. :( Leaving to buy a new phone now. 3/5
Positive review This app is a lifesaver!!! by anonym
This app is super awesome. I always seem to lose my phone and this helped me find it! FYI: The first location they send you is probably a little bit off because it takes a little while for the search to narrow it down. But if you wait a couple minutes, the phone will be located quite precisely. 5/5
Positive review Spectacular! by anonym
Lost my phone in a Home Depot parking lot around noon, and unwitting to the loss, kept running errands for about 2 hours. Retraced my steps exactly, checked with service desk at three stores, and finally arrived home and called Verizon (USELESS!) Kept calling the phone with no answer. Went online, learned about Plan B from CNET and downloaded the app. The Plan B email came to my GMail account in less than ten minutes with a map identifying the location, provided a range of addresses at that location, as well as exact lat and long coordinates. Entered the address in Google which produced a name and phone number for the address. Called the number, explained the situation and learned that the home owner had a contractor working at their house who she put on the phone, and confirmed that he had found it and that I could come over and pick it up. Without this app I would have never found the phone because it was password protected and did not have any emergency info or owner information accessible through the limited screen functions in password mode. 5/5
Positive review Cool app but needs a bit of refinement by anonym
Especially nice for a free app and really useful, but it needs to be more discrete. For example, it should disable the vibration (and the ring of a new text message) when "locate" is texted to the phone so that any possible thief won't think of immediately shutting off the gps service while it runs silently in the background 4/5
Negative review dont bother by anonym
If your phone is turned off it doesn't work so looks like i can't get my phone back. Please update to where it can be turned off to find it and maybe i will give it 5 stars!! 1/5
Negative review HELP by anonym
It doesn't work!!! I downloaded it, I had it on my phone. I lost my phone 2 days ago. I keep texting locate and nothing comes out. PLEASE HELP! I'M FREAKING OUT!> PLEASE 1/5
Negative review sigh by anonym
im sure it works but heres the problem i cant tell if the app is intalled on my phone or not and for some reason cant uninstall it. basicalluy my phone is lost, and i dont know how to get it. this is not working because eits either already installed (in which case i need to know how to 'find' it again' or because i cant install to begin withh - i click install nad it says "will install shortly" but wtf does that mean? nothing. 1/5
Negative review the lost S3 by anonym
Hi! i have a problem hope someone's help me..may sister's cell phone was snatched a days ago, and it was possibly change the sim card, how can i locate it while she never install the lookout software on her phone. Pls help us..thank you.. how can i use this 'plan B' to locate the phone 1/5
Positive review Does work!!! :) by anonym
It works! Used it three Times... You have to install it through a computer and then txt locate from another phone and it will send info to the email account that's linked to the lost phone... The only problem if it won't work if your phone is off or has no internet connection.... I wish they could make it to where then phone turns on when you txt locate and then tracks it.. But sadly it doesn't... 5/5
Negative review Not locating my phone. by anonym
Please, does this app work when the phone WiFi and GPS are switched off? I've been checking my email over and over again but, nothing yet even though it says the app is installed. I have texted locate several times and no success yet. 1/5
Positive review Worked Awesomely! by anonym
I NEVER lose my phone but did at a particularly poor time. The app downloaded quickly and began searching for my lost phone. Within 10 minutes I had a location within just a few meters! I went back to the location that was 10 miles away. Found it within a few minutes! Happy girl! :) 5/5
Positive review Amazing!!!! by anonym
So I left my phone at a restaurant tonight... called them 3 times and no one knew anything about it... researched apps on how to find my android phone and came across this one... so I downloaded it remotely to my android phone and within 10 minutes I had a link to a map of where my phone was located... AT THE RESTAURANT. Called them back again, told them I had a GPS app/map and knew the phone was there... and somehow magically they found my phone!! Sheesh... people nowadays... but I couldn't have done it without this app... it was AMAZING!!! Thanks!!!! 5/5
Positive review Successfully Recovered My Stolen Phone by anonym
My phone was stolen from a 711, and I freaked out. I knew the phone was on, but the theif was denying my calls. I sent them texts offering a reward to return it, but got no reply. I remotely dowloaded this app and within minutes the app found the exact home address of the thief. Only problem is you have to send a text that says "locate" to the phone, and this guy obviously figured it out because he immediately turned the phone off after the text. Joke's on him, though, because the app works WAY too fast for that. I drove out there but it was a gated community, but I had suspected it was the actual cashier at 711, so through a lot of time searching by reverse address lookup, google, and facebook, I managed to find a picture and the name of the person who lived there, and lo and behold it was the cashier. I took my evidence directly to his boss, and now the phone is on its way back. This app doesn't have a lot of the cooler features available for stolen phones, like locking the SIM, taking a pic with a fake text, etc like LostAndroid. BUT it is a small program and works FAST, which is what you really need if you weren't prepared in advance, otherwise they just shut it off. 5/5
Positive review No Galaxy Note 2?!?!?!?! by anonym
My phone was stolen, and i have android lost- I need something that remotely powers up my phone... why does this not work on Note 2??? Please have more compatibility... 4/5
Positive review Worked a Treat by anonym
Phone fell off while riding my motorbike. I new the general area but after walking around ringing my phone and not finding it I used the Find function of ESET Mobile Security I had installed. Unfortunately didn't give an accurate location. Downloaded PlanB and even though the location was also not accurate it did give two locations within 15m (instead of 4km) and this is where I found the phone. I think the issue around accuracy is due to the area and GPS but since PlanB sent several locations automatically it managed to get a copy of locations within meters. Worked as advertised but may vary depending on location and GPS availability. 5/5
Negative review phone stolen by anonym
my phone was stolen on June 12 it is now June 17 and nether the cops nor the phone company is doing anything about it. had the person that stole my phone text me from my phone identified the person the vehicle and the house they were staying at and still nothing pulled the tapes from my work were the phone was stolen still cops do nothing. had the number transferred to a new phone (crappy old prepaid phone) downloaded this app to the stolen phone (droid) and have got nothing. am I doing something wrong? can it still track my phone if I had the number transferred? I don't know what more to do the girl admitted she stole the phone in a text and yet the cops do nothing phone is attached to my Facebook, email, eBay, PayPal, has all my kids pics on it and all my personal info. this chick now has access to my whole life. 1/5
Neutral review Not compatible with SGS2, SGH-T989, T-Mobile by anonym
This app does is not compatible with T-mobile SGS2 SGH-T989 phones. Even if you use prepay, TVMO's like Simple Mobile, Wal-Mart Family, StraightTalk, etc. It may work on ATT. I think it is because Android 2.*. Just got one stolen I think by an ex . Do yourself a favor and preinstall one on your devices as soon as you get them. 3/5
Negative review Doubt this will work by anonym
Been waiting half an hour for a follow up email. my phone's somewhere outside and it looks like it could rain at any moment. If you need this service in a hurry I'd look somewhere else I really would. I also don't know if this will work because I switch 3G and Wi-Fi off to save battery so I don't know how it can find my phone. Keep refreshing my emails and nothing is appearing. 1/5
Negative review WHAT DO I DO NOW! by anonym
Sooo plan b worked, i got an email with the location i tried calling my phone and texting it no response :( knowing my phone i lost last night AND it was left with half a battery it should be dead right now will this thing work if my phone is dead?? PLEASE I NEED ANSWERS!!! 1/5
Neutral review Not Compatible by anonym
Does anyone know why this app is not compatible with the Samsung Galaxy S4. I used it on my previous phone just to test it and it worked. My S4 was stolen, the same day I activated it, but it keeps saying the Plan B is supposedly not compatible. Help. 3/5
Negative review :( by anonym
so i lost my phone and trying to find it with this app but i wanna know something, if my phone is being switched off by someone who stole it, can i still track my phone??? 2/5
Positive review Stunning! by anonym
Lodge owners in the middle of duck season can't lose their phone! Mine vanished this morning and I searched and borrowed wifes phone dialing my phones number franticly; retraced paths; had to go back to rendevous where I left clients and on and on. Researched and found this app; installed remotely from home computer; promptly received my e-mail; and the map pinpointed my truck in the parking lot. Sure enough, phone had fallen underneath passenger seat under a floor mat!!!! Not a big fan of too many apps, but this one takes the cake IMO. 5/5
Positive review WOW by anonym
Simply Amazing. I never write reviews (sorry) but this time I have too. My wife set her phone on top the car and took off to work. Forgot she had set it up there and was gone. At work she realized it must have fallen off somewhere. Her comute to work is about 15 miles. Side roads, service roads and a highway. Basically, the phone was gone. We looked for awile and gave up. I downloaded this app and thought why not they track iphones. This app on my home computer showed her phones location on google maps within 5 feet. I was standing right next to it and couldnt see it, called it and it rang. WOW. AMAZING APP. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Saved me hundreds of dollars and best of all, my wife owes me one. :) 5/5
Positive review This actually works by anonym
First of all, I have no affiliation with the developer, despite the fact this review doesn't look like it was punctuated by a cretin. I mislaid my phone. Installed this app remotely (I honestly didn't think there was a cat in hell's chance it would work) from a Nexus to my lost phone. Sent a text to the phone as instructed. Got an email with a link that opened in Google maps with the exact location of my phone. Which was of course under a pile of stuff at home ;-) In short, it worked perfectly. And this is a genuine user review. 5/5
Positive review Amazing App! by anonym
This app is great, lost my phone and I was convinced that someone had stolen it. (I was ready to bust some heads) I found this app, ran it up to step 2 and about an hour later I got the Email. "Oh whoever stole my phone is gunna get it!" I thought to myself. Turns out I was able to tell by the gps that it was in my backyard sitting in the hammock. Thanks plan b! 5/5
Positive review Great app, thank you... by anonym
Unbelievable, my phone was stolen last night and this morning via DESKTOP loaded the app onto my stolen phone (remarkable didn't know you could do that) which after 10 minutes started receiving GMAIL messages (total of 5) with its location some 80 miles away; assisting police in tracking the criminals. 5/5
Positive review I was lost but now i am found by anonym
I was working in a shopping complex and dropped my phone. I didnt realize it was gone till i got home. Not really knowing where i dropped i looked for it for two days so i finally i gavetomorrow up and call Verizon. The costumer assistance lady introduce me the this it gave me the exact adderss of its location witch was 15 MILES. From where i left it amazing app thanks plan be for saving me 500 bucks and priceless pics, music ,etc. Thank you! 5/5
Positive review Saved My Life by anonym
God bless the developers who made Plan B! You saved my phone! I would have never found it without you. Thank you thank you thank you! 5/5

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