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Created by Waze

Android version
Team note
6 / 10
Users note
9 / 10
about 100000000
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Team review

" Save time on traffic. "

The application has not yet detailed description, however the team assigned the note of 6 / 10. This note is based on the following criteria: Quality, Usefulness, Ease of Use, Privacy Concerns of user data (depending on the permissions required)..

The app is compatible with most Android devices running on.

Its number of downloads in the Android Market (Google Play) makes it an indispensable application. More than five million people already use. Do not hesitate to get it back. Any device (smartphone or tablet) must possess.

User reviews

40 users have given their review on Waze.

Positive review Real Time Updates by anonym
WAZE uses our cell phone "Location" to calculate traffic flow and make real time corrections to my route! Think about that! When someone told me about WAZE 2 years ago there were about 7500 rush hour users, now, by word of mouth only, at rush hour there are over 32,000 data points (users) for WAZE to calculate, sometimes strange, but always the fastest route! The only knock is that they added "Add a Photo" as I near my location which blocks the top 1/3 of the screen. I don't need a photo once I get there! 5/5
Negative review Is Waze paid by toll roads? by anonym
Waze finally learned the difference between East and West. Unfortunately, there is NO WAY to tell the app I refuse to take toll lanes. I will not pay $12.50 to save 6 minutes!!! Higher rating when A) Waze pays the toll, or B) I have the option of NEVER taking a G.D. TOLL ROAD! Lots of love. Although side streets often get you around gridlock, one Waze short cut turned 10 minutes on the freeway into an hour on side streets. 2/5
Neutral review End destination is the only issue by anonym
Gladly dumped google for this app. Just wish there were less notifications ... I don't need an icon to pop up every 10 secs to tell me there is rain ahead. ..... 3/5
Positive review Lost without it by anonym
I'm horrible with directions and at taking direction, I use waze all the time!! It seems more personal then other GPS systems, makes it more comfortable to use. 5/5
Neutral review by anonym
It's fun when I am driving locally but the only thing i don't like is that it tells you to turn right/left in xx miles instead of the actual street names etc. That's really not helpful when you're not familiar with an area. I love how it's almost a game and the boy band setting I use is so funny so it keeps my spirits up on the road haha.. But.. For travel to another city etc I use Google maps. Its way more detailed. 3/5
Positive review by anonym
After notifying me of debris in the road I didn't believe it but in a short distance there was an object in the road. I was able to spot it and dodge it thanks to this app and its users. 5/5
Negative review It's a good concept by anonym
Great ideas, but the GPS is super buggy. Plus advertising while driving is a terrible idea!! Add posted speed limit of the road currently on. The GPS constantly says "no GPS found" when in LTE and / or 3G. Not working is making this app extremely useless and worthless!!! Used to be a great GPS. app. Now it's terrible!!!! 1/5
Neutral review It was great, but now... by anonym
Waze was my favorite navigation app, but nowadays it becomes unreliable when i am around Jakarta. It said "GPS signal lost", then I switched to Google Maps and there was no problem about GPS stuff. Please fix it, because i'll prefer waze than google maps for real time info about traffic. 3/5
Neutral review Takes over media control by anonym
When I have waze open, it takes over the play/pause for some reason. Meaning if I have waze open with music playing, I can't hit the play/pause button on my Bluetooth device. Other than that, I do like the app and use it everyday, but I wish this aspect would be fixed. 3/5
Neutral review I Used to Love Waze by anonym
Waze was great, but now I find it giving all kinds of crazy directions. One time you wanted to send me through this whole neighborhood, when I knew i could go straight down the road. I decided to continue on the road I was on, ignoring Waze & I shave 5 minutes off the Waze route. And this happens quite often. I'm not sure why things have changed so much, but its quite frustrating. I hope this can be fixed. I have recommended Waze to more people than I can count, but now I'm turning to Google. Please help. 3/5
Positive review Waze is awesome! by anonym
Of course I'd fix a few things here and there but overall, it's close to perfect. Update: Nearing Perfection! 5/5
Positive review Accuracy by anonym
waze is good estimating and calculating distance perfect but the route sometimes had mistaken the way maybe because the traffic did 5/5
Neutral review by anonym
How come iPhone application design so different from Android one? Forwarding your route to a friend is far nicer when he has not the app and so tracks your progression on the website. Doing that with the app is so inaccurate that it kills the fun. How come it is so different? 3/5
Neutral review Great idea, but lots of inaccuracies, contact issues. by anonym
The only problem I have with this app is that it takes me to places it thinks I'm trying to go simply by street name, but similar street names can be miles from the intended destination. Other than this, it takes indirect routes that may also be restricted or otherwise blocked or inaccessible. It's cool because of traffic and reports. I don't like that they entice with cool voice personalities then get rid of them... *new bug*- now creates a ton of duplicate contacts. Bad. 3/5
Positive review Good app BUT.... by anonym
You seriously need to stop asking me EVERY SINGLE TIME to switch my location setting to "high accuracy" mode. I'm just fine with saving battery and using GPS only. It's EXTREMELY annoying. If I say "No" once, then don't ask me again!! 4/5
Positive review by anonym
Waze works! The traffic aware routing is excellent, and the crowd sourced real-time information has saved me much time and frustration. We use the Eta feature all the time and find it an invaluable part of our commute. 5/5
Negative review Improvements needed.. You only care about adverts! by anonym
Why there is no option to see the whole route on the map in one click to determinate where I am heading? this is a minimum basic! No option to change messages sound. After sending report failed there's no option to resend it without losing all input data. New changes only affects Advertising display, project seems to died! 1/5
Positive review Getting better over time by anonym
Probably better than most in-car navigation systems. I have had it not get a reading from a satellite at the most inopportune times though. Can't beat free. The more people use it the better it gets. Also better than Escort live app for detection. 4/5
Positive review My most used app! by anonym
I use this app every time I get into my truck, first thing in the morning, and all day driving. It adds an extra layer of security while driving, that is, to be more informed. Extremely useful. Thx. 5/5
Negative review What the...? by anonym
Somehow, this application thinks it's smart to get off major roads to clog side streets. Adds 20 minutes to every hour. 1/5
Positive review Great social sharing app by anonym
This app connects other drivers together in a safe way! Warn each other about everything from potholes and construction lane closures, to accidents and police...and clear warnings as soon as they are no longer needed. The app tells you out loud to watch out ahead 5/5
Positive review by anonym
Suggested: Fix bright popups at night. Sharing requiring a phone number is meh, liked being able to give eta w/o adding social contacts. Otherwise killer idea and app. 4/5
Positive review Fastest is not the fastest by anonym
It's accurate most of the time but not lately. Weird. .. The fastest route become the slowest, the detection can be quite slow. I heard this is because of merging/buy over. Anyone know? 4/5
Positive review by anonym
Minor issue: I have a new phone & I'm back to being a baby wazer & I lost a lot of points ?. Otherwise, I love the choices of routes, notifications of police, construction & accidents! Also, the directions are excellent!! Nothing like other GPS maps. I got 2 friends to join & they love it !! 5/5
Negative review Will Not Work w/just WiFi by anonym
Must have cellular data, will not work with wifi...shame wanted to check traffic before I left work/home... 2/5
Negative review I don't understand... by anonym
Are these fake reviews? This is the single worst purchase I have ever made in my entire life. This product flat out does not work. Almost always "connecting", even when the item in question (bag, keys, etc.) is close by. Of course, if the connection is almost never made, the phone can't be located by the Trackr device if it is the phone that is misplaced. Yes, the connection is successfully made sometimes, but I'd estimate no more than 5-10% of the time: making Trakr much more trouble than it's worth. 1/5
Positive review Best Navigation App by anonym
Use Waze daily. Predicted journeying time is amazingly accurate. Google & Apple cannot compare. Only criticism reducing rating to 4* is that the address lookup feature is not as good as Google. Otherwise great.. 4/5
Neutral review Forgets drive sharing during the trip by anonym
This app only irritates me. My wife shares her 2 hour drive with me, I go check it, them go do something else and it apparently forgot that my wife shared her drive with me. Honestly, this is pretty useless unless I want to stare at my phone for hours at a time just for this one app. That's not how I use my phone. 3/5
Positive review Massachusetts to North Carolina to Florida by anonym
It was very helpful and easy to use. It helped me to find my way to brothers in North Carolina from Massachusetts then from north Carolina to Florida. It would be better if the car drove with the directions like cruise control. Lol wouldn't that be awesome. I'm sure that it will be something coming in our future. So for all you waves out there stay tuned because these are the days of our lives. . 5/5
Positive review Great app by anonym
Nearly perfect.. I just have a recommendation or something to look into. When I use Google now to change track when I have music on, the search bar lingers on.. Anyway to hide that or is that a system issue?? Other than that, it is a brilliant app 4/5
Positive review Great app, except... by anonym
I like this navigation app better than using Google. The only issue I have is that it duplicated all of my contacts, and if I deleted a contact from google, It still showed up in my list as a Waze contact, sometimes 3 or 4 times. The only solution I found was to delete it from my account settings on my phone. Doing this does not effect the usability of the app, fortunately. 4/5
Positive review New beginning by anonym
It's been four months since I unnistalled it for multiple issues. Now, I'm back in business! 5/5
Positive review We'd Be Lost Without It! by anonym
I love Waze! We moved to a new area six months ago, and Waze has made the difference between finding our way around or being lost all the time! Thanks, Waze, for getting us to appointments on time and helping us find good alternate routes in our new neighborhood! 5/5
Positive review My favourite navigation app! by anonym
Been using it for over a year and have only known it get confused a couple of times but this maybe due to my phone losing GPS signal so can't blame Waze directly. Other than that, it's great at predicting traffic hotspots and rerouting. Would recommend it! 4/5
Positive review Waze Works! by anonym
I use Waze everyday! I rarely have difficulty with it. Sometimes it takes me off route, but very rarely, and gets me back on quickly. I recommend this to anyone willing to pay 400 bucks for a navigation system... Waze is the same thing only its free with regular updates. Give it a try! What do you have to lose? 5/5
Negative review Suggestion by anonym
I was not able to use Waze ever since I updated my Google OS last week. I'm using HTC M7 and it always showed locating GPS. Please help to fix it. 1/5
Positive review Multiple tags by anonym
The app sometimes don't give you the opportunity to tag more than one incident at a time. And also when the item that was tagged is no longer there alot of the time it does not remove the tagged item. And the map at times don't show permanent landmarks. 4/5
Positive review Top 10 best apps ever! by anonym
I was driving North on 99 near Tulare. All of a sudden Waze said in half a mile exit right. Since I knew my exit was at least 100 miles away, I figured it knew something that I didn't so I got off. As I looked at the freeway from the roadway along side, I saw a huge amount of traffic and around a mile or two up a truck on its side. Thanks Waze! 5/5
Negative review Bugs by anonym
Hasn't been working properly lately. The directions the GPS gives always seem to be very out of the way, and indirect. Prefer to use Google maps, if I need to use navigation function. 2/5
Negative review Crash after last update by anonym
Not even started after last update on Gionee M3 (Allview P6 energy) with android 5.0 Lollipop. App it's uninstalled until new version will be available. Good look with up dates! 1/5

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