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Created by Google

Android version
Team note
9 / 10
Users note
9 / 10
about 1000000000
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Team review

" Intuitive mail. "

The application has not yet detailed description, however the team assigned the note of 9 / 10. This note is based on the following criteria: Quality, Usefulness, Ease of Use, Privacy Concerns of user data (depending on the permissions required)..

The app is compatible with most Android devices running on.

Its number of downloads in the Android Market (Google Play) makes it an indispensable application. More than five million people already use. Do not hesitate to get it back. Any device (smartphone or tablet) must possess.

User reviews

41 users have given their review on Gmail.

Review without rank Nice article on Gmail by Li Molon
I liked your article. Did you know that Google has introduced Gmail Go? Go not only takes up significantly less space on your phone, but uses less data than the standard Gmail app.
Positive review Loving it by anonym
Though you might want to name the icons, spent a while looking for the "mark as unread" button. 5/5
Negative review Considering switching email provider's by anonym
Since the upgrade to the "Wonderful" gmail app it refuses to see my receive emails. It shows I have a message but when I click on it it doesn't update, so I physically have to login from my laptop or desktop just to see my new messages. Please do something soon or I will switch e-mail providers. 1/5
Negative review reply buttun stops gmail by anonym
for me if i simply just press the reply button it says "Gmail has stopped" and sometimes it happens when i want to compose a new mail 1/5
Negative review The app should have option to show messages without conversation mode by anonym
I am unable to see the latest mail which comes in the conversation mode. Suppose there are 4 mails and there is a new reply in the same chain then I can see in inbox but can't read it when I open the mail 2/5
Negative review No emails by anonym
After last two updates no emails come through without manual/force refresh just roll back to the previous working version I am sick of this! 1/5
Negative review No e-mails? by anonym
I am not getting any notifications on any from any of my e-mails accounts since the last update. Please fix.....need my e-mails. 2/5
Negative review Update Won't Let Me Receive Emails by anonym
My gmail app updated 2 days ago and I haven't been able to receive emails since. I am not sure what's going on? Anyone else having this issue? 1/5
Negative review Latest update had issues by anonym
Whwn a new email comes in as part of a conversation, I see it's preview in the inbox but when I tap it, it only shows the first two mags in the conversation. Can't see the new email. For what it's worth. I also have Inbox installed. Will switch to it until this issue is fixed 2/5
Positive review Google Sync Error After Update by anonym
After last version update, Application can't open, says "Unknown Issue with Google Play Service", and force close.. Please Fix this bug !! 4/5
Neutral review by anonym
I might have a lot of spam in my folder but all you have to do is just have a delete button that says delete it instantly without having to load all of it into the file or folder thank you very much 3/5
Positive review Slow sending by anonym
Sending email from Gmail account with pictures (total 14MB) needed more than 20 minutes with upload available speed of 1Mb/s - that's too long 4/5
Negative review No more emails by anonym
Suddenly the app won't update my inbox. My PC, tablet, laptop all get new emails, but not the app. And I haven't been able to swipe to delete messages for a while now. Shows them as deleted, bit doesn't sync across to my other devices. 1/5
Negative review It is not working by anonym
I can't open my Gmail because the last update messed something up. Each time I try to open it it reads that there is something wrong with Google play. 1/5
Negative review I'm not getting all Notifications! by anonym
It used to work great but now I'm not getting all of my notifications for every new email. I already checked the box in setting to receive the notification for every message so I know it's the app. I've missed several promotions from Old Navy bc of this. Please fix it ? 2/5
Neutral review Email won't load for more than a few seconds by anonym
And then disappears. ...please fix. This started after last update 3/5
Neutral review No Exchange by anonym
Despite numerous websites saying Exchange would be supported, this app does not support Exchange accounts. When I try to set up my work email, I only get the option of POP3 and IMAP. Note: Exchange will work if you have a Nexus device with Lollipop, or if you download the Nexus APK for Exchange services from a third-party website. It's a shame and a bit stupid that this feature isn't available for all devices (I have a Moto X). 3/5
Neutral review Great if you can change from push to sync... by anonym
Love the way it looks and functions. However I get a lot of mail during the day and would rather sync the mail every 2 or 3 hours instead getting an alert every few minutes when new mail is pushed out. Not all mail needs to be addressed instantly. Stopped using and now use stock LG G3 app which has adjustable sync settings. 3/5
Negative review No gmail notification! by anonym
I have galaxy s4, the previous updated did informed me on notification that I got new email but the new updated didn't informed me none!! I have to go in the app to check myself. FIX IT ASAP!!! 2/5
Negative review Battery killer by anonym
For the last 4 days has been killing my battery. 50% of battery usage used just by Gmail. Have cleared cache, but phone only on for 15 mins and already up to 20% usage so will know uninstall 1/5
Negative review Insane data usage by anonym
The last update has resulted in a massive increase in data use, both WiFi and mobile. Massive understates it. A bit over two orders of magnitude more data. Per connection type. 1/5
Positive review Good app by anonym
User friendly... 4/5
Negative review After update it get really slow by anonym
After update Gmail won't load its like loading in infinite loop. I have to close and re open again 1/5
Negative review Please fix fast by anonym
A new replied email comes through but when I click it I cant see the content I can only see what I last sent.. I have had to remove the update just so I can see my messages... please fix asap 1/5
Negative review No Emails by anonym
With the new update it says I have new emails but when I go to primary, social, or promotions categories nothing pops up the emails only pop up with the all mail tab. 1/5
Negative review No email notifications by anonym
Why r we habits deal with this for so long. This is how I do business. I have missed many important emails I will be changing if this is not fixed soon. Come on biggest email company make it right. 1/5
Neutral review Draft email Glitch by anonym
When I go back to my draft email. I type in the email to who I want to send to and taked me automatically to the messages area. Does not let me finish typing the email to the sender. 3/5
Negative review What happened? by anonym
Been a Gmail user for at least a decade this is the first complaint I've ever had about them. Haven't been able to send or receive an email in well over 3days. What's happening? Let me know something! 1/5
Neutral review Buggy by anonym
Latest version is buggy as hell. When selecting multiple emails, I mark them read and POOF ... half of them disappear. Have to refresh again and again just to see what's really there. Please fix this! 3/5
Positive review Not fully functional by anonym
It can't sent mail from other accounts such as outlook account always add mail to outbox unable to send them but works well with gmail 4/5
Positive review by anonym
I really can't express how much I love my Google+. I have replaced my phone serveral times last year and everytime it has backed up all of my pictures.??? 5/5
Negative review Not happy by anonym
If I wanted ALL my mail in the same mailbox, I'd just have one! Stop jacking with my personal mail that's not gmail? 1/5
Negative review No Active Sync for Outlook by anonym
It says you can use other email providers like outlook etc but does not support active sync for them so no push for new emails! 1/5
Negative review Cannot See Replies by anonym
I cannot see replies to my sent emails. When I receive the reply in my inbox, I see the subject line and the first sentence of the email. When I open it all I can see is my original email, not the response. I can see the responses when I use a browser on my computer or phone. 2/5
Positive review My default email app by anonym
Never had any problems with it in over 6 years. 5/5
Negative review Can't read full emails by anonym
I can see the first half of the first sentence in the preview, but when I go to read the email it's not there. I will be uninstalling the update until I read this gets fixed. Why do so many updates make the app worse? 1/5
Neutral review Calendar mail empty by anonym
When I get an email because of a calendar event, like an invite to a meeting, the mail is empty, except for the subject. If I view the same email on a desktop client running chrome, I see the full invitation with options to accept etc. The event has however been automatically added to my calendar, without giving me a chance to accept/decline. 3/5
Negative review If I could give no stars for this update I would by anonym
Where the H are all my older emails? Emails from my inbox that were older are gone. I never erased them for a reason. They aren't archived or in the trash. They're just missing! Update=Sucks 1/5
Negative review Won't update by anonym
Had to do a reset on my tablet 3 due to Google search stopped working. Had to reinstall all my apps. Everything reinstalled and updated except gmail update. It keeps trying but won't update and times out. 2/5
Negative review Draft Folder not functioning. by anonym
Since the update, draft folder has not been functioning properly. For one, It will not save your message after u update an existing draft, and 2nd error..It won't send out drafts (either that or it doesn't show up in the sent folder) please fix! 1/5
Positive review No email by anonym
After the last update i am not getting any emails on my phone. The inbox hasn't updated for 2 days. Plus whenever i try to send an email it takes a very long time and finally disappears all together after getting the sent notice, it isn't sent nor does it appear in my i use this app a lot, and before this update it worked perfectly, please fix. The phone is an Lg G2 with android 4.2.2 5/5

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