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Users can leave their opinion (favorable or unfavorable) on one or more applications they have used on their smartphone or tablet. You can leave your opinion and add a note by going to the page of the application.
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Avis sur Busuu
Positive review par anonym
I had lesson until lesson 5 beginner a1 but i cant finished it 100% cause the test is not start and keep me back to main menu. Update Now my problem is fixed and now i dont hesitate to recommend this apps to Everyone who needs language lesson 5/5
Avis sur Mahjong
Positive review Suka banget par anonym
Sukaa.. 5/5
Avis sur Crime Story
Positive review Very Nice par anonym
So far so good. brilliant graphics. amazing sound. awesome storyline. fabulous game play. very addictive. realistic sights. easy to understand. BUT one big demerit is that the ENERGY BAR is not refilling even when i stay away from the game for many hours. some times it fills but most of the time it doesn't. i love this game so much so i open the game, connect the charger and leave it to fill energy bar. i just want developers to fix this issue as soon as possible. Thank u 4/5
Avis sur Airport City
Positive review Fun par anonym
Just wish was better way to buy more land. Hard to improve when no space. And I refuse to spend money in order to do so. 4/5
Negative review Haha par anonym
I guess if you're desperate to know a handful of very basic scarf knots, this app has them. Then it'll be in your face to buy its bigger, better app because this one has nothing! Don't waste your time. 2/5
Neutral review Hasn't been updated in forever! par anonym
This app was great until I discovered Voxer. Talkbox is good but the audio quality is sub par and the feature set is weak. You can't pause play back and there is a 1 minute limit per message. Also, the interface hasn't been visually updated in a really long time and its looking dated. 3/5
Avis sur Memo Widget
Positive review Great app! par anonym
Simple, fast and color options makes this an excellent app! The only thing I would like to see is the option to donate to remove ads.. The flashing ads are pretty distracting.. Great job devs! ? 5/5
Avis sur My Backup
Negative review par anonym
i was looking to perform a Full backup (Data, Apps, Settings, Media, etc) and this one read like it fit the bill. it created separate Data & Apps backups. after performing the factory reset, i re-installed MyBackup and attempted the Restore process. to my dismay, instead of transplanting the apps and settings, this utility simply copied the apks. since they didn't come from the play store, to install them i had to disable trusted publishers protection. after copying 200+ apks, i had to MANUALLY "Review,Approve,Install,Done,Repeat." through each one. all these APKs were being attributed to the one account i was on, instead under the accounts that some of them were paid for, rendering some of them "unregistered". after 2+ hours of installing the apps, i rebooted as instructed in order to "recover all data". NONE of the apps preserved their settings; no logins, no configuration. NOTHING. This completely defeats the purpose of using the utility. I could have manually added all the accounts back and let Google's own auto restore feature bring all the apps back under their rightful users. i'd give this negative stars if i could. 1/5
Avis sur PlayScape
Positive review This is a really cool game par anonym
It is amazing 5/5
Avis sur Apex Launcher
Positive review My phone looks awesome par anonym
All you need to have is to explore this app! It has got many interesting features. I love the way it works. Best among the lot! The UI developer must be a genius. The only thing I've noticed is that the app drawer sort of disappears when switching to Battery Saver mode in Moto G III Gen 5/5
Avis sur BlaBlaCar
Negative review Not anymore the same par anonym
When this app is getting to became popular you will see lots of restriction and charges being introduced. Enjoy using in UK free of charge as elsewhere? need to pay. Unable to contact driver via private message, only public messages before pay, all messages moderated or checked before being send. Recommending other apps. 2/5
Positive review par anonym
Good game 4/5
Avis sur LINE
Neutral review Cannot open the LINE TODAY par anonym
I already updated this with the lastest version and have a very much memory (internal and external) but why on earth suddenly i can not open the line today? Whenever i open that, it always give me a blank white space and a purple header. Ive waited that for about 30 minutes but it doesnt give me anything even when i use a wifi too. Help? 3/5
Avis sur Bubble Break
Neutral review Needs a continue mode par anonym
Simple game that is just enough stategy to keep me entertained during wait times. I would give it a 5 if the game remembered where I left off after closing it. I'd love to see how far I could continue the game. 3/5
Negative review par anonym
Poor app. Would not import a csv file. 1/5
Negative review Very disappointing!! par anonym
The app does not work. Each time it is installed, the app freezes and shuts down without ever functioning. Phone has been restarted, and app has been reinstalled numerous times. If this is repaired and afforded the opportunity to actually use the app without waiting time, I may change the review. But it may work differently on your phone. 1/5
Avis sur Plasma Disk
Positive review Best plasma wallpaper... par anonym
I've tried several so-called plasma live wallpapers but this was the first to get the emulation when touched. It sometimes switches back to the default OS static wallpaper, probably more due to running SlimBeam than this app. I say probably because live wallpapers revert back at times too. Love how it shows where I'm touching the screen, as the smallish screen of Galaxy S phone is hard to navigate using my big bear paws. I like this app! 4/5
Positive review par anonym
Love that i can play with my s.o when he us away. I dont like that i have to unlick colors but i guess it would be pointless if i didnt. Its fun so far im still new so we will see great for anyone with creativity 5/5
Avis sur Kaloer Clock
Positive review Love. Questions par anonym
Best clock app for me. On Note 4 two weird things: I can't get it to accept a "daytime settings begin" time other than 6am. Also my battery fully charged notification overrides the screen at night like a huge night light. Any thoughts on how to fix both? 5/5
Avis sur Solitaire
Neutral review Really good game par anonym
I am patient with the multiple ads that the game has. When some ads close its like my app restarts.. this was not cool. I'm running a phone with limited free space so What I do not need is this app saving videos on my phone without my permission. Which takes up precious space. This is almost the final straw guys fix it please. I like this game but I'm going to have to uninstall if it continues. 3/5
Negative review par anonym
Can't get any hints anymore every time I try it says no solution or I have a bad connection. Frustrating fix it please 1/5
Avis sur Cerberus
Negative review Anti thief par anonym
Simply the best.... ? update! Use to be my favorite app, ? but now i can care less.. I brought this app years ago and told plenty of people about it... And over the years i upgraded my phones and now cerberus says i have too many devices. So now I have a new anti theft app... FREE! And to think i payed for this app... When o could've got it free from 4shared! 1/5
Avis sur Settle Up
Negative review Not able to check out the details...Sync issues par anonym not able to all in moto X-Play 1/5
Avis sur Fruit Ninja
Neutral review Fun, but ads for rewards is broken par anonym
I have lost out on several golden apples and free plays in the event after watching the ad, because "oops something went wrong". If you're going to have ppl spend their data to watch your ads, make sure they get the reward in return please. 3/5
Avis sur Retro Camera
Negative review Good for 2 seconds par anonym
App looks amazing but is ruined by way too many ads. Can't even take a photo with out an ad popping up. Uninstalled after less than a minute of exploring it. So sad. Had great potential. Definitely will not even consider buying it now. Ads got in the way for me to see its full use. 1/5
Negative review Slowly getting better... par anonym
Crashes every time you start it on a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Support is poor; automated, indifferent and ineffectual. Nothing to see here move along. A real shame used to be my go to app. 1/5
Avis sur Musical Piano
Neutral review Not bad but . . . par anonym
Nice keyboard. Wish it would let you turn of the vibrate every time you play a note, I find that so disconcerting. Also the snare sound is awful, sounds like a piano note. Unfortunately that cripples the two main things I would want to do with it. Shame. 3/5
Positive review Happy to serves par anonym
The game keep engaging me to serve better. I literally feel like I m actually working. To increase sales I ads more services like sauces, soda n many more. I wish to play more.. N more 5/5
Positive review Best I've used par anonym
The only thing I wish was changed about this app is more bands. But as it stands now it's fine. I use it when I stream to the stereo in my truck and on my bike. 5/5
Avis sur NQ Mobile
Neutral review App got broken after a few updates. par anonym
Older versions used to make the diff. between wifi and mobile internet,now it doesn't and calculates all internet the same,old versions used to let you see what is running and you can kill that specific app the new one doesn't and and does a terrible job of optimize ur device,this one releases 6-10% of the used ram and others release 20%-30%. 3/5
Avis sur Wordfeud
Positive review Needs tweakin par anonym
Make it like real Scrabble where you can challenge the word played instead of relying on that in App Dictionary to decide for you then if you initiate a challenge the dictionary would be designated at the beginning of the game it would be nice to take the word if the challenges good person lose their turn and the player issuing it would lose a turn. To me it's the best but could be the greatest game app. Elemental chaos 4/5
Avis sur Photo Editor
Positive review Most excellent! par anonym
I've been through many photo editors including the big name Adobe Photoshop, but not even Photoshop can touch this app as far as usability and features. I can edit photos faster in this app than I can on my computer. This app is rich with awesomeness! Everything is so easy to do and the interface just makes sense. If I had one criticism, it would be that particular tools are hard to find. Once you know where they are though, this app is a breeze. 5/5
Negative review Not up to date par anonym
They need to update this software as it does not correctly reflect the current value of the naira against the dollar / fact it is over 6 month backdated. The interface is easy to use otherwise... 2/5
Avis sur Stick Cricket
Positive review Wonderfull par anonym
It is awesome game. But if u do something more , it will be the best cricket game in the world as it is now, but will be more better. Please do the suggestions. 1, we can toss. 2 , we can bowl. 3, we can make our team like stick cricket premiur league. 4, wonderfully graphics and real stadiums around the world with accidents too, 5, we can field. 6 - make it real, like first 20 or ten overs then sixty or one twenty or hundred balls to win. 7, more teams 8, batsmen, fielder, bowler both real and we can name them and 9 , clothes bar and 10, make more things free. And 11, we can travel to countries to play and twelve, make our safehouse so we can eat food for strength, energy and shop to buy food and items, Please do this things as I am a big fan of stick cricket and please. Please leave a reply 5/5
Avis sur Evernote
Neutral review Widget bug in latest update par anonym
Mostly ok but the latest update broke the widget particularly if it's showing one of your Saved Searches. My widget is now showing nothing and when I reconfigured the widget settings and select Saved Search, it's saying "no saved searches found". My saved searches definitely exist as confirmed in desktop app. 3/5
Avis sur Dolphin
Neutral review Ad Block Doesn't Work at All par anonym
Giving you 3 stars only because of your video player. Otherwise its 2 stars. You Need to make this browser more attractive. As far as other features are concerned specially ad block, there are many other browsers which perform a way better than dolphin. 3/5
Avis sur Air Wing
Negative review Crap! par anonym
Crap graphics! Crap controls! Crap all over! UNISTALLING! Way more better flight sims on the market. Don't bother installing xo 1/5
Avis sur HIIT
Positive review Love this app par anonym
I used it on my phone and love it, so i installed it on my tab S2 9.7 and the screen size is wrong and I can't see the go button to start the work out. Fix this pls! 5/5
Positive review The music mostly par anonym
I love the music on here it is awesome it reminds me of space and the the ocean a part of the music reminds me of a scene in life of pi where the guy is in calm waters just laying in his boat at night and we see in the water there are a bunch of luminous organisms I think floating on the ocean surface, it's really cool. 5/5
Neutral review Clue less par anonym
I follow the downloading procedure.... Downloaded the app, QR code and I'm stuck when it ask for network name and password...where do I get this to complete the app 3/5
Avis sur GO SMS Pro
Negative review What's wrong with the MMS!?! par anonym
I used to LOVE this app. Used it for years. Had the ability to recommend it to hundreds of people in the job that I'm in. But now I can't send MMS! I understand a developer needs to make money and do that with pop up ads.. but warn us first! Very close to never using. And telling people the same. PLEASE FIX 2/5
Avis sur Dominoes !
Negative review Cheaters par anonym
There are cheaters like Melissa,Bogus, Malcolm, plus more. I know there is a way to end the hand and would love to when they take from the boneyard and leave then with a lot of points in their hand... Anyone know how to end the hand before it is done? The developers of this app need to lock up the boneyard to players when they have something to play in their hand or let us end the hand early on them leaving them with lots of points in their hand. 2/5
Positive review par anonym
Easy to use 5/5
Positive review par anonym
Solid app, and Mega integration is a giant plus! Would be nice if you could choose RL / LR direction per-book, considering I have mixed collection, but still certainly best comic app, free or paid, on Google play (SideBooks is better on iOS but Android version is very buggy) 5/5
Avis sur FoxFi
Neutral review Works par anonym
Update. Now app has robust connection, but it is slow. I used to peak at over 2000 kbps now it's at 500 kbps. The connection speed gradually decays during session. I called Verizon and they did something that helped speed the connection for awhile. Getting more than 8 Mbps at times. Seen up to 30. Thank you! Edit : does not work with pixel on Verizon 3/5
Negative review This was once a great app but the current version is stripped it bare! par anonym
Previously this app provided features above and beyond that of its main (free) competitor (Airdroid) including remote terminal access and remote control (VNC style), it was quick, clean and worked well! This is now simply a gateway app to the new freemium / paid "2X MDM" product! NONE of the illustrated features work on this app! Rather than try to add premium / paid features to the existing app or creating a new premium app expanding on this one they have crippled the existing app (this one) and removed all of its features! YES this company has not only abandoned long term users of this free app such as myself but it has fraudulently pushed out an update which killed the features on our devices... this I believe would be in violation of the following sections of the following sections of the developer agreement:- "Google Play Developer Distribution Agreement" 4. Use of the Store by You (Section 4.4 Prohibited Actions.) 7. Product Takedowns (Section 7.1 Your Takedowns) I suspect the developer was aware of this and as such the new freemium app is being distributed under a different developer account, hopefully Google recognise this and suspend both accounts. 1/5
Positive review Bringing me back to my old Nexus S days par anonym
Thank you very much for making this app! Runs smoothly on my Moto E! But, one little issue, though. The animation will lag if I input the touch with more than two fingers (but my home screen is not lagging). So probably my phone or the app. But it's still great! Thanks! 5/5
Avis sur Thermometer
Positive review Good App. par anonym
Good app work fine on my Samsung Galaxy Note 4. 5/5
Positive review Master app par anonym
Just awesome how it works... I'm fully satisfied it kept my android light and assistant Rocks!!!thnks to the team... waiting for more update 5/5
Avis sur Connect'Em
Positive review Fun to play par anonym
I plan on keeping this game. Un lrrdd my phone tells me my storeage is low Most games The least movies would be the high score But on this game the more money I make and the longer I seen you take then the higher my score and I get stars Am I correct is this the way its supposed to go? But I do still enjoy playing the game went back to eat now bye bye 5/5
Positive review par anonym
Excelente... Constancia y busuu 5/5
Avis sur Obenkyo
Neutral review good and fun app but not perfect par anonym
its fun to learn using this app but there are quite a few errors. for example letters like ? , originally are not written like this, if typed using computers it is connected but in writing it shouldnt connect, so it shouldn't be 3 strokes. other error is spellibg of JA is ?? instead of ??. 3/5
Negative review par anonym
Cant earn the rest of the game. Ugh!!! 1/5
Avis sur MiuMeet Chat
Negative review Avoid it and get better FREE Dating Site App par anonym
I've had this app for three years. It was ok at first, but often would not receive some of my emails for months. Now the app is totally useless and the format really sucks. The feature rarely work and if you use a tablet it simply sometimes wigs out. I've reported problems to them at least 100 times. They responded once, but nothing else was done. There are so many free apps that are much better. The 4 or 5 star people on here are most likely fake, just to pump up the ratings. 1/5
Avis sur Maya
Positive review Works great par anonym
No complaints. Accurate af with long term tracking 5/5
Avis sur Groupon
Negative review First time I used it PROBLEMS.. par anonym
Cautious about using it again after restaurant purchase remained pending and we were given a Bill for full price of meal. Later the pending purchase changed to a denied status never explained, customer service~ joke. Also bought a Groupon for bowling prior to going it stayed pending nearly the entire time we bowled finally went through at end. We felt stressed the whole day wondering if day would work out. Disappointed. Want to use again for rental car Groupon, but resistant. Nothing wrong w R CCard either 2/5
Negative review Yuck par anonym
Don't download this game is game is very boring if you purchase this game you will think that this is the worst game of the world is 1. 25 seconds this is my horoscope don't you have to break it if you are not able to walk even if you break what is going to happen with you will not be able to be repealed you know the doctor tomorrow people see configure cisco 1. 25 seconds you know the doctor tomorrow people see call for this scope 1.2 the first signal to talk tomorrow please see call fo are eaten ke shukla 1/5
Negative review par anonym
Why do 30 of my album say unfortunately this album is no longer available to download on device and then it says contact customer service if you have any questions it has yellow label on it if this keeps up. I now buy music from Google Play Store and have there streaming music service and pay my 10 bucks a month for streaming at last there'll be able to download all my albums music they erased 30 album of mine and they won't give them back to me problem still not fixed 7digital lost my service forever I haven't bought any music from them for a year 1/5
Avis sur Find The Ball
Positive review par anonym
Simplicity At Its Best. 5/5
Positive review par anonym
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Avis sur Tricount
Negative review par anonym
Math is wrong 1/5
Avis sur Fishing Diary
Neutral review par anonym
The app has a problem every time I log out now it goes back to the last time I played before I updated it so I can never make any progress on the task I have. Waiting to see if a new update comes out or I'm going to get rid of it. Sad I used to love playing. 3/5
Avis sur Tri Peaks HD
Positive review Good par anonym
Nice size on cards. Don't have to wear my glasses to read. I like the option of changing card designs. The clock is distracting. Would be nice if it wasn't so big or in a another place not so distracting. Also would be nice if each level had a different back ground and layout changed up automactically. I'm on level 7 and its same design same layout. Feels like same game over and over. 4/5
Avis sur Paper Glider
Negative review Don't even download it par anonym
Don't even download it. Just a waste of data. The game crashes all the time. 1/5
Avis sur DS Audio
Neutral review Airplay not working par anonym
Good app although a bit laggy. My main gripe is that airplay stopped working recently - the app just hangs in a one second loop when I try to play a song through airplay to an Airport Express. 3/5
Avis sur Gem Miner
Positive review My favorite 2D game par anonym
I lost both my iPods... Had the game. I now have a 1.27 GB phone so the little space =my bff thank you Psym Mobile your the best I love you even this demo is worth money but don't charge me pls I'm a huge fan of this game if nobody could tell (100% chance everyone got the message?) 5/5
Avis sur CPU tuner
Positive review Top notch, smooth, simple, and in depth, works just how it says it will par anonym
I'm not much for reviews but give this a chance with root n then after couple weeks tinkering I got it just how I'd like. Phone is faster and battery probably lasts 30% to 50% longer. Also when set to max powersave while charging it charges ridiculously fast. I can charge it up 50% from where it was in 15 - 20 mins. Good work ol' chap 5/5
Avis sur GTasks
Neutral review Too slow at launch par anonym
The biggest problem with this app is that it takes too long to open. It should be made lighter so that it's faster. Additionally, it would be awesome if there was a two way synchronization between Gmail and this app, which means, if I create a task in Gmail, it should show up on the app as well. 3/5
Negative review Absolutely ruins image quality... worthless. par anonym
No matter what image I use even downloaded hd images they still come out looking like a pixelated 1mp shot. 1/5
Positive review Great graphics par anonym
I switched to this app because of option weather alerts for my location or any area in US I chose to select. All the features are great. I didn't give five stars as the accuracy was off. Clear skies when raining and temperatures were off. My husband has been using this app longer and it has performed well on his exact phone. I am figuring problem today is just a glitch....but if you tell me snowing tomorrow....I live in FL and this is May. I will be back to chat! 4/5
Negative review Not satisfied. par anonym
I am not satisfied with this game because when 3,4,5,,,batsmena get out its shows opeaner player's name and score while they got out. And the company of this game should make changes to this game on regular intervals should as change in team combination according to the present team of that nation or give an option to select the players according to once own choice and their should be also addition in number of newly built in stadiums world wide. I am also not much satisfied with fielding options 1/5
Avis sur Solitaire
Positive review par anonym
Wish it would tell you there are no more useful moves. Otherwise its great! 4/5
Avis sur Sound Meter
Positive review Excellent par anonym
Easy to use and very accurate (I got a Council noise official who happens to be a friend to compare readings and the difference was less than 0.1dB). I used it for a successful noise complaint a few months ago when some workmen started cutting hedges next to my garden at 12.30... *AM*! I suffer from Rheumatoid Arthritis, and getting any sleep is hard enough already, without that racket! It all stopped after I rang them and quoted the app's dB reading for the noise. My thanks to the developers. ??? 5/5
Negative review My favorite keyboard, until.. par anonym
Keyboard has started spazzing out, closing and opening repeatedly, refusing to navigate text fields. Makes me sad because this is my favorite keyboard and has been for years. No other keyboard has the swipe to delete feature active at the same time as the swipe for alternate character or to capitalize function. I've had to switch to Keymonk, which frankly is a poor substitute, but at least it isn't closing on me. 2/5
Avis sur Blue Skies
Positive review AB par anonym
Would give 5 stars if there was at least one baloon in free version. 4/5
Avis sur Endomondo
Negative review Bad move par anonym
I don't understand why you removed widgets. I cancelled my subscription. I would consider subscribe again if you bring back widgets and peer benchmark. For now this is my goodbye. Update on 20th July 16. Nothing was done toward improving customer service. I uninstall the app today. Bye 1/5
Positive review par anonym
The new UI with the +/- buttons has restored the simplicity of earlier versions. Thanks for listening. 4/5
Positive review Great. par anonym
Does exactly what it should, how it should do it. The notification interface is perfect. 5/5
Avis sur Push Ups
Positive review Good app but needs some adjustments par anonym
Good app, I like the layout of the program and the user interface. I'm only giving it 4 stars instead of 5 because I did not get the results that I was working towards. My goal was 100 push ups. I was able to do 49 before I started the program and after about 3 weeks worth of sessions the program had me doing about 250 push ups spread out over multiple sets and it said I should now be able to do 100 consecutive push ups. After taking a day of rest, I attempted my goal of 100 and was only able to do 58. 4/5
Avis sur OpenSignal
Negative review The data it shows is nonsense par anonym
I like the idea but the information is very unreliable. The arrow points in a different direction to where the map shows I am connected, the power dial shows high data connectivity even when the phone is on the edge of 1 bar of reception and calls are not possible. Even standing underneath the tower I was supposedly connected to (I couldn't see the tower) I only had 2 bars of reception. I fear that this unreliable information creates an unreliable coverage map. 1/5