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Created by TuneWiki

Android version
2.2 and up
Team note
8 / 10
Users note
8 / 10
about 10000000
11 Mo
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Team review

" Scrolling lyrics ! "

The application has not yet detailed description, however the team assigned the note of 8 / 10. This note is based on the following criteria: Quality, Usefulness, Ease of Use, Privacy Concerns of user data (depending on the permissions required)..

The app is compatible from version 2.2 of Android. Any supperior OS version will support it.

Its weight is relatively light (11 MB). This space will be required for the proper functioning of the application on your device.

Its number of downloads in the Android Market (Google Play) makes it an indispensable application. More than five million people already use. Do not hesitate to get it back. Any device (smartphone or tablet) must possess.

User reviews

40 users have given their review on TuneWiki.

Negative review Sucks by anonym
Used to really love this, now nothing will load it will say i have no internet signal even when im connected through wifi. Wont let me link accounts, just terrible app. Dont even bother downloading this app 1/5
Negative review Lost all music by anonym
I went to play my music (78 songs) and they were all gone. Tried to log in and it said I didn't have an account. Very very disappointed in the app! 1/5
Negative review Lyrics not sync by anonym
This app was good when i try it before but lately i noticed that no lyrics is sync or it always appear that no internet connection when in fact i have good internet connection. Fixed this bug so i can update my ratings. 1/5
Negative review Garbage update by anonym
I've had this app on all my phones and it worked great now i can't even login to use the best features. Haven't been able to login for months. No scrolling lyrics & now it has deleted more than half my songs. I use music as therapy for number illnesses so this is devastating. Please fix soon. Loved the app at first & to me there's really nothing else like it but right now it's garbage and if possible i would've given it 0 stars. 1/5
Negative review It's a joke by anonym
I agree whit mottzilla87 I'm using Wi-Fi and still no internet connection what the f*** for reals uninstall good good thing I didn't log in with my facebook account I will be embarrassed to share. An app the don't work at all on Facebook 0 stars what's below zero nada mine my first time trying it disappointment success 1/5
Negative review Fix the bugs!! by anonym
I have not been able to connect TuneWiki to Facebook or the internet for lyrics for almost a year! I really love this app, but if the bugs don't get fixed I will be deleting TuneWiki! 2/5
Negative review Actual Rating: ZERO stars!! by anonym
App won't let me log in with facebook or create a tunewiki account. Says I'm not connected to the internet when I'm on Wi-Fi with full bars. Won't search/show lyrics cause I'm supposedly not connected. Totally sucks because I was really excited about this app!! 1/5
Positive review Love it by anonym
Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it 5/5
Negative review Finally gave up and uninstalled by anonym
The app worked consistently, but became a horrible nuisance. Whoever came up with "mpoints" needs to be demoted to janitor. It popped up every time I opened the app. The app is no longer about music and convenience, but has become a spamming version of a music MySpace. Stupid. Used to could change songs by swiping. Used to easily access a song id option. Used to love this app. Now I can't stop rambling about how bad it has gotten. 1/5
Positive review GREAT APP!!! GOOD JOB GUYS!!! by anonym
This app is incredibly awesome!!!! I have a mac computer & ipod & apple tv which are all through apple and I have an Android smart phone... This app allows me the ability to use on all these devices and so much more. Just download app on one of yr devices to start with, once it's installed create an account than authenticate through your email then install app on any other device u may have for apps and sign in and enjoy the many awesome features!!!! 5/5
Negative review Please fix by anonym
I agree with all the recent poor reviews. I used to love this app for my music, it was my go-to...but now it stubbornly insists I have no internet connection when I do! 2/5
Negative review Don't download this app by anonym
I use to love this app but I can't even sign in. It keep saying something went wrong. 1/5
Negative review Error by anonym
Always giving no internet connection error though I have WiFi connected or through cellular 1/5
Negative review Once It was by anonym
One of best apps on my phone... sadly i change to 1star :[ it does not longer show lyrics while listening with Samsung music standard application... and it Says no Internet connection... i waited over a year before posting this bad review hoping for w change but it got worse... i definitely uninatall... 1/5
Negative review Seriously failed by anonym
Wow, I have unlimited 4g data on both my phones and it keeps telling me no Internet access 1/5
Negative review Unusable by anonym
Incredibly enough, I could not add my own local folders with songs to My Library... so, what's the point then?... 1/5
Negative review Ruined it! by anonym
I had to delete my old review bc something has happened to ruin this app! I have been using it since 2011 and have always loved it and recommended it to all my friends but now it won't work right at all! I just got a new phone, LG g3, bc I thought maybe my moto rzr was part of the problem but still doesn't work right! I am always connected to the net, either by my mobile network or my WiFi @ home. Every time I try to use my tunewiki it won't show the lyrics bc it says I have no internet connection. Plz fix! 2/5
Neutral review Won't load lyrics by anonym
This app used to work well. Now it never has lyrics because there's never an internet connection even when I'm at home on WiFi. Also displaying the wrong album art. Same album art on several songs regardless of the artist is. There's no way to change the default art. .. Rated ok because it at least plays my music. 3/5
Neutral review Right now anyway...was better by anonym
Lyrics no longer show up saying no internet when connected and won't show my followers saying same thing. Was an amazing app till now but still good as far as music player. Plz fix this tho and will b amazing again 3/5
Negative review Crappie App!!! by anonym
Says I have no Internet connection even tho my data is turned on!!! Says 'no lyrics available' for EVERY SONG!!! Not to mention I paid $2.99 for the pro version w/o ads.....still have ads and Ive contacted them twice about it with no response!!! Uninstalling!!! 1/5
Negative review No Lyrics . No Connection. by anonym
Have used this app successfully with LG, Nokia and Samsung through the S4, but now on th S5 I get no lyrics or connection... and this constant rewards pop-up! After many good years, it's time to uninstall. 0 stars on this edition. 1/5
Positive review Woohoo! by anonym
Best music player available :) The only issue is the home screen widget is too large. There is unused space above and below the widget player. 4/5
Negative review No Connection by anonym
I have WiFi at home and its still showing no connection for lyrics or other things. Please fix! I've had this app for years and I finally just got it back. It wouldn't let me log into my old account so I made a new one and now it won't let me log into that one. Help!! 2/5
Negative review Used to love it by anonym
I would use this app and loved it at the beginning (2 years ago or so), but lately it been saying... "No internet connection".. And won't display the lyrics... Sooo sad about it... I am going to uninstall this app. Hope that they will fix it though... 1/5
Neutral review Sucks by anonym
You guys need to get the crap figured out...I never had a problem with this till I logged out one time and now I can't log back in with my Facebook and can't listen to my music that I have id...get this crap fixed then I'll rate with 5 stars 3/5
Negative review Great idea...wish it worked by anonym
Installed...but cannot create account or log in. Will keep trying but not looking good. 1/5
Negative review Used to be the best by anonym
UPDATE: still crap. Says something went wrong when I try to login also says no Internet connection even though I'm connected to WiFi at 46mbps I don't get it deleting it no purpose of having it if I can't get lyrics I'll just stick to my stock music player 1/5
Positive review Not login in by anonym
Sad to hear news in some websites this app tunewiki is closed due to financial problems..used to love this app..If it comes back I will buy pro app 5/5
Negative review Epic fail by anonym
This used to be my favorite app but when i tried downloading this to a new phone it does not work. It's always saying that ur not connected to the internet. ??? 1/5
Negative review Instant Anger without function by anonym
Used to work well with my Samsung s4. Upgraded to the Motorola Droid Turbo, now TurdWiki goes out of it's way to elevate my blood pressure: won't connect to the server, can't log me in, the happy little 'circle of progress' just sits and spins. It must have covered more than 10 miles without actually doing anything. Logs me in fine to the mPoints crap, which I couldn't care less about. All I'd like are lyrics. No email response, not even telling me to F. O. So disappointing. 1/5
Negative review Was a good app. Now using Musixmatch by anonym
Not sure what happened to this app. I can't login to it at all. I click login, it goes to the login, I click Facebook fill out the boxes and hit enter. It says app not connected to Facebook or some error. Then it goes to white screen. I will now use Musixmatch app for recognizing songs on phone, showing lyrics, music ID, floating lyrics with top music apps, chrome cast and sharing. The features of tunewiki that are also in Musixmatch will be the reason for Musixmatch. Please use Musixmatch. 1/5
Negative review Getting sucks by anonym
After re-installing this, it won't allow me to log in to any account I had. Said try again later bla bla bla. And no lyrics? Keeps saying no internet connection eventhough my networks doing fine. What happen? This app used to be the best one -_-. Fix it and I'll give you 5 stars! 1/5
Negative review Always shows no Internet though I ve.. by anonym
It used to b 1 of ma fav nw its been useless..deleting it rightnw... It shows no scrolling lyrics infact always shows no internet when other apps r working fine on internet... Really disappointed... N I think d same issue is been faced by many more ppl....u guys really need to fix dis issue asap... 1/5
Negative review by anonym
Why tunewiki always saying no internet connection while my internet connection is still working, the lyrics doesn't show up 2/5
Negative review Music n Lyrics=A+, Rewards=F by anonym
For almost every song I play, the lyrics are usually there and are usually correct. Unfortunately, the rewards system is busted. I have many unclaimed points because they're almost impossible to pull up without a glitch. I could use a little help with the mpoints reward system situation. 11-7-14 update, still can't do my rewards, none of my lyrics show up instead says it has no Internet connection when i hav one, and freezes up. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE FIX SOON OR I'M FINDING SOMETHING ELSE!!! 1/5
Negative review Needs updated by anonym
This use to be my favorite music app. It had it all. Played music, lyrics scrolled. Lyrics haven't been available on it for almost a year now. Always says no internet available, when it's the app. When will it be fixed? 1/5
Positive review BEST MUSIC APP! by anonym
Not only does this app recognize all the music you already have on yr phone, but you can share yr music, follow people with similar music likes, therefore you find new music! Not to mention this is probably the best mPoints app alive! 5/5
Negative review Used To Love It Now........ by anonym
If there were a zero star option, I would have given this app that rating. When I had my very old and outdated Motorola Droid Bionic, this app worked perfectly. Now that I have a Samsung Galaxy S5, the app doesn't work. Not only will it not give me lyrics because it won't connect to the server, but it also will not allow me to log in with either Facebook or my Tunewiki account. Please fix for us users with an awesome newer phone. Thank you for your time. 1/5
Negative review connection by anonym
I have unlimited 4G yet its always saying no internet connection and won't show the words to any songs even when it says lyrics available. 2/5
Negative review Dissapointed? by anonym
This music player used to be my most fave among all the ones that ive tried! but i was really dissapointed when i download it on my new oppo android phone. it keeps telling me no internet connection even if i have net.. i dont understand, but all my other apps are completely working fine.. 1/5

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