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Abduction !
Created by Psym Mobile
Abduction !

Android version
1.0 and up
Team note
9 / 10
Users note
9 / 10
about 5000000
1 Mo
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Team review

" Save the cow ! "

The application has not yet detailed description, however the team assigned the note of 9 / 10. This note is based on the following criteria: Quality, Usefulness, Ease of Use, Privacy Concerns of user data (depending on the permissions required)..

The app is compatible from version 1.0 of Android. Any supperior OS version will support it.

Its weight is very light, less than a megabyte is sufficient to store and operate.

Its number of downloads in the Android Market (Google Play) makes it an indispensable application. More than five million people already use. Do not hesitate to get it back. Any device (smartphone or tablet) must possess.

User reviews

40 users have given their review on Abduction !.

Positive review Fun game!! by anonym
Very addictive and sometimes annoying but utter us always fun!! 5/5
Positive review by anonym
Nice game I like it It is the best game ever My baby sister loves this game When she sees the phone she want the phone... 5/5
Positive review Moo! by anonym
Highly addictive and tons of fun, super cute too :3 5/5
Positive review Sound effect by anonym
Love it..but i want some funny sound effect 4/5
Positive review I use to have this on my HTC inspire now I have it on HTC one by anonym
It's just a reminder of how fun this old game has become from 2011, I'm glad it still works and it's still available at the play store 5/5
Negative review Needs Updating by anonym
Doesn't work well with newer/higher res devices. 2/5
Negative review by anonym
Does not work on Nexus 7 1/5
Positive review! by anonym
When you're waiting in line and need a little diversion. ..this is it! Silly, simple, fun! 5/5
Negative review Guess it's fun...? by anonym
Looks like it would be an amazingly fun game, if I could figure out how to use it! I selected demo mode, but nothing happened... 2/5
Positive review by anonym
This game is pretty g. I give it a thumbs up. I like it. 5/5
Positive review Fun game by anonym
My girlfriend steals my phone to play this game all the time. 5/5
Neutral review Well..... by anonym
I love this game but for some reason, on my Google nexus 7, it seems to be in slow motion. I was playing it on my friends phone and I was shocked at how stiff mine was compared to hers.I love the game anyway though. 3/5
Positive review by anonym
I really like this game it is so fun I play it for hours on end 5/5
Positive review Good game... by anonym
Great for all ages, fun to play when bored. 4/5
Positive review I loved this game! by anonym
I used to play it on my old Motorola i1 back in 2010... My absolute favorite 5/5
Neutral review Bug by anonym
I can pause on each jump and get higher easily 3/5
Positive review by anonym
Game is great......i would like if they put Abduction 2 for freeee 5/5
Neutral review by anonym
Its not to bad u just move ur phone left to right an thats the game 3/5
Positive review Luv it. Age dosn't matter by anonym
Great game for ez,mindless time killing. No need to be a videogame player to enjoy it. Gramps down to 3 y.o.,. Again,it's not a novel,it's a fun time killer . Enjoy and have fun. Too often technology ruins that. This game didn't do that. 5/5
Neutral review Fun.... But v v glitchy by anonym
Really good but there is a glitch with the graphics and there is a glitch that you can't lose? The cow goes to the bottom of the screen and it will keep bouncing????? Is it supposed to do this?? 3/5
Positive review Addictive by anonym
It's a pretty fun little game. I was skeptical at first, but after playing it, I am in love with it. 5/5
Positive review I love this game!!! by anonym
I haven't played this game for about a year. I can't believe I hadn't downloaded it sooner. 5/5
Positive review Awesome by anonym
Great and fun game. It's like free doodle jump. 5/5
Positive review I loved this game! by anonym
Played this game almost 5 years back! 5/5
Positive review Good time killer by anonym
Fun if you're bored and need something to do for a few minutes. 4/5
Positive review Just a sound by anonym
Give a sound then I made it 5 STARS ALSO Make CHARACTER shop 4/5
Positive review Better than Doodle Jump by anonym
This free addictive phone game keeps you busy for hours, doing nothing more than bouncing a cow. You compete with yourself on the leaderboards and this game is awesome. 5/5 5/5
Positive review Awesome! by anonym
This is my childhood right here I played this when I was three get it! :D 5/5
Positive review Funny by anonym
I love it and when the cow falls I laugh this game is very funny and silly hahahaha!!! 5/5
Positive review Good game, doesn't work on tablets by anonym
This game is great, but the graphics don't scale, so it looks really bad and is hard to play on tablets. The sequel scales fine though. 5/5
Positive review Great, but there's a bug. by anonym
Great game. Only issue is that recently, in the higher levels of infinity difficulty, your character is unable to jump as high as the platforms. 5/5
Negative review by anonym
I love this game but when I pause it i get back to it and it glitched and it moved to the other side of the screen and LEVEL FAILED 1/5
Negative review Frustrating! by anonym
The game is good I suppose, but the cow wont always jump high enough to get onto the next platform no matter how hard you try. Thats not the gamers fault. Also how the hell are you meant to get a character when they fall on the opposite side of the screen where no platforms are to land on. Think its made to annoy people tbh!!!! 2/5
Negative review Sucks by anonym
Doddle jump is ten times better you have to land on the middle of the platform just to land I can't beat any levels because I'll just fall right though the platform I really wish I could give it more stars but it really does suck 1/5
Positive review Good by anonym
Good game, I enjoy it. I wish I could config my controls now.. and music would be nice. However entertains me so those two should be fixed. 4/5
Positive review Funfunfun by anonym
This games is awesomely addictive. Its addictive for only about 3 months tho, then it starts to gets old. However, this app inspired me to get a smart phone. Its worth getting! Keeps you busy, and kills time. Mindless, easy and challenging at the same time. Cute, and just... what are you still reading this for, go download it! 5/5
Negative review This sucks! by anonym
Besides the adorable cow this is stinking crap! The graphics are ok but it cuts off half the screen, frickin' annoying!!! It's so laggy like you cant even get a score of more than 1200!!!! THIS FRICKING SUX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DON'T DOWNLOAD THIS OR YOU WILL REGRET IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! x( 1/5
Positive review Love it. by anonym
There are few games as cool as this one on android devices. The developers did not make some scheme to try to fool you in to believing that a few euro or dollar is a micro transaction! He is of a dying breed that but comes exceedingly rare. Till this day this game though simply remains one of my favorite on the platform. 5/5
Positive review I remember this game! by anonym
I remember this game! I played it a lot 6(-ish) years ago! It's pretty good for an old game. And BTW- the reason the graphics quality is bad is because it was made for older, smaller phones. 4/5
Negative review Update eats my battery by anonym
Since updating this morning my phone won't go to sleep. The screen goes off but the battery history shows the device being awake all day. Running 4.1.2 1/5

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