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Tiny Tower
Created by Mobage
Tiny Tower

Android version
Team note
9 / 10
Users note
9 / 10
about 0
1 Mo
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Team review

" Your skycrapper ! "

The application has not yet detailed description, however the team assigned the note of 9 / 10. This note is based on the following criteria: Quality, Usefulness, Ease of Use, Privacy Concerns of user data (depending on the permissions required)..

The app is compatible with most Android devices running on.

Its weight is very light, less than a megabyte is sufficient to store and operate.

Its number of downloads in the Android Market (Google Play) is quite low. The application is either new, or limited to a specific area that only a few users are interested in.

User reviews

40 users have given their review on Tiny Tower.

Positive review Just started by anonym
Its fun so far ... kinda like a sim tycoon.never did get my bonus mobicoins for downloaded games. 4/5
Positive review Great and addictive by anonym
It's a bit laggy but it's playable and fun. Only just installed but loving it so far xx 5/5
Positive review Download this game now. by anonym
I've played other games like this, but none have held my interest for long, and then I delete them. But this game is easy, fun, addictive, and has a charming 8 bit style that I love. Highly recommended. 5/5
Negative review Back to basics - Samsung s5 by anonym
I first played this game on my ipod back when it first came out and I gave it 5 stars for being a great game to play anywhere, but now needing an account and Internet access to play has killed the game experience. 1/5
Positive review Come on by anonym
Epic game but my stupid sd card wont let me play tiny tower I use to have 32 floors and 60 people and now its gone! Please MOBAGE do something about this I WANT TO PLAY TINY TOWER! 5/5
Negative review Why must I log in to mobage by anonym
I am on plenty of different accounts I dont want a new one. Why do I need to make an account I just want to play the game. 1/5
Positive review Annoying bug to an otherwise great game by anonym
Very, very good game, but there is a big that messes with your volume control. When you put your phone in vibrate or mute the media volume mutes as well and it can't be fixed unless you restart the phone or uninstalling the app. The latter route being the one that I took. Until this is fixed. 4/5
Positive review Awesome by anonym
Awesome game though has lag sometimes. Great how you made getting the bit bucks easier to get. Once you have enough levels, restocking becomes very hard, I think a button that auto restocks should be added 5/5
Positive review Fun game - some issues by anonym
The game is fun in its graphics and such. I would much rather pay $0.99 and not have these terrible "buy bux" buttons to "hurry" the artificially inflated build times. 4/5
Positive review Great game. Have had it for my android tablet. Phone and even my iPod by anonym
Worth the install time. Be ware you will get hooked. 5/5
Negative review Floors missing by anonym
I played it long enough!! I used to have 54 floors but now only 43. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Anyone having the same issue? This was before and after that valentine themed! It was fine until the latest update.. WHY!? pls fix this, telling about giving free 100 bucks for one thumb on FB thing is also fake. This is disappointment. 1/5
Neutral review Ok by anonym
It gets boring after I while. I stopped playing for like 8 months. Also it'd be nice to rearrange floors. And to get to the top and bottom faster. (Not via elevator) & I hate that the faster elevators miss the first 5 or so floors! It's had to land exactly on floors aswell. Also, I don't understand the point of the bitbook? 3/5
Positive review Awesome game by anonym
But it's so hard to hire bitizens to the job colour that they like. Like whenever I try building another floor I never get the colour that all my free bitizens are looking for But overall it's a fun game and very easy to get floors. So, keep up the gd work 4/5
Positive review Hearts? by anonym
When it opens its loading screen is Valentine's day themed and when loaded it drags the screen until I can't see anything I'm going to try 're downloading it and see what happens but an overall fun game. -EDIT: I downloaded the app then it worked 5/5
Neutral review Waiting for more floors... by anonym
I don't play this game as regularly as I used to, so I've got some new missions to do, but why are the missions being updated while the number of shops isn't? It keeps telling me my level isn't high enough, but I've got at least 8 empty floors... 3/5
Positive review Great Game! by anonym
I really enjoy this game. One critique? I want a slide bar at the side or something to make it easier to scroll through the tower. I'm only at 63 floors and already that is a big annoyance. 4/5
Neutral review Good game, ruins your battery by anonym
My girlfriend plays this on my Nexus 7 all the time, but it's power consumption is so high that it will eat more power than my 2.1 Ah charger can put into my device. This is ridiculous. The game shouldn't be this power hungry, address this issue. 3/5
Positive review by anonym
Worked fine at first (which is Why it has 5 stars Lol) but now there's this glitch Where It's pink and there's hearts everywhere? And I can't see What's going on because It's liked the sad screen doubled. Please fix. 5/5
Positive review Great game by anonym
I play it all day with my father. Its addicting and i cant stop playing it. Even at school (at least until i get it taken away 4/5
Neutral review Updates please! by anonym
When are they going to update this game? I have all the floors and costumes bought and a bunch of empty floors waiting for new businesses. I haven't played in almost a year and nothing new has been added to the game. Let's get some updates soon, please? 3/5
Negative review (Was) My favorite game! by anonym
I nearly completed it on my iPhone. Starting over on my new Samsung. It's slow at the beginning but gets to be really fun and challenging as yiur tower grows. It wasmy favorite time killer but eventually it gets boring and when you are finally done with everything its a big let-down because there's no real end or any reward for completing it... Bleh. 2/5
Neutral review Good game, poor support by anonym
Recently, there was a bug causing many users to lose varied amounts of floors and money. The Mobage support said a fix was coming several weeks ago, and it never did. The game would be great otherwise. 3/5
Positive review Sick 8bit FREE game! by anonym
Absolutely the coolest free game on android (and ios) it's be may get run over, or your partner may leave takes part of your life away lol...definitely dl this app! =] 5/5
Negative review No depth in game play. by anonym
Once you've built a few floors you may as well just stop, as every type of floor is exactly the same - sells three products at the same prices. There doesn't seem to be any goal or indication that you're doing well or badly. I can't tell whether the happiness of citizens, or putting them in their dream job has any consequences whatsoever. Seems like half a game they forgot to finish designing. 2/5
Positive review Great game by anonym
This game isn't like other business/city building games. It doesnt require in app purchases to be good and it doesn't require a lot of waiting either! 5/5
Positive review Awesome by anonym
I love this game but I have 37 buildings and im making 0.4 sales a minute and im fully stocked and it jeeps telking me to find the same problem. HELP PLEASE 5/5
Neutral review Internet by anonym
I had this on my iPhone and it ran with out registration and Internet. My daughter also has it on her ipod and doesn't need internet. Why do DROID s have to?? I don't have wifi in most places I am so I was hardly able to play after switching to the DROID. 3/5
Positive review I love it by anonym
I love this game its VERY cute. i really love this game my brother uninstall it and i hate him for that im already had 56 floors there and 125 bitizens... and he just uninstall it that easy thats why im installing and starting all over again... 4/5
Negative review Make it playable offline by anonym
I remember playing this game when it first came out on my iPod and now coming back to it, it's online? Why? It's not even a multiplayer or anything. The wait for it to log in and load up, and the annoyance of not being able to play when there's no signal did it for me. 1 star unless it can be playable offline. Like how its supposed to be. Disappointing. 1/5
Positive review The life game by anonym
Idk know how I think about this game but its good. I'm getting it, but I don't understand why my people are so sad. But this is relaxing. I hope it doesn't eat up a lot of my battery. 4/5
Neutral review Can't build no more floors why? by anonym
I love this game my daughter and her friends turned me onto it and been playing for awhile now some updates have been good and others bad but now that I have built 186 floors I can't build anymore floors so what is the purpose to continue playing? Please answer me when u are going to fix this if not I'm going to uninstall it for there is no reason to play. 3/5
Negative review Needs Updates by anonym
No new challenges in at least two years! It's like whoever created this app has ditched it. Please update for more stars! 2/5
Negative review Have to log in to play by anonym
Last thing I need is yet another account to remember. And I don't trust them with my Facebook. Uninstalled. 2/5
Negative review Too long to progress without spending real cash by anonym
You can get to floor 6 fairly quickly but I can see it has now slowed to a snail's pace, meaning I can spend some money or quit. I'm going to quit :) 2/5
Negative review Needs internet connection by anonym
This app needs an account and internet connection to be able to play this game. When your phone goes online, it will try to connect to the internet, even though you never ran the app. I found this out when I bought a data day pass, this app throws an error notice on my screen. that's another -1 star 2/5
Negative review Galaxys S4 by anonym
Can't connect to facebook to update my account need to fix this please comes up saying cant connect to facebook please try again later n ive been trying for days. 1/5
Positive review Never update! by anonym
Thanks to all that suggested the logout/uninstall/reinstall/login workaround to avoid update issues. Worked for me... lost no floors and no bux! Still a great game, but can only give 4 stars for the poor update experience. 4/5
Negative review Could use more updates by anonym
I really used to like this game and they used to update it more. I finished building all the floors a few months ago, and I've been waiting for new ones but nothing so far so it got boring... 2/5
Negative review Log in? For a game!? by anonym
Dear developers, I already have a million accounts to different services which I can't remember. I do NOT want to register just to play a game. Furthermore, you certainly do NOT need my Facebook details for me to try out your game. Please fix this, and I will gladly try your game. 1/5
Negative review Shops??? by anonym
The first time I started playing yes, the shop were selling things when I was on but the next day the shops never had anybody buying from any stores unless I close the app then when I come back on it says I made a few coins but other than that great game No new bug fix update: now its 2 stars 2/5

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