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Motion Camera
Created by Fingersoft
Motion Camera

Android version
2.2 and up
Team note
7 / 10
Users note
7 / 10
about 1000000
1 Mo
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Team review

" Unique photos with motion. "

The application has not yet detailed description, however the team assigned the note of 7 / 10. This note is based on the following criteria: Quality, Usefulness, Ease of Use, Privacy Concerns of user data (depending on the permissions required)..

The app is compatible from version 2.2 of Android. Any supperior OS version will support it.

Its weight is very light, less than a megabyte is sufficient to store and operate.

Its number of downloads in the Android Market (Google Play) makes it an extremely popular application and rightly so. More than a million users are using it on mobile or on touch pad.

User reviews

40 users have given their review on Motion Camera.

Positive review Winner. by anonym
It does present a slight learning curve but nothing daunting. Wish there was a "snap" button instead of the save icon. That was confusing. I have the Note 3 and was surprised it kept my high resolution in such mode. Great job. Looking forward in testing it with my golf swing. 4/5
Positive review Good! Reasonable by anonym
Not bad ....really awesum!!! The motion clarity is awesum! A totally new CAM Xperience 4/5
Negative review Not work by anonym
Samsung galaxy note3 not working! 1/5
Positive review Works great!!! by anonym
For a free app this works perfect for all in motion pictures.....perfect if you gave kids on the move and a crappy low mgpxl camera on your tablet! 4/5
Positive review Fun by anonym
It's good for some interesting edits. One trick pony, but does it well. 4/5
Positive review Cool. by anonym
It is good but stil i am waiting tp take a good motion picture. 5/5
Positive review Fun! by anonym
Apps please allow ppl to actually play around with new aps before requesting to rate it. I just opened it before the queastion popped up, but I continued to play around now adding a rating. Cool cool fun app! Totally dig this :) 5/5
Neutral review My Rating by anonym
If only i could figure how this camera works other than being so amazed of actually downloading the app. 3/5
Neutral review Looks interesting by anonym
I've just installed the app. I' m now trying to learn about it. 3/5
Negative review Not as good as shown by anonym
This app is not as usefull as it's shown in the description. I don't want a camera app with ads in any way. 2/5
Negative review Why the permissions by anonym
Small camera app doesnt need system tools and all these permissions like control calls... Bla bla bla Its a spam 1/5
Negative review Average by anonym
Hangs, works very slow, poor image quality, no more options, captures motion pic blurred. Need to improve 2/5
Neutral review Needs better action bar... by anonym
Icons are ugly but its a nice add to photography apps. 2.5 stars. 3/5
Positive review Yes by anonym
I've used it a few times. I think it pretty cool. Can't wait to use it outside on my Walks. Still figuring it out. Hate the adds though. 4/5
Positive review Really wanna try it on android by anonym
I've always wanted to try this it sounds awesome for androids,iphone5s,samsung,glaxy andsamsung glaxys. 5/5
Negative review Its okay by anonym
??I like just installed it an it is not working like i want it to work. 2/5
Positive review Samsung galaxy y for an older verison by anonym
Nice but littelest app and downloading 2 min. 4/5
Positive review Perfect by anonym
Its the best app ever i can be Bree now those who dont know who Bree is she is from LAB RATS you know Adam Bree and Chase I'm Bree now and the thing Bree can is to RUN REALLY FAST she can RUN nearlly as fast as light 5/5
Positive review Amazing what one can see by anonym
I thought this was a joke so I went outside rural where I live saw. a deer in the woods, my naked eye could not see.. 4/5
Negative review Jeff fields by anonym
I am unistalling since i can only view the fist picture i took. I still don't know where any of the others are. 1/5
Negative review Don't even work by anonym
Leave my samsung galaxy s4 as a brick for about 60 seconds until I can restart it again and the buttons are functional again 1/5
Positive review Motion Camera by anonym
I like it! It is bright so I can actually see my pictures. Than You! 5/5
Negative review Not what I expected by anonym
Its not what its like in the pictures which are really cool but its slow for my device 1/5
Positive review I'm yet use this app by anonym
Are this app can photo light stick ? Or like light photograph . If can I'll give 5 stars 4/5
Positive review I will be getting back to you for sure... by anonym
I'd like to explore it a little more. so far I'm very happy. 4/5
Positive review Awsome by anonym
Now i don't have to make fast movements to get pictures like these. 5/5
Positive review Samsung epic touch 2 by anonym
great time killer app. wish it had preview before saving. And the option to share from the app 4/5
Negative review Bad by anonym
Useless not for people of my standerds bad 1/5
Neutral review Good but, by anonym
Great app. One thing i had trouble on was finding out how to take the picture. I would put a camera button on the screen. Other than that, it is great. 3/5
Negative review Virus by anonym
This is a very good app, however since installing chrome browser now has a click virus. 1/5
Positive review Nice app by anonym
Not bad for a simple app, you can take the famous cars on the motorway photos and they look good, Shane you can't leave the lender open to shoot stars in HD etc.. Worth a play 4/5
Neutral review Three star by anonym
Mas na papa ganda nito ang mga nkukuhaan kong mga larawan. Kaya naman na tutuwa ako sa pag gamit nito:) 3/5
Positive review It is cool by anonym
I thought it would be fun but it ant it is.........amazing i like it but i wish there was a record button 5 STARS :) 5/5
Neutral review Udhdhdjejdi by anonym
Cool but not that cool you can't delete pictures 3/5
Negative review Slow by anonym
It lags and freezes my phone. The idea is cool but execution could be much better 2/5
Neutral review Nice but.... by anonym
Fun to play with! I like the settings. Wish there was an actual shutter button vs the save button AND it wasn't so close to the ad bar. Hard to get a good pic when you have to make sure you don't accidently hit the bar. I would like a preview screen, too. Right now it brings up your gallery and slows the process down. Other than that, a good download. 3/5
Positive review Amazing by anonym
Me and my girlfriend live in detroit and we get a lot of traffic if you go downtown so whenever cars speed we like to take pics and just look at them its pretty amazing what sometimes you see amazing app I suggest this app if you like taking pics and if you are really bored of your old cam 5/5
Neutral review Interface by anonym
The interface is not really that user friendly. Doesn't really give instructions on how everything works or how one can access different settings. The camera interface doesn't change with the position of the camera. 3/5
Negative review Used to love this app by anonym
Nothing is better...but it lags something awful on my s4...worked perfect on my s2 an otherwise perfect app though 1/5
Negative review by anonym
Cant view other slow motion videos on it. And way too many adds 1/5

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Required permissions on the device

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