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Created by Giorgio Regni

Android version
Team note
9 / 10
Users note
9 / 10
about 1000000
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Team review

" Your best companion for training. "

The application has not yet detailed description, however the team assigned the note of 9 / 10. This note is based on the following criteria: Quality, Usefulness, Ease of Use, Privacy Concerns of user data (depending on the permissions required)..

The app is compatible with most Android devices running on.

Its number of downloads in the Android Market (Google Play) makes it an extremely popular application and rightly so. More than a million users are using it on mobile or on touch pad.

User reviews

40 users have given their review on HIIT.

Positive review Simple and great by anonym
I would love more customizable options. Like a 30 sec beep for when I do 1 min intervals but need 30 secs to change hands or feet. 5/5
Negative review Stops after a few sets by anonym
I use this for running. It always seems to stop after 2 or 3 sets. Then I have to fumble with my phone to get to start again and it starts back at the warm-up. Very frustrating. 1/5
Negative review by anonym
I love the app - it's exactly what I was looking for. I do the Galloway run/walk/run method and I wanted something simple that would just give me a quick cue (loud enough to hear over music) when to "Go" and when to "Rest" and this is does exactly that. Now the problem and the reason I only gave it 2 starts - it stops about every 15 minutes or so - no warning, just stops and resets itself. I've made the reps 999, and that doesn't help. So I'll be on a run and around 10 or 15 or maybe sometimes 20 minutes in...I'll realize I've been running (or walking) for longer than I I have to stop, pause my run tracker, go into this app, start it up again, go back to my run tracker, turn that back on, and continue my run...for another 10 or 15 minutes and then I repeat. I've left 3 comments on their Facebook page, but no answer. It seems there is no support for this app at all. If it worked, I'd be happy to buy the full version...but not until it's fixed! 2/5
Negative review by anonym
Would randomly stop in the middle of my run and I'd be like... "Shouldn't I have a rest or work by now?" And if have to reset it. FWIW, this apparently only happens if you try to run it in the background, but I need to run it in the background because I like to listen to audiobooks (in the foreground) while I run. 2/5
Positive review Good, but buggy by anonym
I like this timer but sometimes during workouts it shuts down and I have to reset my intervals. Since I read during cardio, I can lose track of how many sets I've done. :( 4/5
Positive review Great app by anonym
Perfect app for intervals. Even gives you the ability to time warm up and cool down periods. Love that the screen doesn't time out while you're working out - that's always annoying. 5/5
Positive review Love this app by anonym
I used it on my phone and love it, so i installed it on my tab S2 9.7 and the screen size is wrong and I can't see the go button to start the work out. Fix this pls! 5/5
Neutral review Not amazing by anonym
Works decent, but if you open more than a couple other apps while it's running (music, texting, Internet ect) then it will shut off and you won't know 3/5
Negative review Doesn't work properly by anonym
By start or right in between my exercise it would automatically stop working. It's so frustrating! 1/5
Negative review WORST app by anonym
The app was fine until I purchased ad-free version. After the purchase I could no longer modify workouts. I received no assistance from the creator of the app. You would think they would have been excited about helping an actual customer???? 1/5
Positive review Nice and simple by anonym
Does exactly what you need for sprint training. One minor gripe: it would be nice if it would muffle other audio on queues. Can hardly hear it over spotify. Also, a queue with current iteration number would be nice. 4/5
Negative review by anonym
I understand the in-app ads in exchange for free. What I usually do is try the app then pay for it if I like it. This one, however is obnoxious. I really am not looking for a girlfriend in Korea. 2/5
Positive review No sound by anonym
Suddenly, I can't hear the buzzer or voice function so I have to workout and watch it so I know when to rest and work. Ugh. Update: I tried all the fixes but had to reinstall. Now, the sound is getting weaker and weaker. I listen to music as well so it's a pain having to be uber conscious of the buzzer. 4/5
Positive review Love it but.... by anonym
I love this app for my interval runs. I like that it vibrates and tells me when to rest and when to work and whistles. No way I'll miss a round. What I do NOT like is how it shuts off on me and I need to restart to get it going again. I'm not sure why this happens and I've uninstalled and reinstalled (it didn't always do this) but it always happens once per use. Very frustrating for sure. I will keep using it until I try some others that don't do this as its very disrupting during a run. 4/5
Positive review by anonym
Love this app. Had very little issues with it. Only on a few occasions where I have been half way through a workout and it's stopped but I think it was my battery saving app that closed it. My boyfriend always steals my phone because of this app he can't find a decent one on iPhone ? 5/5
Negative review Recent Sound Problem by anonym
I've been using this app on my Android phones for a few years with no complaints. Recently, the app started to have sound problems: when listening to music, the timer app becomes muted, impossible to hear. I've tried closing other apps, restarting the phone and playing with sound settings. I can't determine the source of the problem. I hope an update will fix it so I can change my rating back to five stars! 2/5
Positive review So helpful by anonym
I do a lot of HIIT Cardio & I always use this app. Doing 30secs on 30secs off is annoying to keep track of. Using this app helps me to still be able to semi zone out & listen to music etc while not missing my reps 5/5
Positive review Beat me to it by anonym
I was actually going to create an app like this but decided to see if one existed first. You should try to incorporate a way for it to work on a smart watch or fit bit. ?? 5/5
Neutral review Sound problems by anonym
2nd time I've had to reinstall, every time there's an update it loose sound no beeps nothing otherwise I would give 5 3/5
Neutral review Timer resets itself by anonym
I find this app generally useful, but I often find that when my screen turns off, or when I change apps and come back to the timer, it resets itself. I wish that it would be able to run in the background instead of needing me to keep it on during my workout 3/5
Positive review Love This App by anonym
I am a trainer & its great for my Lift Like a Girl class when we are doing times workouts & the whistle is loud enough for the class to hear over the music. The ads are a little annoying but cant beat the functions for a free app! Highly recommend this app! 5/5
Positive review Good app. Does what it says. by anonym
My initial rating was 3 stars because count down was inaccurate with screen off. I got good support feedback that it was being fixed and it has been. Overall very happy. Lots of count down and rest features and now all works with screen off. 5/5
Negative review Worthless by anonym
What's the point of an interval tracker if its gonna crap out and stop working in the third round? If you can't put out an app that actually works, don't waste our time. Thanks for ruining my run! 1/5
Positive review Best app by anonym
The other 3 HIIT timers I tried had a bunch of useless options and tiny controls, making them annoying to workout with. This has all you need and nothing else. 5/5
Negative review by anonym
It's nice that you can create your own workout, but it would be better if you could add multiple time-different intervals. Also, it seems to close on its own right around my last intervals so I have to reset it, which gets annoying. 2/5
Positive review Hiit-ing it at the gym by anonym
Brilliant lil app.. works alongside my music and doesn't over ride the songs.. gives me a 3 second count down before moving to rest/Sprint.. will be using a lot. 5 stars. Thank you x 5/5
Neutral review Memory leak issue needs to be fixed by anonym
I would rate this app 5 stars if they fixed the memory leak issue that causes the program to stop mid workout. I saw responses from the Dev saying it is because the phone runs out of memory, but if the app wasn't consuming so much it wouldn't be an issue. I monitored memory consumption and found the app spikes after 6 intervals. Please fix because this can be the perfect app for interval training! 3/5
Neutral review 3 second countdown timer no longer works. by anonym
Love this app. Paid for the ad free version. Never had any problems until I got a new phone. I originally had the galaxy s5, now I have the galaxy s7. The 3 second countdown timer does not work anymore. I check the options and it says it's "on" but does not sound. How can I get this function to work again? I'm a personal trainer and I use this app daily. I need that 3 second timer back. Thank you. 3/5
Positive review Simple and works. by anonym
Very simple, clean app thats been huge in my physical therapy as I'm gradually working to running again. I'm not trying to figure out when i need to start walking or running, the countdown gives me motivation, and i don't lose track of how many sets of walking/running I've done. Pause button is easily available if i need to take a second to stretch out. I haven't yet had any issues with bugs or the program closing mid workout, which I'm thankful for. 5/5
Negative review Sound volume by anonym
I actually love this app, and paid for it. However, I listen to Google music when I run and the volume of HIIT Timer is so low I can't hear it under the music. Please fix this and I will give you 5 stars! Also, it som we times resets itself in the middle of my run, and I find myself waiting and waiting for my rest interval. 1/5
Positive review Lost access to my saved presets by anonym
It was working great and then I can't access the saved plans anymore and can't save a new one. Nothing happens at all when I tap the notepad icon. Tried updating and unsinstalling/reinstalling. 1/3/16 it started working the same day without any more problems. I restarted the phone again and it was fine. Thanks! 4/5
Neutral review by anonym
Agree with Eddie and his review. I've used it about 10 times, and I'd say half of those times, the app stops, when I put the screen to home, and eventually it goes to black. Can that be fixed, or does the app always have to be showing on the screen. 40-45 minutes is a long time to have the screen awake. Other than that, its really good, and I like the customization. The warnings could use more options. 3/5
Neutral review Good, not great by anonym
Sounds cues per interval work well and the storage is smart. But the command keys only show as a black tile. Also, other interval timers have the ability to change interval length per set of intervals instead of a fixed duration for all intervals. Also, switching apps causes it to stop running the timer. 3/5
Neutral review If only.... by anonym
It seems to stop the intervals after only 6 or 7. I can't be certain Which interval as I'm in the middle of the session (says completed 64 min) when in fact I've only been working out for 36 min. Is there a way to fix this? And could there be a different whistle sound when you are completed you session? 3/5
Positive review Bought the ad free but... by anonym
Love the app, works well. So well that I decided to support the developer, and myself, by buying the ad free add on. I hate having the second app on my app drawer. Is there a way I could get a code to redeem from in app so I wouldn't need the 2nd ad free app? That's the only thing from making this a 5 star review. Thanks. 4/5
Positive review It's good by anonym
The Good: basic, reliable, gets the jog done. Not so Good: During training, I swear it missed intervals sometimes. I just finished a half marathon and confirmed that once I never heard the interval start and on another it never ended. But that's just two errors in less than 2 hours and if you run a lot, it's easy to compensate. This is not a bad app. 4/5
Negative review by anonym
Not useful anymore. I simply want to do 3 sets of 30sec without a rest in between followed by a 45 sec rest. It used to be possible but now I don't seem to find the option. I think this is a basic kind of flexibility that an app like that should have. If there is such an option - why would you make it so difficult to find. Either way I will have to find a new app. 1/5
Positive review Display exercise names by anonym
I wish there was an option that can add the list of exercise to perform(say we can save n load preset) and it should display that exercise during that particular round. Ex: planks, plank hip drops, hovers, mountain climber, planks are my 5 exercise I need to perform. It should show timer along with "planks" in round 1/5, "plank hip drops" round 2/5.. It will be helpful for beginners. 4/5
Positive review Overall Great by anonym
I have used it almost daily for several years and it is a great app. The only thing i wish would be resolved is it shutting off when i have an alternate screen pulled up during a routine; it just turns off about half way through the workout. I get around it by keeping the interval timer up when i workout but sometimes it is nice to quickly reference a move. That's the only item i wish would be resolved, otherwise it is great. 4/5
Neutral review Great app, some flaws by anonym
I use this app almost daily for my HIIT cardio. The design is great and user friendly with minimal time to set up and get working out. However, about every other day, halfway through my workout, the app will reset itself and stop timing me. I'll be in the middle of a high intensity sprint and wait for the timer to tell me to rest and just wait and wait and wait. I would give this app 5 stars if that could be fixed. 3/5

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