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Race Of Champions
Created by Invictus Games
Race Of Champions

Android version
Team note
8 / 10
Users note
9 / 10
about 0
1 Mo
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Team review

" Race with the greatest champions ! "

The application has not yet detailed description, however the team assigned the note of 8 / 10. This note is based on the following criteria: Quality, Usefulness, Ease of Use, Privacy Concerns of user data (depending on the permissions required)..

The app is compatible with most Android devices running on.

Its weight is very light, less than a megabyte is sufficient to store and operate.

Its number of downloads in the Android Market (Google Play) is quite low. The application is either new, or limited to a specific area that only a few users are interested in.

User reviews

40 users have given their review on Race Of Champions.

Positive review Idea for ROC by anonym
Can who ever created this game please add the newest track and cars onto it it would be wicked 5/5
Positive review Xperia z by anonym
Runs great on Xperia z graphics are quite good just needs auto brake. 4/5
Positive review I wish u put this update by anonym
I wish u remove the borders we and the the other guy cause the first level doesnt look like a race track it loks like a go karting game and we could actually hit the other player and there should be a slanting race track for a orginal feeling and in the tilt screen cintrol there should be auto forward and let us to buy car wwith game money and real cars and it should a wide road with a lot of cars pls i know its a lot to ask but pls ill wait for the update 4 star 5 star after update 4/5
Positive review Awesome by anonym
This is cool game if I can play it it takes to long to download 5/5
Positive review Great game by anonym
Great game ....all they need to do is add more levels,cars..and an in car camra 5/5
Positive review I love this game by anonym
My father i like that game and i am rate 5 [email protected]$ 5/5
Positive review Excellent by anonym
This game has to work in my mobile its fantastic this game will running on smoothly and graphics also fine i like this game. 5/5
Positive review Super by anonym
The game is awesome but there should be more cars and tracks but on the other side just a great game 5/5
Positive review Samsung ace 2 x by anonym
Great game but why do they tell me the game mode is offline Thanks but great game 5/5
Positive review The best racing on Android by anonym
This game is awesome! The graphics are cool, they're comparable to these in Real Racing 3 and the controls are great. I just wish they are more tracks and championships to go, I hope the game will be updated. Nice work. 5/5
Positive review Good by anonym
There is one ffllaw it takes too long to install like if u agree 5/5
Positive review Open multiplayer to everyone by anonym
Make the multiplayer open to everyone not just facebook users and fix the graphics and ill give 5 stars 5/5
Neutral review Nice but... by anonym
I don't like the steering in the game all modes are way too annoying to play... and the steering wheel should be locked in 1 place 3/5
Negative review Great game, unforgivable permission requirements by anonym
As others have said, the game engine itself is solid. Great looking graphics, good physics model, no lag while racing online etc The problem with this app lies to its massive list of permissions requested. Why would a game need to read the phone state, read/write sms and worst receive and send sms?? As such no choice other than uninstalling until these problems are fixed. 1* 1/5
Positive review by anonym
The game is very cool its graghics amazing and the cars is amazing. 5/5
Positive review ??? by anonym
Nc game plez UPdate this game more car more place PLCZZZ ! I Give U 5 star pless 5/5
Negative review FACEBOOK Purchase? No thanks. by anonym
You just lost a sale. How is it the ONLY option to buy is buying through FACEBOOK! Major fail. Major MAJOR fail. 1/5
Positive review Excellent game by anonym
I was doubtful it would be any good but it sure got me hooked. Game layout is good with great graphics. Its not easy to steer car but you do get used to it. I give it 9/10 4/5
Positive review Htc Desire S by anonym
Overall good but does crash sometimes on my desire s and it needs more tracks 4/5
Positive review Awesome.... by anonym
It's one of the best game that i've ever played on my s3. Yhe graphics is just freaky awesome. Plz make free more tracks & cars... 5/5
Positive review Samsung galaxy fame by anonym
This game is awesome. It runs smooth on my android phone and has fairly good graphics. Still gettin use to handling but otherwise its great 5/5
Positive review The championship by anonym
It's hard ya know.. To win the championship.. Still..keep up the marveolous work Waiting for the great upgrade 5/5
Positive review Best game ever by anonym
Xan u make a game like nfs most... driving in city and can makeup car like adding spoiler skirt painting sticker thanks 5/5
Negative review Great looking game by anonym
But there is a Tad bit of lag when you go to press the brake and gas, the game runs smooth and looks good. Another concern is why do you need access to SMS functions, this is a game not a texting app, why do you need access to my personal phone info. Uninstalled, marked 2 stars because this game has a lot of potential, just to much of a security risk, and controls are a bit laggy, 2/5
Positive review Amazing. BUT. by anonym
How the hell are you suppose to buy the full version? I can't find ouy where to buy it. And if I have it how come I can't go online -.- ..|.. 4/5
Positive review Ads by anonym
Its a nice game but after the latest updates there suddenly apeard ads 5 stars if you fix 4/5
Positive review Really stunning by anonym
When i came to know that there was a game available i didnt think about anything else .. Just took out my phone and started downloading the game.. Best graphics , one of the best game play ... Truly challenging.. 5/5
Negative review Graphics poor on newer phones? by anonym
The graphics looked great on my old Xperia Play, but look worse on Xperia Z1, with low res textures and no reflections. Can this be improved? It also seems to lock up a lot :-( 2/5
Negative review Bad update", by anonym
I been Playing this Game for 2 yrs", and the Cars always Looked realistic, but this Last Update you all Did Made the track look very nice, but Now the Cars Look More Fake"!!! The Cars" Does Not Look realistic anymore, and there's 2 Much contrast, Youknow", meaning", it Look 2 Dark" Now! Well I have 2 uninstall it, but I will Check back n a Month 2 See if the Cars Look realistic and the Game's not too dark"! Please fix", and thankyou!!! PR* 1/5
Negative review its all looks by anonym
this game looks amazing!!! but everything else is horrible. the controls have lag, the control setup is missing manual steering with arrows.. fix the bugs amd it will get 5 stars 2/5
Positive review Truly an awesome game by anonym
This game is very fun. The people who say the steering is terrible, lol your wrong you just have to know how to control the CAR. BTW I'm using meh dads phone. Muffin said 5/5
Positive review Great game by anonym
This is a great game. Runs smoothly and works fine. Needs a few more cars but apart from that there's nothing wrong. And for people who don't know anything, this game requires so much access (sms, contacts etc) so you can share the game. There is nothing shady going on with that. 4/5
Neutral review Recent update causing game to crash by anonym
Great game but the latest update is causing it to hang & crash :( used to work flawlessly before. HTC evo 3d running ics 3/5
Positive review AMAZING by anonym
This game is outstanding and the graphics are breathtaking. I thought they were over exagerating with the pics but I was definatly wrong. Love it!!!! 5/5
Positive review Excellent by anonym
Excellent. I love this game. Real race life. Real and good graphics. Have many track and car. I love this games forever because today is the first times I download this racing games. Thank you, Invictus. 5/5
Negative review POOR by anonym
Game was lagging. Majorly I wouldn't tell anyone bout this game even if my life depend on it.but the graphics were alsome so I'm givinv it 2 stars 2/5
Positive review MOST AWESOME GAME EVER !!! by anonym
Best game ever it just needs more cars and tracks + the graphics are awesomely good. 5/5
Positive review What!? This is sick! by anonym
Definitely awesome. In my opinion, way better graphics than asphalt (sorry 4 the asphalt fans :-D). Wide selection for controls + awesome graphics = "humiliation for other game developers!" This is like CSR Racing on steroids! I absolutely recommend this game to every racing fan! I love this game... 5/5
Negative review Looks amazing but terrible controls by anonym
The graphics of this is game is amazing but the controls are absolutely terrible. There is a delay before the input gets registered which makes it practically unplayable. Only giving it 2 stars because of the excellent visuals. 2/5
Positive review It just beated nfs!!! by anonym
It is such a cool game, amazing graphics and it works on micromax too, so totally an awesome game!! Thanks for this!!! 5/5

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