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Angry Birds Seasons
Created by Rovio Entertainment
Angry Birds Seasons

Android version
2.3 and up
Team note
9 / 10
Users note
9 / 10
about 100000000
44 Mo
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Team review

" Thematic destruction. "

The application has not yet detailed description, however the team assigned the note of 9 / 10. This note is based on the following criteria: Quality, Usefulness, Ease of Use, Privacy Concerns of user data (depending on the permissions required)..

The app is compatible from version 2.3 of Android. Any supperior OS version will support it.

Its weight is 44 MB. The application requires a bit of storage space, but it is justified by the features offered.

Its number of downloads in the Android Market (Google Play) makes it an indispensable application. More than five million people already use. Do not hesitate to get it back. Any device (smartphone or tablet) must possess.

User reviews

40 users have given their review on Angry Birds Seasons.

Positive review Love this game by anonym
No matter what i cant stop playing. Still need to open nba but still my favorite 5/5
Negative review Keeps crashing by anonym
I really like the angry birds games, but every time I open this one, it crashes. I have a Motorola xoom tablet. =( 1/5
Negative review not my thing hate sports by anonym
I really hate sports so I disliked this but other angry birds are fun and good. 2/5
Negative review Download more by anonym
The game is good but you need to download more to play the other seasins I mean whats the point of downloading the game when you have to download to play the other seasons 2/5
Negative review Hate the cloud by anonym
I mean why put all of my already played games on angry birds seasons? I personally think that was stupid. 1/5
Positive review Fine-land oh my. by anonym
Down time is fulfilled.... Math and physics at the same time? OMG! What fun! ? More levels please?!!!!! 5/5
Negative review How to ruin a good thing by anonym
Wishing for a free game app without advertising is to play only tic-tac-toe forever. Too much advertising in a game app is attempting to play chess through a billboard. That is what Rovio has done with the once beloved franchise; every shot comes with at least one banner ad that occupies about 10% of your screen. Worse is when the timing of the ad keeps it hidden until a critical moment when you need to attack from above. What once gave great joy (in small bursts) now invokes a migraine. 1/5
Positive review by anonym
Love all your angry birds game! But am dissapointed I can't play stella. Anywho as always keep up the awesome job! I love allyour other games too!! 5/5
Positive review My Lack of Life Thanks This App by anonym
If it weren't for Angry Birds and all of its versions I would probably never get anywhere on time. Early for an appointment? Angry Birds is waiting on your phone as the perfect time killer. I might even look forward to my Angry Birds time. Oh crap have to go punch in for work.. 5/5
Negative review Great game but by anonym
Can't save game data to cloud to resume levels from different devices. Ads have ruined game play, non option to buy ad free version either. In app purchased are wildly expensive. When this game started it was great, now ruined by mo money grubbing 2/5
Neutral review NO AIMING ASSIST by anonym
You have to use a power up to use it really! All of the other games have aim assist. 3/5
Negative review Seriously!!!!!!!!! by anonym
What is up with all the pop ad/videos???? It's on every angry bird game I have downloaded, can't this be fixed? I would give the game 5 stars but this is annoying and makes me not even want to play the game 2/5
Positive review Hello to my wife is a great deal on a few years of his career with the new england patriots in the world is not by anonym
I'm going back agnd the other side 4/5
Positive review Angry Birds Seasons by anonym
My son and I think Angry Birds Seasons and Bad Piggies are the best Angry Birds games, we play all the time together!! 5/5
Positive review Birds, birds, birds... and ads, ads, ads. by anonym
I thought I had paid for the ad-free version last year, but then I jump carriers with a new phone and here we are again with the top-corner ads. Pro Tip: Pause and the add will go away for a bit. 4/5
Negative review It never works by anonym
It always act up if I to install it again it won't work I don't like it I thought it would work but it didn't gotta delete this app I hated it you like this app your weirdo that's all I need to say 1/5
Negative review Paid and got nothing by anonym
I paid $.99 to unlock all levels. It unlocked one level, then asked again. This = Bullshit ADS! ADS! ADS! 1/5
Positive review Great Game by anonym
Except a lot of the time the game just shuts itself down and few times it has refused to open. Other than that keep up the good work! 4/5
Negative review Basketball? Seriously Disappointed by anonym
Angry Birds Seasons WAS my favorite version, until the NBA leven was added. Not a fan of basketball and all the branding is annoying! Basketball is not a season nor is it a holiday. If you want to celebrate sports, make a sports version! Not happy with this level at all. Epic Fail Rovio! 1/5
Negative review Bullshit by anonym
This game will not work I jus bought the NBA section for my son an now the whole app shuts down saying angry birds process unexpected I want my money back for the NBA portion since its unplayable an doesn't work worst game ever this is rip off don't purchase anything from the angry bird apps they all do the same thing 1/5
Neutral review It's OK But The Old Seasons Are Boring Sometimes by anonym
Its OK but some seasons are being locked pls remove those things ? 3/5
Negative review Bad update by anonym
Since the last update, adding new NBA levels & 1 egg, the game won't even open.? Gets to the home screen & closes. Please fix! 1/5
Positive review Loved I T!!! by anonym
I love everything bout the angry birds series I love how rovio pushes this game to the limit then again its still sort of a repeat but I definitely recommend this awesome GAME! 5/5
Negative review Angry Birds Seasons is higher intrusive by anonym
Overall it is great game, it has more scenery and new level design than Angry Birds Classic. The most annoying and intrusive is the game continue to use my data even after I set restrict app background data under App data usage. 2/5
Negative review What's going on? by anonym
There are already stars on all the games with the piggy bullies as though someone has already played them. I just got the nba update...All of them have highest scores and stars already. WTH rovio. Let's fix this please 2/5
Neutral review Here's a new episode but you have to pay to get all the levels... by anonym
When I saw there was a new episode in Angry Birds Seasons I was really excited @ first. Then I saw it was NBA not something season related. Ok I was even willing to accept that, then I found out that after the 1st 15 levels you have to pay to get the rest!? That was really disapointing. Angry Birds Seasons was always my favorite out of all the Angry Birds games but I will not endorse a game that gives you only a portion of the levels & makes you pay for the rest. Either charge me a reasonable one time fee for it all or don't charge me @ all. Also I think there's a problem with the game it's saying 16,480 days or 46 years until the next level?! Fix it please. 3/5
Positive review Good but the adverts are annoying by anonym
Good game few nice levels and ideas. But the constant adverts ruins it 4/5
Negative review App crashes after last NBA update. by anonym
Good job Rovio. After last update game crashes few seconds after loading screen. Same happened with Angry Birds Space few days ago. Excellent. 1/5
Positive review People are frigging lying by anonym
This game is pure gold. You need to accept this is how Rovio makes money. They gave you more than 90 percent of the game for free, and you're complaining over buying something you don't even need? 5/5
Positive review Love angry birds. by anonym
So many good games on the market these days. Angry birds is still my all time favorite!! I have played all of them and bad piggies too. Updates r always great, have never had any problems. 5/5
Positive review Love all the slingshot Angry Birds apps by anonym
Just the right amount of in game annoyances needed to make money for the developers yet provide endless hours of inane fun for those who don't want to, or can't, pay. Great job, please don't change the the parameters you have in place, keep these games the free classics they are, and will always be. 5/5
Positive review I love basketball and angry birds by anonym
I am really happy they came up with this hard game but that is what makes it more fun 5/5
Positive review Awesome!!!! by anonym
This app is awesome love it ,angry birds could never get better ???????? 5/5
Positive review by anonym
Nice. Good new stuff. I don't mind the branding... It's kind of well done actually. Except for the junk that tries to make you get online 4/5
Positive review Don't Complain by anonym
The way marketing most likely works in gaming especially with rovio is that they would make a new level and some people would say that they shouldn't charge for us to play the whole level but really they are still technically working on it and paying for extra levels is just quick access to levels they were going to release in the future, so don't complain if they ask you to pay for more things they will just release it for free later on 5/5
Positive review by anonym
I tried this game for the first time yesterday at the prodding of a friend who seems to love it. Well.,,....WOW!!! It is entertaining and fun, fun, fun, so much so that I'm downloading all of them! 5/5
Positive review by anonym
Angry birds is by far the most exciting game with never ending fun. Thank you 5/5
Negative review Really?!? by anonym
Basketball is NOT a season! I like having new levels, but if the NBA wants to sponsor an angry birds then give them their own and give us more levels of the things we consider (and look forward to that is) seasonal. Shame Rovio shame!!! 1/5
Neutral review by anonym
On several levels. I do not receive my score even after killing all of the pigs and destroying the structures. 3/5
Positive review Not too bad by anonym
While basketball isn't my thing this is still fun. However I'm stuck on level 2 maybe a hint here or there would be helpful. It's the only thing holding me back. 4/5

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