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Avast Mobile Security
Created by AVAST Software
Avast Mobile Security

Android version
Team note
10 / 10
Users note
9 / 10
about 100000000
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Team review

" Scans and secures against infected files ! "

The application has not yet detailed description, however the team assigned the note of 10 / 10. This note is based on the following criteria: Quality, Usefulness, Ease of Use, Privacy Concerns of user data (depending on the permissions required)..

The app is compatible with most Android devices running on.

Its number of downloads in the Android Market (Google Play) makes it an indispensable application. More than five million people already use. Do not hesitate to get it back. Any device (smartphone or tablet) must possess.

User reviews

40 users have given their review on Avast Mobile Security.

Positive review Top Security by anonym
Best Security ever, I been using AVAST since my first smartphone 7yrs I love the tool Cache Cleaner works good. Call Blocking use to block Text msgs. also but it no longer supports android ph version bigger than 2.3 cuz I had a 3.0 version then & a higher version now, 2.3 is the smallest version & only 2G or 3G speed capability. Needless to say nobody have those kind of phones cuz they are Outdated. Please bring back Call & Txt blocking & Ill rate U a 10* 5/5
Positive review Loving it! by anonym
Keeps getting better. Love the lay out. Keep up the good work! UPDATE: With added Web portal support,this is the best free anti virus in the Play Store! :-) Update: Still happy 5/5
Neutral review It seems to work by anonym
I say it seems to work because it has never detected any malware but keeps asking me to install more apps to slow my tablet down. I don't want a battery saver, one came preinstalled and it works quite well. 3 stars for doing what it is advertised as doing, I'm not on the 5 stars for basic functionality bandwagon, never will be. 3/5
Positive review Excellent by anonym
Such complete mobile software, does not impact speed/slow down at all, a must have to everyone. 5/5
Positive review Great, but... by anonym
I have the paid PC version on my laptop, as well as the Android version on my phone and my notebook. The subscription cost is a bit steep, considering that of other mobile apps, but I rest easier. UPDATE April 20, 2016: the latest version is no longer crashing on my tablet, but I still despise the juvenile jumping icons during a scan. 4/5
Neutral review Good App but... by anonym
Please add an option that allows us to turn off the wifi checker. It always complains about the wifi at home even when i have run scams before. A list of all the saved networks with a permanently trust toggle would be good. 3/5
Positive review It's better by anonym
New user interface is good but ads become annoying 4/5
Positive review Brilliant Service by anonym
Avast is an absolutely brilliant service and has been very helpful over the years, easiest 5 stars I've ever given! 5/5
Positive review Awesome antivirus by anonym
It was suggested by one of my student in Park Street, Kolkata. I thought that it was a pathetic app but now when m using this it founds its a very good virus detector 5/5
Positive review Secure mobile life by anonym
It's important part of data & app to secure any wrong mischief . 5/5
Neutral review The Best Security Solution for Android by anonym
I have used the Avast Internet Security for my computer, for many years. Now for my tablet too, I found that Avast provides superb protection. The Anti theft module is also one of the best in its class. Wish my tablet was rooted, so I could use some more secure features ... 3/5
Negative review Annoying, false warnings by anonym
Like the app for the most part for the piece of mind it provides. However, it randomly decides that my home network may be dangerous and gives me a notification. So I scan the wifi from the app and it says im good. But yet the notification wont go away. Annoying... 2/5
Negative review An excellent security but causes problems by anonym
A well laid out and esy to use system that is secure. Problem started to show since this and battery saver up date, when on 4G every time I pick up device wifi tries to connect for no reason even when wifi is turned off really annoying and wastes battery. 1/5
Positive review The Gold standard and the most trusted by anonym
Tried others but I keep coming back to Avast. Still the best free mobile security app. 5/5
Positive review Peace of Mind by anonym
Gives me some peace of mind knowing that this free app is protecting the contents of my phone from those nasty threats when surfing the Net plus it has features which might come-in handy in the future. 4/5
Positive review Feel more secure! by anonym
Excellent app that I use to complement another free security app--360 Security--for better protection & peace of mind. Recommend highly. Many thanks for offering this outstanding resource to the public for free! You are providing a truly needed & meaningful service to the android user community. 5/5
Positive review by anonym
Just amazing!!! It was a great experience and from the first time great work and fast, thanks to this wonderful guys. Just gorgeous application, and enjoying, I was losing my time and nervs to all those useless and scamming application which never really find a problem and fix it so fast and easy!! Thanks for this great application ?????????? 5/5
Positive review I love it! by anonym
It is great app and has the best user interface compared to other security apps. Avast has great free features that the other vendors have as premium features, it's cool. But i think you should integrate anti theft to your mobile security instead of using separate anti theft app. You can also redesign permanent notification bar and give it some new and revolutionary features that nobody has never seen, like guick scan full scan or database upadate and etc. 5/5
Positive review EASY & DOES EVERYTHING IT SAYS by anonym
I was having some glitchy issues with my Samsung Galaxy S4 after doing a hard reset about 4 months earlier. I had forgotten to reinstall Avast Antivirus after the reset. Also, I had forgotten to reinstall Avast Cleanup and Boost and was getting pinched on available storage. I reinstalled both of these Avast apps and all of the problems went away. So easy to setup and use. Awesome products. ? 5/5
Positive review Quick and Ergonomic by anonym
Scans your phone efficiently, looks appealing and if user friendly. Options to scan apps or other files are great too. I love this antivirus! 5/5
Positive review The best Antivirus app on Android!!! by anonym
#1- it's sooo easy to use. #2- I love how it displays each individual thing it scans. And it has the option to scan internal storage for viruses which is awesome!!! It works awesome and warns me of dangerous websites, files, and malware. By far the best there is 5/5
Positive review SIMPLE SAFE SECURE by anonym
NO nonsense annoying app follow all movements assure confidence you are safe.Feel quiet comfortable 5/5
Positive review Makes me feel safe, no battery comsumption by anonym
It works well as an antivirus program. I havent received any threats found yet so thats a good thing and its a nice and quick scan on the apps. I checked in the application settings how mucb battery % its consuming and its close to 0% if not then 1%. I was worried it might take up more battery consumption since it runs 24/7 in the back but it doesnt. It shows a permanent antivirus mark in your notifications. 5/5
Negative review When did ads show up... by anonym
Uninstalled a while ago cause it was annoying, thought I'd try again maybe it got better... nope just as annoying but with ads. Avast is gone forever, off my PC too. 1/5
Neutral review Great app by anonym
Arggggg without the firewall this is useless, please bring the firewall back. Overally it's a great app but since fire wall has been removed a feature that was so great to me I feel I must rate Avast 3 and will change to 5 when firewall is back 3/5
Neutral review by anonym
The app locker needs improvement. March has come and gone, but still no firewall. The app locker does not block apps opened in pop out view or split screen view. An older version (with firewall) blocked split screen view and had a time lock feature. Please bring the time lock feature back and improve security. AMS needs administration privileges to prevent uninstall. 3/5
Negative review annoying notifications by anonym
It cannot resolve the blocking page that aska a catchpa and says that there is a malware which is found on your device . Please help me . Each time it shows, I have restart my whole session. Please resolve that problem. Otherwise, I give it a 2 star. Please! 2/5
Positive review Error after update by anonym
There was an error that I could not understand after an update. Was eventually able to find the support link (that was not so intuitive). It took a while for the issue to get resolved. Anyhow, Avast works great. You cannot beat free support. If there was anythng I could think to improve, it would be better support pages for self help, and easier to find the support link for when the pages are not sufficient. 5/5
Positive review One more thing. by anonym
Please fix the AppLock toggle button so we dont have to disable any app that controls our backlight intensity. It's pretty inconvenient. Anyways all other features are working great. (And so is your customer care, it's really really great.) 5/5
Neutral review Usual by anonym
Many apps I did use,but without better feeling, I just will strat this use,then I will give my real star ranks 3/5
Positive review App locking by anonym
I have a problem with this feature. If I set setting, avast and gallery to lock ? by avast app... When I choose to open gallery and enter my password I notices that avast and setting also open; which I don't like. This is how I want this app locking features in avast to operate... When I lock settings, avast and gallery with the avast app... If I should enter a password to open gallery, settings and avast should remain close until I choose enter these app with password.. 4/5
Positive review Brilliant app by anonym
You need to get this app it helps your mobile run smoothly it's brilliant don't know what I've done without it for so long ..... keep up the good work avast:-) 5/5
Positive review Outstanding by anonym
Did my first scan. Had 2 problems, fixed them, scanned again. No problems. I am protected. 5/5
Positive review Great protection! by anonym
I have Avast on 2 smart phones and neither has ever gotten a virus. I referred it to a few friends & all but one got it & wouldn't you know his phone got a virus & was completely wiped of everything LOL. He used one of those apps that send all the notifications to your phone asking or saying "your phone is running slow, may be infected by a virus". I now have a new LG G4 & all of the options in Avast seem compatible, with the G3 it wasn't. I'll still use it if it isn't on the G4. 5/5
Positive review Lg power by anonym
Wow..ive been testing alot..i downloaded itus mobile test virus and had it drop multiple test virus on my 16 gig external memory..ive tested 16 different apps and this one is the only one to catch those files.again im sold thanks dev team you all rock..oooo 5/5
Positive review Great Free Security Software by anonym
Avast is very easy to use, and is currently the number 1 AV program, in a review on Tom's Hardware. The scans don't take forever, and the number of options in the free version, are impressive. I would like to see sandbox support, like the free desktop version of Comodo, but as a free anti-malware app for Android, I have no complaints. 5/5
Positive review Applock by anonym
Sir I have.seen that after unlocking the app it dosnt lock when we close it. It locks when the screen turns off this is not good. Please add this facility then my 4 stars rating will change into.5 stars 4/5
Negative review Call Blocker is NONSENSE by anonym
When you try to choose a contact, from list, always choose another contact, no matter whom you chose. When you delete avast' chose so that be able to choose your unwanted contact, then avast having choose another contact to block. SO ON ..... This goes on, till you got ZERO CONTACT. FUNNY NONSENSE (Zenfone 2 Laser 550KL, Android 5.0.2) 1/5
Positive review Best antivirus out there! by anonym
Avast has prevented my devices from getting malware and viruses on several occasions that other antivirus software never even detected after scanning. My friends and family use Avast as well and are very happy with it and I highly recommend it. Thanks Avast! 5/5
Positive review Why did Google cancel? by anonym
Still love it! Can you tell me why Google cancelled my subscription? I'm thinking it's the app lock, or maybe because I'm having drag time on some apps. I did not cancel, Google did and they sent an email about doing this. 5/5

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