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Trial Xtreme 2 Winter
Created by Deemedya
Trial Xtreme 2 Winter

Android version
2.3 and up
Team note
8 / 10
Users note
8 / 10
about 10000000
49 Mo
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Team review

" Balance, skill and control ! "

The application has not yet detailed description, however the team assigned the note of 8 / 10. This note is based on the following criteria: Quality, Usefulness, Ease of Use, Privacy Concerns of user data (depending on the permissions required)..

The app is compatible from version 2.3 of Android. Any supperior OS version will support it.

Its weight is 49 MB. The application requires a bit of storage space, but it is justified by the features offered.

Its number of downloads in the Android Market (Google Play) makes it an indispensable application. More than five million people already use. Do not hesitate to get it back. Any device (smartphone or tablet) must possess.

User reviews

40 users have given their review on Trial Xtreme 2 Winter.

Positive review Ayay by anonym
Yayay 4/5
Positive review by anonym
???? ????? 5/5
Positive review Besy by anonym
Ok 5/5
Positive review by anonym
Cool game 4/5
Negative review Crashes by anonym
Crashes immediately on nexus 6 1/5
Positive review by anonym
Pretty good 5/5
Positive review by anonym
Very addictive 5/5
Negative review by anonym
Positive review Nice by anonym
Nice 5/5
Negative review by anonym
Fuq its borrrrrrrring 2/5
Negative review by anonym
Only 7levels open 1/5
Positive review Amazing by anonym
Game 5/5
Positive review by anonym
Fantastic 5/5
Positive review Super by anonym
Loving it 5/5
Positive review by anonym
was a good game 4/5
Positive review by anonym
good one 4/5
Positive review by anonym
Awesome 5/5
Positive review by anonym
Loved it 5/5
Positive review Excellent by anonym
Brilliant game. Luv It ? 5/5
Positive review by anonym
It is nice 4/5
Positive review by anonym
Nice games 5/5
Negative review Hated it.glad your going to play.not me by anonym
Plus hate that the adds lock .eat my 1/5
Negative review by anonym
Just quits 1/5
Positive review Awesome Game by anonym
Its Really Gd..And Enjoyable Game...:D 4/5
Positive review Humaid roxx by anonym
Awesome game in boke 5/5
Negative review by anonym
Won't run on note 4 1/5
Negative review Will not launch. by anonym
This app will not launch for Note 4. Uninstalled. Maybe next time (probably not). 1/5
Positive review Love it by anonym
I'm a beta tester and when I played this I was sad I didn't test it 5/5
Neutral review by anonym
I don't have it full version 3/5
Positive review I like it by anonym
Ive alway played bike 4/5
Positive review Trial extreme winter by anonym
Great just a tease 5/5
Positive review by anonym
Good game no matter what I play I always careful 4/5
Negative review Won't run on note 4 by anonym
Won't run on my note 4 or Nvidia shield 1/5
Negative review Trial xtreme 2 by anonym
It never sit down. 1/5
Positive review Best racing game ever!! by anonym
So good have no problems, but they should put more levels in. 5/5
Positive review Payment by anonym
The only problem is last time I played if u had three stars in the first six you could unlock the other levels for free now it wants me to pay $2.99 4/5
Negative review Note 4 by anonym
Game shuts down at first start up screen. same problem with the first trial x. don't bother downlaoding. It won't run 1/5
Negative review Won't work on Note 4 by anonym
Loved it on my note 1, will not work on new phone nor v2, or 2 1/5
Negative review Too difficult to be fun by anonym
A good game has a balance between being fun and being difficult. I found this one got too difficult too quickly. I really like the first version. 2/5
Negative review Hate that I can't play by anonym
Will not load on Droid Turbo. After reading the reviews, I thought this would be fun ..... can't play any game by this developer. Tried downloading it again; Attempted shutting phone down and restarting; None of the suggestions worked. 1/5

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Required permissions on the device

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