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Reduce Photo Size
Created by shoozhoo
Reduce Photo Size

Android version
Team note
8 / 10
Users note
8 / 10
about 1000000
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Team review

" Reduce the photo file size. "

The application has not yet detailed description, however the team assigned the note of 8 / 10. This note is based on the following criteria: Quality, Usefulness, Ease of Use, Privacy Concerns of user data (depending on the permissions required)..

The app is compatible with most Android devices running on.

Its number of downloads in the Android Market (Google Play) makes it an extremely popular application and rightly so. More than a million users are using it on mobile or on touch pad.

User reviews

40 users have given their review on Reduce Photo Size.

Neutral review by anonym
It's incredibly annoying to have to sign up for google+ just to write a comment or review... Please fix this app, reducing photo size via share does not work all the time, images often get sent at full size or doesnt send at all. I have not seen anybody complain about this issue so maybe it is specific to my phone which is an HTC one m8 running whatever that latest release is. Thank you 3/5
Neutral review Small size low quality ites not ok by anonym
Big size best quality 3/5
Positive review Does the Job, Eventually by anonym
I can't believe this function is not built into Android, Google Mail, Google photos, or Snapseed. Allows you to reduce the size of images before sharing or sending by email. From the Compose window in Google Mail, you tap the paperclip, and choose Select Attached File. Open the menu, select Reduce Photo Size, and Select Image. Select the big image you want to reduce, which opens in Reduce Photo Size. Tap the image, select Reduce, select resolution, then share to Gmail. Whew! 4/5
Positive review Dont know all the features but by anonym
Works great for what I want to do with it, basically reduce the size of some jpg filés I need to upload on some websites 4/5
Neutral review Needs a tweak! by anonym
This is a great app, but when you resize a photo it leaves a black line around the space where it shrinked. There is no option to remove the black line and you cannot crop a perfect square from the app. Can you please correct this? Thank you! 3/5
Positive review Nice app by anonym
It fullfill my needs in all type by reducing the size of pic and makes easy to send at weak network also... 5/5
Positive review Best app of reducing photo size by anonym
No other apps makes photo reduce size 5/5
Negative review Samsung galaxy by anonym
The only problem is once you done with the pic resize you have to login back to the app if you multi resize. 2/5
Positive review Easy to use app. by anonym
I use it all the time to before sharing pics. 4/5
Positive review Few permissions needed by anonym
If you value your privacy, this app has the fewest permissions. Yes you can only do one pic at a time. But you can send multiple pics in an email. Simple to use. 5/5
Positive review Sohel pc by anonym
So nice edit ing sft & reduced size of any size image that u mention 5/5
Neutral review Just OK by anonym
It does the job, but lacks the multi picture resizing. Choosing the file location is not the easiest (typing it rather that going through the folders list). 3/5
Positive review Simple and useful by anonym
Using it since gingerbread and it is perfect for reducing the size for emails. Only downside is you can not share more than one picture for one email. 5/5
Positive review Its a good app by anonym
It helps a lot when I screen shot pictured? 5/5
Positive review Excellent app by anonym
This is the best app for reducing the image size they are proving good service i will suggest you to use this app. 5/5
Neutral review Selection of multiple files not possible by anonym
Hi Please incorporate the feature of compressing multiple files. This will help us a great deal! Thanks! 3/5
Positive review Amazing app by anonym
If u wanna reduce ur photo size just use this app. It's an excellent app to reduce extra fat from ur photo. Thanks a lot u guys for presenting this helpful app. Just love it! 5/5
Positive review A very nice app by anonym
But it is annoying that you have to clise the app if you aant to edit another picture 4/5
Positive review Good app by anonym
Don't like not being able to choose photo after photo. Seems like I always have to exit and then go back in to get to the screen that says choose photo. 4/5
Negative review My custom size isn't working by anonym
I'm trying to resize to 450 x 450, but it keeps giving me something smaller 2/5
Positive review Really good just missing one thing by anonym
Amazing app to shrink images to fit more in mms from larger camera 5mb files. Only thing that would make it better is to go back to main screen after saving reduced file. Atm you have to close app and open to reduce another file. Would be good if you could select multiple files. 4/5
Neutral review Decent. Does its job by anonym
It's ok. Very simple app. Crop and/or resize. Then save, share 3/5
Positive review Bloody marvelous app! by anonym
Now I'm able to reduce pics to set as whatsapp profile. 5/5
Negative review Wtf? by anonym
Okay yeah it minimizes photos just fine.... now how the heck am I supposed to SAVE it to my PHONE, which was THE WHOLE POINT. 1/5
Negative review Bad by anonym
Terrible, resizes with borders, pointless and terrible 1/5
Neutral review Size in kb? by anonym
Would be more useful if I knew the kb before I commit to a dimensional size. Maybe a slider showing expected dimensions and kb. 3/5
Positive review Easily reduce photo size before uploading to email/social media. by anonym
Currently allows reduction one photo at a time. A batch option would be ideal. 5/5
Positive review I hate to the review system by anonym
Right now I'm downloading it so I've no idea how's does it work..but..I'm spending my precious data for downloading it so I think it should be cool..... :) 4/5
Neutral review Could uou please add a 'preserve aspect ratio' option and a way to process several pictures at once? by anonym
Both of these settings would be extremely useful and shouldn't be too hard to implement. I'll give the other two stars if/when they're added. 3/5
Positive review Quick and Simple by anonym
I like: Simplicity of cropping, re-sizing, getting things done. Choices available for resizing. Ability to change storage location. non-obtrusive advertizements. Minimal permissions! ... Suggestions, to improve: (I would pay for these!): Allow default storage location to be changed. Multiple selection would be useful for resizing multiple photos. ... Otherwise, good job - thanks! 4/5
Positive review Useful for my needs by anonym
Please put an option to go back to the main page if I want to reduce another picture. I keep having to reopen the app when I do several pics. 4/5
Neutral review huge black border with custom sizes :-( by anonym
When I use custom photo size, it puts a huge black border around my image. All of the standard sizes are too small. Unfortunately, that makes it unusable for me. :-( I don't remember it doing this with my old phone. What this app needs: (1) Fix black border bug. (2) Allow me to pick size in terms of % of original which will preserve aspect ratio. With these fixed, I'd give it 5*s. Nice to have: (3) Let me add sizes to the menu (in fact I almost never want any of the sizes in the menu). Menu for size of cropped images (add standard sizes: facebook banner, facebook profile photo, twitter avatar, etc). (4) Would be really cool to show both a square crop and a circle overlay for use with apps that crop to circle (Android, OSX). It's hard to tell what's going to be in that circle. 3/5
Positive review Best free pic shrinker by anonym
Ive had this app on my S3, S4 and today i tried to try a diff app on my A3 after wasting data I could not find a better app. This is the best free photo shrinker. Never let me down. Well done 5/5
Negative review No back or ratio lock by anonym
There is no way to go back to selected images if you got multiple files. Also, you can't lock the ratio when shrinking, which sucks. App needs more attention, looks like work undone. 2/5
Neutral review Modern Look lacking by anonym
I prefer a more modern looking app for my Lollipop device rather than this. But I am forced to use it for its productivity which you developers should be proud of. But please work in its appearance too. 3/5
Positive review Great app but please offer a paid for version! by anonym
Really like this app but find the ads distracting. Would happily pay for an ad-free version - please consider offering this?? Please! 4/5
Negative review Does not work + confusing to use!! by anonym
TOTAL GARBAGE!!! No idea how the custom resize works, the number values don't work like you think they would. Also it doesn't make your picture smaller, it just cuts off the edges to fit the smaller size!!!! 1/5
Neutral review by anonym
It's ok, but I am unable to choose more than 1 pice at a time. Would like to choose multiple pics and reduce all at once, then send. 3/5
Negative review by anonym
It will do a nice job to reduce 1 picture, however, should it take 7 emails to send 7 pic's? Doesn't seem to save the reduced size pic, maybe why I can't send more than 1 pic at a time, wow, that sticks for my use. I am using a Droid Turbo 4.1 Sept. 24, 2015 2/5

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