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Created by Tumblr

Android version
Team note
9 / 10
Users note
9 / 10
about 50000000
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Team review

" The stuff you love ! "

The application has not yet detailed description, however the team assigned the note of 9 / 10. This note is based on the following criteria: Quality, Usefulness, Ease of Use, Privacy Concerns of user data (depending on the permissions required)..

The app is compatible with most Android devices running on.

Its number of downloads in the Android Market (Google Play) makes it an indispensable application. More than five million people already use. Do not hesitate to get it back. Any device (smartphone or tablet) must possess.

User reviews

40 users have given their review on Tumblr.

Negative review Annoying by anonym
Crashes way too much. I go exploring other user profiles. Crash. Reblog. Crash. Opens app, crash. As much as LOVE tumblr I'm disappointed in the app. I go weeks without using because it's a freaking pain 1/5
Negative review Great by anonym
Really good app. However, can be quite inconsistent across the board at times Edit. Dispite having autoplay turned off, Tumblr seems to instantly play everything. Annoying and Data consuming. Not happy. 2/5
Negative review "The app is so much quicker!" by anonym
Nope. Ironically, the desktop version is a lot faster than this. Loading texts are fine, but images literally take 5 to never minutes to load. And apparently a lot of people have complained about this issue. Please fix this. 1/5
Positive review Great customer service! by anonym
Story: i have an Android tablet, and the tumblr app was being horrible. Just aweful. I wasn't able to go onto the homepage, or else I would instantly crash! I could only navigate through notifications and links. I sent 3 reports. I was a bit impatient. However, only 1~2 weeks later, fixed! The content isnt to bad either, you just need to follow the right people! Thanks for this good app! Only one problem however. On computer versions, the homepage of different bloggers tend to have links for navigation at the top of the page, and customized backgrounds. I want this to be a lot more like computer, as it gives those quality of life benefits. 4/5
Neutral review I'm crying by anonym
1. you can't reblog something and add a picture to it, only a gif and it has to be a gif from tumblr 2. You can't see the graphics about your notes and followers 3. If you have extra sites on your blog they won't be shown at the mobile theme. Only your posts, likes and who you follow 4. It often freezes and you have to restart it several times, also with a good mobile phone. 3/5
Negative review Crashed App Always Jump Out.. by anonym
Pls fix it so i can enjoy using ur good apps..if u still do nothing i rather uninstall it coz it really spoil when the apps always jump out..hope u take action on my problem..tq..???? 1/5
Positive review It's a great app by anonym
It was pretty easy uploading things you wanted or talking to people and you can find more blogs. It was slow at times but its really great 4/5
Positive review Improvements by anonym
I really like your reblog feature on iOS where it shows you three blogs and you slide your finger to pick which one to reblog too. Why don't you implement that on Android too? 4/5
Negative review Worst updated version by anonym
For ever video ...after play..comes..tumblr has or that it irritating .. then video streaming become very slow...kindly rectify it...update new one ... 1/5
Positive review Cool by anonym
Awsome and easy i really love seeing everyones cool art work. 5/5
Neutral review Video problem by anonym
-1 Videos no longer play just loads forever. - 1 I do not care what Honey Boo Boo looks like now. 3/5
Positive review A lil problem with new update by anonym
Using my galaxy s6 I noticed that pictures have a small white line on the left side. The right side is ok. 5/5
Positive review Just try it..Its New & a little Different.. by anonym
The Style of tumblr is what makes it so different.. tumblr and its inventor's team are so casual.. they are not formal... and that is what makes it Cool... You can Share anything here.. 4/5
Positive review Freedom...feom sea to shinning Sea by anonym
Unlike Facebook u can post what u want even nude pics and don't have to worry about jealous hoes reporting you...I love it 5/5
Neutral review Audio posts treated as photos by anonym
Audio posts are treated like photos with my phone. When you tap on an audio post to play it, a photo screen shows up and it says "photo cannot be loaded." This bug has gone on for more than three versions and several months. Please fix. 3/5
Positive review by anonym
Great site but shame the people there are either a big failed abortion or just plain retarded 4/5
Neutral review A generally fun way to waste time by anonym
Hours of fun nonsense to be had as long as you don't mind occasional pointless "updates" from staff that seem to genuinely not have a clue. 3/5
Positive review Really really love it! by anonym
It's so quirky and fun, and I'm never bored. However it's a little bit laggy and that makes it a bit tricky to use sometimes. If this was fixed I would rate 5 stars! 4/5
Neutral review Crashes by anonym
Every time I go on the app and scroll through my dashboard a bit, the app will just close randomly and when I open it again it refreshes it from the beginning. It makes it nearly impossible to read a long post whilst on mobile. 3/5
Neutral review Fun by anonym
Quick, easy to use. Except now even when connected to WiFi, pictures, GIFs and videos take forever to load and sometimes never load at all. And when you reblog anything, everything disappears. 3/5
Positive review Wow by anonym
Personally as an artist, I love seeing other people's art and I really like how you can tune out suggestions that you don't like overall, it's a good app 5/5
Positive review Amazing and familiar by anonym
It felt like I was using Pinterest all over again. It was amazingly easy and fun to see the results that showed up. 5/5
Positive review by anonym
Very good despite being a bit slow. Other than that it's pretty much Tumblr. Would definitely recommend! 5/5
Negative review Ugh... by anonym
With new update, videos and gifs automatically play...even after I toggle the mode on and off. A very important feature for me. 1/5
Positive review All the fellow fans by anonym
There are so many people that are into the fandoms that I'm into, making me feel better about myself, and what I'm interested in. And everyone on Tumblr is as big of a piece of trash as I am. Soooo. Yeah. 5/5
Positive review v. on Lollipop 5.1 by anonym
***Comments on the most recent update: It's improving! The content is loading a little bit faster now - thanks to the app developer team! 5-star if you guys could make it a lot faster. Good job! ? ***Comments on previous update: Love Tumblr, actually, but it's very slow to load! Wish the app developer team could do something to make it so much better -- faster! If other apps could do it, why Tumblr couldn't? ? 4/5
Positive review by anonym
My ***** mite b bc "Facebook app"?is horrendous!???*=I HATE it! 'Norton Security and Antivirus' rates 'Tumblr app' "No Risk: 0 ads, low background data & battery usage"!? it's high MB, but if u "Force Stop" app it will obey indefinitely!? "fb app" reopens in 5 min. ETERNALLY?fb staff will #BurnInHELL4EVER! (&ever!) Tumblr=#FreedomOfSpeech(&EVERYTHING!???????(?)(?)?????????????catch my drift?... 18+?) fb caters2 #RightWingChristians 4 CA?H??bc they WILL boycott if fb #FreeThe 5/5
Negative review Stopped working by anonym
Since the latest update app keeps on crashing about 4 seconds after opening Please fix ! Cannot use at all as it is now! Still not fixed 2 months later Thanks for nothing!!! 1/5
Negative review Force close by anonym
Every single time I use it, it never fails to force close/stops working. 1/5
Negative review Terrible phone experience for such a great site. by anonym
If you won't let me use tumblr in the web browser on my phone, you should have the link at the bottom *actually open that blog in the app* NOT open the Google play page for an app I've already downloaded. I'm not the kind of user to open the Tumblr app purposefully, and this lack of integration (not to mention app pushiness) has made using tumblr on my phone frustrating instead of fun. 2/5
Negative review Too slow by anonym
I don't know why, but the speed of desktop site throws the app out of water, while it should have been other way around. Otherwise feature rich and enjoyable. 2/5
Positive review Nice but by anonym
Its a nice app . Have given a great control on managing the theme of the profile unlike various social media platforms . But there is an issue that it has some problem in loading stuff quicker . Even though if i m using high speed internet it is much slower . 5/5
Negative review Latest update was terrible by anonym
Cant play the vids. The gifs and still image takes a lot of time to load. Posting takes a lot of time too. (Not an internet issue since i was using the same network from before the update, but was perfectly fine.) What are the devs doing? 1/5
Negative review Not so Good job on recent updates by anonym
Update - 7/8/16: New version crashes like a new born bird. 11/7/14: So still having image issues. Now gifs don't work well. I have to clear my app cache multiple times a week. Yahoo is messing up Tumblr. Update - 10-25-14: With the most recent updates, images fail to load. Texts is loads fine, though. Good job on breaking the app on Android!!!!!!!!!!! Good, but full client on web page is better. 2/5
Negative review Things fail to load and tags are broken. by anonym
Tapping a tag acts like a search for that keyword, instead of that tag and posts tagged with that tag as its supposed to. No i dont want to see every post within the blog that mentiones a word, hard to believe right?! But also things still fail to load half the time with full net connection. This is a joke of an app. 1/5
Positive review Socializing with anti-socials by anonym
I got an account on Tumblr to start posting my art. I would only draw, so I'm not a very social person. This app has made me more comfortable to talk with others because it's only threw text, and it lowers my social anxiety. It's nice to just communicate through gifs and art communions. 5/5
Negative review Uninstalled by anonym
It's so slow nothing ever loads while all the other apps like instagram load fast enough. If you could please do something about the speed I'll install it again. Till then I'll just have to use the desktop site. Overall, I love tumblr but the speed is the only turn off for me. ? 2/5
Positive review You'll truly never get bored. by anonym
Whether you want light hearted cat memes, inspo pics of varying degrees of maturity, or deep intellectual conversations of recent events, it's all here. 5/5
Positive review Great app, nice looking ui by anonym
Except it demand a fast Internet connection otherwise it will annoy you enough to scroll through. It should be smaller size for thumbnail and do not load anything until user tap a pic/vid/gif manually. And please give a option to stop video autoplay while on wifi just like option for mobile data 5/5
Positive review Auto-play Video Setting by anonym
This kind of feature makes me sick already. Why we can't have an option to disabling auto-play video over wi-fi? 4/5

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