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Apex Launcher
Created by Android Does
Apex Launcher

Android version
4.0.3 and up
Team note
9 / 10
Users note
9 / 10
about 10000000
1 Mo
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Team review

" The customized homescreen experience ! "

The application has not yet detailed description, however the team assigned the note of 9 / 10. This note is based on the following criteria: Quality, Usefulness, Ease of Use, Privacy Concerns of user data (depending on the permissions required)..

The app is compatible from version 4.0.3 of Android. Any supperior OS version will support it.

Its weight is very light, less than a megabyte is sufficient to store and operate.

Its number of downloads in the Android Market (Google Play) makes it an indispensable application. More than five million people already use. Do not hesitate to get it back. Any device (smartphone or tablet) must possess.

User reviews

40 users have given their review on Apex Launcher.

Positive review Very good and easy to use! by anonym
This is the only one i like, even though i tried a lot of them just because i liked some their icon packs. I keep uninstalling the others immediately because they' re too complicated for my liking. This one is very simple to use. The only thing i wish that it had more free icon packs to chose from. 5/5
Negative review Low batter issue and the app will crash/freeze by anonym
When my phone is at 15%(battery saver is on) the apps in my folders will disappear and my first page (when I look at all my apps) will disappear. Please fix this and I will consider buying the full version. The launcher will freeze and I can't move the screen or open a app I really liked apex but I will Uninstall it and I will look for a new launcher 1/5
Negative review by anonym
Whatever you did was bad. When i wake up the phone the gui is frozen for about 30 seconds. Please fix. * are you going to fix the bugs or leave it buggy and unuseable? * i uninstalled this and went to Nova and all the problems are now gone. As Nova is really cheap atm i recommend to get it. And it was updated 3 days ago so still supported unlike this. 1/5
Positive review Too good to not replace stock launcher + Bug report by anonym
Amazingly customizable, light, and fast indeed! Love the app! Here's an animation Bug that I found out. When the home screen to app drawer animation is set to fly in/out, there's an incomplete animation when I press the home button from any app. Devs, please fix. With that, it's my fav. launcher! 4/5
Positive review Is there a way of locking icons and screens? by anonym
Just started with this launcher on my tablet as my old one quit on me. So far I am very impressed with how lightweight and fast this app is. However I cannot figure out if there is a way to lock screens so that changes cannot be accidentally made. Can this be done with this launcher? 4/5
Positive review Best launcher hands down. by anonym
I always come back to apex no matter how many launchers I try. Apex is very stable, customizable to the core and yet very simple and easy to use. I'm a graphic designer so the graphics matter a lot to me, apex looks clean, icons are by default neatly sized and spaced and the ability to use custom app icons is just great! 5/5
Positive review Edited... by anonym
Edit/used to be the best, now nova is. Looks live the developer has stopped support for apex........Still a lil sensitive about that bug that crashed my phone out last year lol but dev was very quick to update. swipe down gesture in dock on pro sucks (not responsive enuff) but the rest is great 4/5
Positive review Great launcher better than stock launcher by anonym
This launcher fixed my alcatel pop 7s tablet it was constantly crashing apps the wallpaper wouldnt set properly the battery was draining to quick and half of the systems operations wouldnt work. Just by installing this app it fixed 99% of the problems its like i have a new tablet. Well done this app is fantastic keep up the good work 5/5
Positive review Near perfect by anonym
Change single app names/icons (very unique), hide apps from the drawer, transition effects ..everything i want in a launcher. Could use a little more customization even though it has more than the competition. For instance color accents on things like the indicators for the tabs in the drawer. 4/5
Im running Android 5.0.1 & have had absolutely no problems this launcher is awesomely customizable change the size & number of icons on your home screens, app drawer, home dock, set multiple home docks & home screens set home screen to rotate between portrait & landscape set any app, menu, shortcut, widget to open with gestures swipe up, swipe down, dubble tap home screen, long press home screen, Menu key long press, Pinch in home screen, home key press, customize folder & menu text colors & size & much mo 5/5
Positive review Best launcher to date (even better than Nova) by anonym
The free version has alot more stuff for u 2 explore but whereas, in nova they prompt u to buy paid after every click. Definitely my daily driver 4 now after using Google Now(which is also good! 5/5
Negative review Feature wise - perfect. Completely ruined by lack of widget backup. by anonym
Honestly, this app allows me to make my phone perfect. However, once in every little while, all of my widgets disappear, especially if I restart my phone. This wouldn't be such a problem if I could restore them using the backup feature, but widgets have to be restored by hand - more than an hour's work for me, only for them to be wiped again within a matter of days. I hope this glitch is fixed or that the restore feature is expanded 1/5
Positive review Great! by anonym
Hello Android Does. Your launcher is simply amazing and I find it very simple and easy to use. However I have a small complaint. When I slide in the app drawer, there seems to be a bit of lag when transitioning from the last page to the first page of apps. Overall great app! Keep up the work and please try to fix the issue. :) Thanks! 4/5
Positive review Fast set up and easy to use by anonym
This launcher is the best launcher I have used so far. The transition is smooth, the UI looks simple which is nice. The thing this launcher lacks is allow user to select and move multiple apps, hope to see this feature in the future updates. Keep up the good work! 4/5
Positive review nice, and slick by anonym
amongst the hundreds of gimmicky launchers and minimalist ones, there are a few *really* good launchers out there; this is one of them. It works very well and has an excellent degree of control without resorting to pointless functions. Extremely customisable. Much better on the S7 edge than TouchWiz. Sadly, seems to be following LauncherPro into abandonware territory - not updated for over a year - think twice before buying :( 5/5
Positive review Favorite by anonym
I don't know or understand why some people rate this launcher so poorly. I've tried most others on the market and Apex surpasses all of them easily. If you have issues with the application, e-mail the development team instead of low balling them in Google play. Favorite/best replacement launcher in my opinion. 5/5
Positive review Excellent! Outstanding! Spectacular! by anonym
I tried a number of launchers but none proved to be the perfect and up to my expectations but Apex. I highly recommend it. It's sad that I had suggested some ideas through email but they are not replying me! I wrote three emails but to no avail ! Android Does, are you listening? 5/5
Positive review Nexus 6 Slight Issue by anonym
I love this launcher! By far my favorite. I do have one problem though. I have a custom gesture set for a swipe down on the home screen to pull down notifications, and when I do it, the notification shade takes a full 3 seconds to drop down. It's almost like it is in slow motion. I love this launcher though, it's phenomenal other than that one issue. I'm running Android 6.0 build mra58r, flashed clean yesterday. 4/5
Positive review Best Launcher Available by anonym
Fast, smooth, and full featured. This launcher simply works. I'm very picky with launchers and I've tried everything I could find. I've had gripes about every launcher except this one. Everything is very smooth and stable. EDIT: The app drawer doesn't work properly when battery saver mode is enabled. 4/5
Negative review Constantly crashed phone by anonym
New phone, installed Apex which was great and had good features. Spent some time customising my home screen. Then my phone started rebooting constantly every 15-30 mins. Factory reset and started again with same result.i was about to return phone but did one last factory reset and this time didn't install Apex, no issue, phone didn't reboot once. After 7 stable days I thought I'd give Apex another go, 30 mins later phone was rebooting again. Uninstall and phone back stable. I had purchased pro version too. 1/5
Positive review best customizable launcher and now stable by anonym
I'd been staying away from apex for awhile, building my own custom ROM's apex kept crashing. I tried ZEN. IT was worse.. So I was stuck with "launcher 3" Happily I am back to APEX.. and I just realized without APEX I don't like my phone.. With apex I'm in love again.. with my phone that is. I"m current, and crash I never deugged it, but hope its gone.. Please get this launcher and if you like it. cough of a few bucks to encourage excellence 5/5
Neutral review Simply the best - NO LONGER by anonym
Has not been updated since June 2015 - here's what's no longer working: access to sub-settings in settings menu like Manage Screens under Home Screen settings / icons no longer show up in folders / extremely sluggish at wake up. Looking for a replacement launcher. Original review: Tried many of the others (GO, ADW, Nova), but Apex is the fastest & smoothest running. It is also the only one specifically made for ICS. Gladly bought Pro to support Android Does. This is a great first offering. 3/5
Positive review I love it! but... by anonym
I got rid of the things that auto appear once you activate the app and then i locked the screen to see what it does and now i can't unlock it or place apps down to try and fix it like the Apex actions because you have to long press to place down PLEASE HELP i dont want to have to delete and redo all my settings 5/5
Positive review Really Good better than Nova Launcher by anonym
Pair this up with moonshine theme icon pack and you've got a solid launcher. I like the Google Now Launcher but the icon are soooo ugly. It has really great features too. One of my favorites is increasing icon size which is not free on Nova. This is really important to me because of the massive screen real estate on the nexus 6p. The only thing that I would like to see is integration with Google Now on the side. 5/5
Positive review Running really well!!! by anonym
Tried out quite a few launchers and finally settled on this one. Feel that the free version gives the most customization options compared to all the other launchers in the play store. It also does not install any bloatware and runs really fast and smooth to boot. The only gripe I have against it is that, it does not allow me to sort the apps I have installed in my own order. 5/5
Positive review My phone looks awesome by anonym
All you need to have is to explore this app! It has got many interesting features. I love the way it works. Best among the lot! The UI developer must be a genius. The only thing I've noticed is that the app drawer sort of disappears when switching to Battery Saver mode in Moto G III Gen 5/5
Positive review Apex team never hear me. Below are the points to make it perfect by anonym
1. When i tap and hold in the empty space in Dock, there should be option to add apps. 2. Want 'Enable quick actions' for all the apps. Currently it's only available for Homescreen apps. 3. 'Lock desktop' should only lock thhe home screen but it's locking the app drawer (Place where all apps are displayed). 4. Some apps are not appearing when i try to add in folder. Example, Link2SD, Titanium backup etc. 5. Folders are empty after phone reboot. 4/5
Positive review Great App but.... by anonym
This is definitely the best launcher out there that you can get, but I updated to Android Lollipop 5.1.1 today and the folder icons are not showing up and the drawer screen is stuffed up too! Please fix this in a new update because this makes Apex Launcher just about impossible to use now. 5/5
Positive review Best there is! by anonym
I love this's great on all my devices. I've tried others over the years but always come back. Can't beat all the features. I love the ability to customize so many things, especially the scrollable dock and adding folders to my app drawer. Makes it so much easier to find and keep track of my many apps. (Note: adding folders in drawer is a feature of Apex Pro but all the extras are easily worth the small price imo.) 5/5
Negative review Moved to Nova by anonym
I've been using it as my default launcher for 3 years now. In my opinion it offers the best balance between features, stability and performance. The only complaint I have about it, and it's pretty important, is that updates are very rare, which cause annoying bugs to persist for too long. It's not yet fully compatible with Marshmallow, and it shows. 1/5
Positive review Very good Launcher replacement by anonym
Issue: home screen gets stuck in landscape when set to autorotate on Android 6.0/Nexus 6P. UPDATE 11/24/15: STILL my launcher after years of trying different ones :) Ideal if you are looking for something reliable and feature rich, yet you don't want a part time job setting it up and playing with infinite settings and the such. Apex strikes a balance between offering a lot of extra goodies while being unobtrusive - which is the most important feature of a launcher, really: enabling you to do other stuff. 5/5
Positive review Really neat and classy by anonym
I'm using an old Galaxy phone but now it looks just as cool as the new ones. This is the most customisable app ever .I just started from scratch and got the best looking phone ever. Everything, the dock, backgrounds, transitions all seems to be customisable. But there are somethings you can fix: Notifications are not appearing over app icons like they used to be. Why can't I custom arrange my apps at drawer? Control colours and transparency for dock . 4/5
Positive review by anonym
5 Stars! Nothing else can even Compare. Easy to use, Simple, takes 23-35 MB of RAM, Runs only 1 process, No Ads, not that I have seen. Highly Customizable. This is the BEST launcher you can have if you are on KitKat or Lollipop. - Folder Bug - Go in Developer Options, Change Animation Scales to 1.0x - This will fix the Folder bug where it comes up blank and Icons seem like they are missing. Animation Scale should not be below 1.0x as they cause problems in many ROMS. 5/5
Neutral review Great launched. Except... by anonym
I really like and appreciate this launcher. It's stable, small and fast, very customizable & flexible. The except? After all the time spent setting up a desktop how I like it, saving a backup of apex settings & desktop settings to the sd card, when I get a new phone and install apex launcher it cannot find a backup on the sd card. What's the point of a backup if it cannot be used to speed up setup of a new phone? This one flaw is a 2 star near fail in my mind and makes this app mediocre at best. 3/5
Neutral review Good launcher, with one exception. by anonym
Apex is way more fun with my android TV box than the stock launcher. Navigation is easy and customizability is pretty stellar. For some reason this sign is appearing at the top with an X and the word "remove," which doesn't actually do anything when I click it and also won't go away. Kinda messing with my flow there, dude... o.O 3/5
Neutral review Was great, but support has dwindled. by anonym
This app gets the job done and does an amazing job of customizing my phone. I absolutely love it. My one feature request would be to add the Lollipop overscroll effect for the home screen. App has barely been updated in the past year. No Marshmallow update or bug fixes (folders appear completely blank on Power Saving mode). 3/5
Neutral review Ok (yesterday i gave it a 4 start today i reduced it to a 3 star) by anonym
But not perfect. Needs improvement. The Apps do not show notifications on them. For example if i get a hello from someone it should show a 1 on the whatsapp msngr but it is not showing that. Developers please work on it. Otherwise the App is fine. If a new update comes relating to this. Ill come here again and give you a 5 star) 3/5
Positive review By far the easiest and the most versatile launcher by anonym
I suddenly got a white screen on my app`s icons on my Nova Launcher, and there seemed to be no cure for it. So I went through several launchers until I found this one. And I am glad I found it! The screen actually rotates! No ugly white bock anymore, The menus and options are easy to figure out, and they didn't load my system up with a bunch of garbage! It is a great little launcher, and it is refreshingly simple both to use and to control. 5/5
Positive review Almost great. Pls change desktop long press actions for 5 stars. by anonym
Desktop long press is a great feature. Probably would be used the most. But what is the reason for having so little uneccesary actions there. Why a simple action to launch all apps is not an option. Things for feature give an ability to precisely customize fonts and icon sizes to go bigger. Settings menu is what too old. Sometimes in landscape while swiping photos from right the swype up action is triggered. Some dead zone from the bottom for swype up needs to be introduced. Good luck! 4/5
Positive review Great but have some issue by anonym
Im using lollipop 5.0. For several months of use this launcher was working great, but now when I close apps i use and go back to home screen, this launcher seems like fail to start and shows only wallpaper screen. The next issue is that idk why sometime when i use this launcher, the phone wouldnt scan for mobile data signal although the option for it is on. I try to switch back to stock launcher and the signal is automatically scanned again, please fix this 4/5

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