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Created by Glympse

Android version
Team note
9 / 10
Users note
9 / 10
about 1000000
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Team review

" Share your location ! "

The application has not yet detailed description, however the team assigned the note of 9 / 10. This note is based on the following criteria: Quality, Usefulness, Ease of Use, Privacy Concerns of user data (depending on the permissions required)..

The app is compatible with most Android devices running on.

Its number of downloads in the Android Market (Google Play) makes it an extremely popular application and rightly so. More than a million users are using it on mobile or on touch pad.

User reviews

40 users have given their review on Glympse.

Neutral review Ongoing issues by anonym
Buggy at times - it won't even open today. And *Please* make the ETA MUCH MUCH LARGER!!! It's nice and big on the web version, but absolutely tiny in the app (unable to see it when in mobile holder in car) and it is hidden (have to swipe up and lose half the map to see it. For God's sake, the text in the senders message and the time remaining on Glympse (which is useless information) are far easier to see than the ETA (the most crucial information). 3/5
Positive review Very satisfied so far - update 8/6/15 by anonym
Have only used it a couple of times since recent install. Has worked perfectly so far. Very satisfied. Will rate again after more use. - Great app. No bugs has operated flawlessly. Very useful. Would recommend. 5/5
Positive review Works great! by anonym
I mean, the NSA is already tracking me, right? So screw it, might as well let the ones I love know where I am, and when I'll be home with an easy to use and accessible method as well! This app takes all the hassle of telling her where I am, how long I'll be out, and how long until I'm home. This app puts great efficiency into the "checking in all the time process", so I can focus on being the P-whipped panty waste of a man, that I've worked so hard to become! ... Seriously though, it's works great! :-) 5/5
Positive review by anonym
It's amazing anyone who has looked at me see it all live in motion best app.for so for ,I can't speak on the nea.sayer which there is always one in every bunch group or clan .I'm well pleased 5/5
Negative review 4 Hr. Limit Not Good, Stopped Working Mid-route by anonym
Stopped tracking me half way home, wife thought something had happened to me. 2/5
Positive review Cool App! Feature Request by anonym
I would really love it if there was a feature that alerted me when my friend is within X number of minutes from arriving. ETA alerts. This would be extremely helpful to me. Also allow me to set a custom ETA value. Edit: Still no sign of this feature. Get on it! 4/5
Negative review Unreliable so pretty useless by anonym
Stops working all the time for no reason. Very unreliable. 1/5
Positive review Great little app by anonym
Wish there was a way to save a map of where I went since usually I'm just wandering. 4/5
Positive review No more "where are they???" by anonym
I love this app! It's great for when you're meeting up with someone as it allows the other person to see how far away you are. It's also great for when people are traveling a longer distance to you; it takes the guesswork out of how long until your guests arrive. 5/5
Positive review ? FANTASTICALLY.... FANTABULOUS... ? by anonym
I am totally in love with the Glympse App. I am an Uber Driver for Chattanooga TN and my hubby worries about my safety while I'm working on the graveyard shift so now he can view me and my location for up to 4 hours at a time AMAZINGLY FANTASTIC!!!!!! AND OUTSTANDINGLY FANTABULOUS!!!!!! AND FANOMINALLY AWESOME!!!!!! AND TOTALLY AN INFINATE BUNDLE OF AWESOMENESS!!!!!! LOVE IT ??? of it was possible to rate this app a perfect ?10 stars? I would so do it LOL ? 5/5
Negative review Android wear problem by anonym
Since I have watched somebody on my watch (LG W100), I cannot dismiss the notification on the watch, even though the Glympse has already expired :-( Please, repair this, I don't want to block the app completely... Edit: still no fix, removing a star... 2/5
Positive review No issues with it. by anonym
This app has never given us a problem. It is used by Chase Crew for a hot air balloon team, and has always worked very well for the task 5/5
Negative review Sucks still years later by anonym
Still never brought back the good buttons from before. Just that ignorant lock button. This app has been going down hill. It was cool at first but now i might as well just use google maps and the find my friends app. This App has made itself obsolete. I really loved this app before when it first came out. I cant switch between different shares unless i back up the magnifying glass and hunt down the other people. No switch button. This is dangerous when you're trying to drive and they send you a glympse 1/5
Positive review Great tracking app without accounts by anonym
I used this when I did a cross country road trip, to keep my family informed of my whereabouts, and it worked like a charm! :) I had all interested parties in a Whatsapp group, and just shared to there via Glympse, and all could just open the link and follow my movements, without anyone needing anything but internet access. The time limit was no problem for me at all, as I was taking breaks every 2 hrs anyway. I have no complaints at all, and would recommend & use again! 5/5
Neutral review It's not bad by anonym
It works well but doesn't always load correctly and I have to leave the app and go back in for it to work. Sometimes it will show me the last location from the time I last used the app 3/5
Negative review Quitting unexpectedly by anonym
Great app on previous versions but on lollipop with note 3 it is stopping all the time. Also it doesn't stop when I reach my destination as requested 2/5
Positive review Finally! Send your location without turning over your whole life. by anonym
I've just installed and setup this app, so I'll have to give another review after using it for a while. However, it seems very thoughtfully designed for ease of use and setup. The help menus and the customer feedback system are excellent, which indicates to me these are seriously capable developers committed to making a great app. I'll be back in a week or two to report actual use, but for now: great job! 5/5
Neutral review Could be better! by anonym
Very good concept, but isn't always accurate (often will show my bf suddenly swimming in the sea or flying off diagonal in some funny direction he isn't going) and sometimes the refresh is far too delayed. Some other small issues too... 3/5
Positive review Love it except 1 flaw by anonym
This app is very handy, but I think they need to adjust some settings on where they're getting the readings from, because as I track my spouse's commute it takes some weird deviations that are impossible because he is on a train. Our theory is it is getting readings from somebody's wifi. If you guys can improve this problem it would get 5 stars 4/5
Positive review Works well, missing features by anonym
Passive sharing and one-tap sharing with saved settings would help as I'm always doing the same share to the same people. Also ability to send via messenger would be great 4/5
Positive review What, no railways? by anonym
Great app, very useful, except it never routes rail journeys along railway lines, preferring to represent rail journeys by finding nearby roads. Why not detach it from road navigation? Would give five stars if railway journeys or any non-road journey, were accurately displayed. 4/5
Positive review Love this app. Great at putting my mind at ease. by anonym
Very easy to jump right. Gave great real time info so I can know where my partner is when out biking or running should an emergency occur. 5/5
Positive review Great app! by anonym
It helps my family see where I am along my route and know exactly when I'll be home. Helps keep everyone informed without them constantly wondering where I am. Only draw back it that it eats up the battery. Other than that great app! 4/5
Neutral review Love it, with 1 major exception... by anonym
I love the app. It does exactly what it claims to, and well. The issue I have is today I received a location request from my GF (Glympse says she requested my location) that she swears she did NOT send. She didn't click an expired link, i didn't have Glympse running, & she doesn't even have Glympse installed on her phone. The only thing I can think of is since I was at the airport, Glympse realized that and wanted to share my location. If so, that 'feature' should be much easier to find & disable. 3/5
Negative review Tracks wrong phone, stops updating location! Please fix! by anonym
I've had Glympse before and loved it but now it isn't working right at all. It randomly tracks the wrong phone. (My daughter sends a Glympse to me, I click to view it and it tracks my phone. Or I request a Glympse from her and it tracks mine instead.) It also will randomly stop updating the location. The 4 hours will still be running down but then it says last updated 20 minutes ago, and just keeps counting up, 2 hours ago, etc, until the time runs out. My daughter gets home but it still shows her out. 2/5
Positive review Awesome app by anonym
I use it to help my idiots find where I am. Also good for long drives if people want to know how far you are. Great app 5/5
Negative review Requests errors by anonym
I sometimes get glympse requests from people I'm texting with. They don't have glympse on there phones and have never even heard of the app. Why is this happening? This seems like a bug. 1/5
Positive review Great for a Quick Share by anonym
We use this for occasions where one person is waiting for another or we are trying to meet up. My only grump is that it stops sending updates when the window is closed but the notification says it is active. 5/5
Positive review assumed ETA by anonym
please add a feature where if someone you're tracking hasn't provided their destination, the destination is assumed to be your location for ETA purposes. optionally, the user should be able to override that and specify a third location as the destination for ETA. 4/5
Neutral review Doesn't work half the time by anonym
I can often see the Glympse in the text application, but even when the text application shows the Glympse, including the map, the Glympse app doesn't know anything about it. How can the verizon message+ app have the Glympse yet your app doesn't even know about it? It has been this way for over a year. Fix this and the app will be great. 3/5
Positive review Amazing road trip app! by anonym
This is a great app for anyone trying to share their road trip experience with those close to them. I would love to see a way to upload photos along the route in the future! 4/5
Positive review Fantastic by anonym
No more wasted time waiting for someone. Arrive at a meeting waiting for other party. Use Glympse to see if you have time for a coffee or make phone calls before other party arrives..brilliant. 5/5
Positive review Pretty kool App by anonym
I was introduced to this app today and Actually very smart ideas and layout very handy & helpful in lot of situations especially trips or work routes etc... 4/5
Positive review Great App! by anonym
Easy to use and "just works." Way better than Waze which attempts to do much more, but ends up not doing anything at all sometimes... 5/5
Neutral review Great app but need improvements by anonym
This is a great app for sharing your actual position and speed, even with battery power saver, which turn on your GPS only when someone click your link. However it need improvements: UI is confusing, missing the OK button when selecting contacts (upper right corner). Also, I cannot share link to Messenger contact, set link to expire link after more than 4 hours or set Expire on arrival individually for every Glimpse. 3/5
Positive review Makes coordination automatic by anonym
Remember all those phone calls you have to make to find out where someone is and when they'll arrive? Have them send you a Glympse instead. App is pretty stable and integrates well worth hangouts and messenger. 5/5
Positive review by anonym
Superb idea - great for letting someone know where I am before a meeting (especially if I'm running late). Selecting contacts to send a Glympse is a little weird, though - there's no "next" button, you select your contacts then hit the global back button. 4/5
Negative review Not useful. No google maps integration. by anonym
Meaning if you present your location to someone not knowing the city it is impossible for him/her to find out where you are. Uninstalled. 1/5
Positive review by anonym
I agree with the passive sharing, that would be a great feature. If that's not available, I would love either 1) more than 4 hours of sharing time. or 2) a "url" tied to the device you're using. So in case you forget to share again you can do it without posting a new URL. 4/5
Negative review 4 hour limit by anonym
Please add an option to do "passive" sharing. I'd like to automatically allow certain people to see my location if they want. Setting it as passive would allow it to use less battery. 2/5

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