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WhatsApp Messenger
Created by WhatsApp
WhatsApp Messenger

Android version
2.1 and up
Team note
9 / 10
Users note
9 / 10
about 1000000000
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Team review

" The messaging app. "

The application has not yet detailed description, however the team assigned the note of 9 / 10. This note is based on the following criteria: Quality, Usefulness, Ease of Use, Privacy Concerns of user data (depending on the permissions required)..

The app is compatible from version 2.1 of Android. Any supperior OS version will support it.

Its number of downloads in the Android Market (Google Play) makes it an indispensable application. More than five million people already use. Do not hesitate to get it back. Any device (smartphone or tablet) must possess.

User reviews

41 users have given their review on WhatsApp Messenger.

Negative review Fix calling system by Angelica osuna
When I call someone or when somebody calls me, I can't hang up. Please fix, it is extremely irritating. Specially when I call someone and they don't pick up and I can't hang up. I have to wait for it to stop ringing wich is approximately 2 minutes. 2/5
Negative review Lollipop Update by anonym
PLEASE FIX. I would like to determine on whether this app is high priority or not. DISLIKING these heads up notification - this is making me want to unistall. 2/5
Positive review The best but...... by anonym
It is the best chatting software but its not available on computers it should be on computers and have video chatting too as a app known as IMO i am just not advertising it but on my phone I have to video call using imo its good but not the best as whatsapp so I recommend WVC (whatsapp video calling). 4/5
Positive review Only four stars for irritatin me... by anonym
Each time i broadcast a msg te app keeps hanging up n hav to force close it... Pls do smetn abt it.. :/ 5/5
Positive review Average. Quality in chating by anonym
Whats app popular app for chat. But not for specs. Now a days privacy options are not good anyone can read msgs to open mobile. Solve this first 4/5
Negative review Not satisfied by calling system by anonym
Its not working in my phone. I already update it. I can accept calls but i cant call. Fix it ASAP. i will give 5*. 1/5
Negative review Updates sucks by anonym
The new update freezes my phone. If I call somebody it won't let me hang up. One star. 1/5
Positive review Absolutely love it! by anonym
This last update is great! I can call my friends using data instead of my call plan! And now I can read my contact's status and when I finish it goes back to the contact list instead of the chat list like the previous version did. Keep up the great work! 5/5
Negative review The new update sucks!! by anonym
Whatsapp used to be awesome! Bt aftr this fuc*** update it's being a shit! If i call someone through whatsapp free call all of the time it shows reconnecting even my net signals r perfect!! If i call a person who was offline one minute ago so this app won't transfers the call!! It's neccesory that person hv to be online! The call quality is a shit! Plzz fix these bugs otherwise i'll gonna unistall whatsapp & the fact is my frndz r hvng sm prblms!! 1/5
Negative review Many Cons by anonym
Though this app has many limitations when compared to other apps in play store people still use it because they can't migrate to other app and got habituated to it. Please do provide features such as sending more length videos,PDF files, and working on proxy enabled WiFi 1/5
Negative review No call notifications work since I migrated my number by anonym
I can't seem to receive calls in realtime since I shifted my number, only get notifications of missed calls. Can anyone help ?? 2/5
Negative review I want my calling future active by anonym
What is wrong here after update i didnt get calling future . Even after call received by friend i have not receive calling even and also even after resetting my phone didnt get it any way . . Fixed the this bug . . :/ 1/5
Negative review Tres mauvais by anonym
Vous devez fair un effort pour ameliorer l application pour le faire devenir comme whatsapp plus . 1/5
Negative review Push notification was damn! by anonym
The version was not good. I need to open the apps in my acer z500 if want to know is there got any text or not. The push notification was not working well. Please fix it! 1/5
Positive review I just luv this but.... by anonym
I m not able to activate whatsapp web n it is not scanning the QD code from my pc . please help whatsapp version is 2.12.5 5/5
Negative review Voice call service by anonym
Why don't you wait until you are able to launch voice call to everyone? Now you gave this service to the first xx numbers of users and the rest should wait till you are able to serve them 1/5
Positive review Whatsapp call by anonym
WhatsApp Call is still in beta testing and is not yet widely available. As with all of whqtsapp features, whatsapp are working on expanding WhatsApp Call to all of whatsapp users. Whatsapp do not plan to add any beta testers at this time. 4/5
Neutral review Notifications stopped by anonym
It stopped showing new messages when I am using mobile data. While I am using wifi I get every notification about every message I get. I am using the newest 5.0.1 android version on a samsung galaxy s4. Please fix this as soon as possible!!! 3/5
Positive review by anonym
All time best no matters Hw many app cm Whatsapp will b the best ever just need sm up gradation like making new frnds and themes etc better looks 5/5
Negative review by anonym
It should hve been 5 star if the calling feature should have been activated by itslf.. nd if its gets activated by others it should have been activated at once by restarting the phone.. but it doesnt get activate.. pls fix this problm as soon as possible thn it will b 5 star. 1/5
Negative review Whatsapp Camera is not working properly by anonym
I think its stupid I have to wait for someone to call me to get the "calls" option 2/5
Negative review New UI sucks big time! by anonym
The UI change once the call feature gets activated, it sucks! Having the call icon placed next to the attach icon is also a bad idea; you tap that accidentally and there it goes. Plus, what's the need for the "contact list" tab anyway? It just takes up the whole space. 2/5
Neutral review who can call me ... in previcy by anonym
When I calling my friend ... i couldnt hear his speach .. pleas fx ... and i wonna you add who can call to us in the ?previcy menu 3/5
Neutral review Workin 5n till now...but there is no innovativeness in it so 3 star by anonym
Add some animated stickers like the once in hike...nd double taps to like a dp or status. ... 3/5
Positive review Whtsapp Calling system activated by anonym
If there would be video calling than 5stars 4/5
Negative review The new update by anonym
When I'm out of the net area for one night or two, I don't get the msgs of many people when I come back! People keep blaming me for not replying for their msgs, but in fact I don't recieve most of them! 1/5
Negative review Calling feature not working by anonym
I have updated whatsapp to 2.11.1 then removed it and installed beta version..again removed it and installed 2.12.1.......asked my friend to call me like 10 time who have callibg feature enable......checked the unknown source setting enable......still calling feature is not available.....please fix it and i will rate it to 5 star......please please me to fix it.... 1/5
Negative review my records r cleared by anonym
idk y mywhatsapp updates automatically n my chat history is cleared aft the update!!! some of my msg cant be read by others too even i sent the msg successfully 1/5
Negative review Whatsapp calling by anonym
After updating i cannot see whatsapp calling option on my phone. Please fix it as soon as earlier 1/5
Neutral review It is a very normal application. by anonym
No highlights in design, which I think is something important for the user. Add voice calls may have been a success, but still has its flaws which leads to having to improve. Many options are not used can be removed to less messy easily configure the application. There is much work to do, in my opinion. 3/5
Positive review bug by anonym
1. Searching a person in whatsapp contacts from current window then in selecting the person doesn't work in this update.. 2. Clicking notification of a single msg doesn't remove the notification. I have to click it for 2nd time even if the message was read by me for the first time.. Moto G 5/5
Negative review Not calling , WhatsApp web is not safe by anonym
Even I updated but still not calling, also the whatsap web has no privacy if I close the web page and any one else open it from history he can read and send from my account , soooo bad 1/5
Negative review Whatsapp calling by anonym
i updated whatsapp calling and called but when i called my frnd her voice was not coming she was 10 times saying helloo but i couldnt hear the voice infact i said 5 or 6 times hello but she couldnt hear the voicee plzzz fix and solve diss they guyz r thinking dat it is useless i mean calllimg feature is there but not calling correctly plzz fix it 1/5
Positive review Needs fixing by anonym
Always used this without a problem. Now using z3 after getting a voice note and pressing play, screen goes black not have to go off the chat to get it back on! Please fix this! 4/5
Negative review FIX IT by anonym
Calling threw watsapp... Not working in ma phn... Fix it fast... I'll add 4 more star 1/5
Positive review Its gud... by anonym
Everythng is gud bt the only problem is calling... When i tried to call my friend,its nt reaching him n when he came to onlne then the call is reaching.... Even if he on his mobile data he didn't recieved call and later when he came to onln its showing that there's a missed call from me... Please make that we can call even the person is not in onln...fix dis bug... 4/5
Positive review What's App Media Saving Option (MUST HAVE) by anonym
Every Android Phone has Limited Memory so All the Media Directly goes to Phone Memory Resultingo Slow Processing Applications. What's App Must Offer this Option like Save WhatsApp Media to Device Memory or Media Card. So that Every User should Get an Open choice to save the data Directly to the Selected Memory. Even BlackBerry Phones have this Feature in their Phones. 5/5
Negative review Bugged... by anonym
New version is buggy. I hav to refresh each and every time to get new messages.. Annoying..!! 2/5
Negative review Error to receive messages by anonym
When I am trying to get confirmation message then it's showing time to wait for 24 hours and after completing given time it's showing another next waiting hours please solve this.. 1/5
Negative review Sucking now by anonym
It is siad that firstly u have to update ur whatsapp at the latest vaersion then if a friend having voice calling feature n if he calls u den ur voice calling feature update automatically , jst have to reopen the whatsapp or restart the fone bt i have done it 10 times bt didnt get voice calling feature , whats this??????? Solve it plzzzz!!! 1/5
Positive review A lot laggier since call feature implemented by anonym
Switching between chats has a delay now. Also, can't use search Web function for group chat profile pic, crash reported already submitted 4/5

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