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BeWeather & Widgets
Created by Bellshare
BeWeather & Widgets

Android version
2.1 and up
Team note
9 / 10
Users note
9 / 10
about 100000
5 Mo
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Team review

" High definition weather animations ! "

The application has not yet detailed description, however the team assigned the note of 9 / 10. This note is based on the following criteria: Quality, Usefulness, Ease of Use, Privacy Concerns of user data (depending on the permissions required)..

The app is compatible from version 2.1 of Android. Any supperior OS version will support it.

Its weight is light enough, less than ten MB (5 MB exactly) are needed to save to their device and use it.

Its number of downloads in the Android Market (Google Play) makes it a popular application. Over a hundred thousand users have downloaded on their smartphone or tablet.

User reviews

40 users have given their review on BeWeather & Widgets.

Positive review BrEather by anonym
It is real accurate on both the widget and the description of the details and follows the intervals as set. The only thing I wish it had is a long range forecast. But I otherwise would give it a 5. 4/5
Positive review Very Dependable and Accurate... by anonym
Extremely easy to use. I especially enjoy being able to choose from many cities from all across the world. The weather warnings are helpful as well. I am able to keep track of severe weather and alert my parents several hundred miles away. Every time I get a new phone I download the BeWeather app. Highly recommend it! 5/5
Negative review MAJOR BATTERY HOG! by anonym
Great app. I love the various radars that enable me to see weather patterns for myself. I HATE the fact that if I forget to go to the task killer and kill this app after I use it, I will return and my entire battery will be drained! WTF is THAT? 2/5
Negative review Wrong location by anonym
Used to love this app, but lately my hometown weather is giving me a towns that is over 250 km away! Also the app is no longer able to find my location. Will uninstall if not fixed soon. 1/5
Neutral review Loved it for normal weather... by anonym
But ATM Hurricane Sandy is approaching and while outside my windows the wind sounds like a neverending train and my sump pump is angry, my weather report tells me there is only a 4mph breeze with overcast sky. When I don't even need to look out the window to know the weather why have an app that doesn't even come close? Keep trying. Thanks. 3/5
Negative review What happened?? by anonym
This app used to be so great! Now it freezes up every time I open it. Completely unusable. :( I tried uninstalling/reinstalling, but no luck. Fix please? (Droid Bionic) 1/5
Positive review by anonym
Dec. 2013 - Great app! Better than any other weather app I tried. July 2016 - what was a fantastic and reliable tool a few years ago has deteriorated to a useless waste. The app constantly freezes, fails to update and locks up my home screen. An update to fix these issues needs to be addressed. Do not install until this app gets overhauled. 5/5
Negative review Getting worse by anonym
I have stuck with this app as long as I can. I realize I am using the free app but for all the info. You have stolen from me I expect a cleaner interface. You could at least make the ads out of the main viewing area. It was a nice run deleting... 1/5
Positive review Location feature not working. by anonym
Based in the UK and the app doesn't appear to know my location automatically, just comes up as failed all the time. For now I'm happy to tell it my location, but hope the problem is fixed soon :) 4/5
Neutral review by anonym
Beautiful animation. Such a pity it doesn't exist as a widget. The widget is like most other weather widgets: dull and unattractive. Limited weather information in the app. Would be poor app if not for the animation. 3/5
Neutral review I like it, but ... by anonym
The same severe weather advisory has been posted for my location since February 17. Today is the 28th, and I'm not getting the new Winter Weather Watch. Haven't had this problem in the past with this app, so don't know what happened. The extended forecasts have been fairly good and helpful though. 3/5
Positive review Never a problem by anonym
Always works on my Galaxy Mega phone. Thanks for creating this app, I use it everyday before getting on my motorcycle. Living in south florida you must stay informed of the weather. It can change at a moments notice. 5/5
Negative review This used to be my favorite by anonym
I liked this app best out of all weather apps I tried. HOWEVER... Two severe storms recently passed thru my area and this app crashed both times during the storms. It wasn't my service b/c other apps functioned fine. I no longer trust this app and have since dumped it. Bummer. 2/5
Negative review Recent update by anonym
If you update you will start getting ads on your screen. I gave loved this app for 2 years and had no ads. All of a sudden it started crashing and several days later an update was available. The new update has ads. I am wondering if the "crashing," wasn't so random, but a trick to get you to update and buy the paid app if you don't want ads. I an considering deleting the app for integrity issues. 2/5
Positive review It's raining it's pouring by anonym
I've used this for a few years now after evaluating around half a dozen other similar apps. I found this to be the most accurate and seems to have the best 4x1 widget in my opinion. 5/5
Negative review It used to be a good weather app .. when it worked by anonym
It stopped working "again" last week on all 4 of my Samsung Note II phones and on S6 Edge... so I assume it is the App fault and not an issue associated with the phone. Memory hungry, but probably because of animations. It used to be reasonably accurate. Pity, have to uninstall it, it is useless now. 1/5
Negative review Was good then stops working by anonym
I used this app for a long time then the past 3 weeks wont update weather just gives a last updated 39k + hrs. No change. Not a porblem from last update either far as I can tell just broke. 2/5
Positive review Problem with adding widget to homescreen has been resolved. by anonym
3? ?Cannot add widgets to homescreen I get a msg that says "problem downloading". I just re-installed the app & if the widgets work I'll then give 5?. 5/5
Neutral review by anonym
Loved this app on my BlackBerry. Not so much on my new android phone. Can't get hourly Temps just some annoying graph. The radar isn't as good. My locations aren't conveniently listed. Sort of disappointed. 3/5
Negative review Dev has abandoned this great app... by anonym
Too bad because this app had great potential. I still use it but I'm looking for something better. It used to be great but we've seen many system updates and now the app is unstable, lock ups occasionally and doesn't display foreign characters. Travel abroad and you'll really wonder where you are ;) The app says I'm in Nieporà Ât now... Wonder where that is ;) 1/5
Negative review Does Not Update!! by anonym
I actually love everything about this app except for the huge fact that the Widget won't update!!!!! It gets stuck on the same forecast which confuses you. Even when opening the app to refresh it the widget still refuses to update. I have to completely power down my phone in order for it to update which is very time consuming & irritating. It's gotten to be very annoying. Will probably uninstall. It's been a while since an update was available! Will this be fixed anytime soon?!! 1/5
Negative review Help by anonym
The suggestion link is broken. Nearly every time I launch there is an error and I must choose the refresh button. Most apps are capable of reporting when the is a bug and this one I have to go through the play store eating system. 1/5
Positive review Awesome by anonym
Great app, nice simple widget. App shows lots of info that others don't such as a interactive graph of temperature and precipitation for the next 36hrs. Only downside is there is annoying gittery animation when going from daily to hourly forecast. If fixed, I will purchase the full version. 5/5
Neutral review Love lost by anonym
I once loved this efficient and informative app, but it hasn't worked well (freezes, won't update after multiple tries and even closing & restarting. ...worse since I uninstalled and started again from scratch). Sadly, I am going with another app in hopes of less frustration. 3/5
Positive review Nice app with few bugs. by anonym
1. Battery drainer 2. Manual refresh update not working properly on widget. 3. Icons on weather forecast to small. 4. Sometimes get the message (Beweather unfortunately stopped responding) 5. Not more acurate than other unacurate weather app. After tried all weather apps on market, I had 4 of the best paied weather app installed same time, and still not found an app close to real weather forecast. Its 50% prediction 50% fact. I give 4 stars for the nice weather movies. 4/5
Positive review It's working again! by anonym
After losing the data on this app, I spent a few unhappy days without it. Finally, I uninstalled it. Upon reinstalling it, I was delighted to get back my favorite weather app. I love being able to view multiple saved locations with just a swipe. 5/5
Negative review Widget will not update by anonym
This weather widget was my favorite weather app. Used it for years. Changed phone to S5, Verizon, now this widget is totally useless. There is absolutely no support after countless e@mails. Avoid this app at all costs. 1/5
Positive review Almost Perfect! by anonym
Awesome features, just what I was looking for, 4 day extended forecast including hourly, n looks great overall. Only little problem is that every so often u must manually refresh it cuz the time gets stuck... 5/5
Negative review Crashes constantly shame as it looks great by anonym
Widget constantly crashes and locks up home screen. Clock and weather fail to update, appears to affect other widgets too. Since removal of widget my home screens are responsive and no longer freeze. A real shame as app looks great. My device is Nexus 4 jelly bean 4.2.2 1/5
Neutral review Great widgets but one serious problem by anonym
Thought I had found the perfect 4x1 weather widget for my home screen. Unfortunately the temperature for my town is always about six degrees lower than it should be. This is surprising because I've used Weather Underground in the past and found it to be reliable. The weather station seems to be a high school so maybe it's a placement or maintenance problem at the site. A shame because the app itself is great. Recommended but compare your temp with other sources for accuracy. 3/5
Neutral review Detailed graphics. // difficult navigation by anonym
Excellent Live high resolution maps. Very frusterating to customise this app almost makes me want to delete it from my device. Has great potental to be most sought after weather app. But as it stands complicated navigation and settings make it average. Sorry 3/5
Negative review Won't work by anonym
Use to work. I even bought the pro version. NOT WORTH paying all they do is rip you off. They should fix or give me back my money. This is why people rather go apk and not pay at all.. I will uninstall since this won't work. Fix this crap! 1/5
Negative review by anonym
It just stopped working this morning. On my phone and on my boyfriends as well. Different carriers. So its not my network. All of the info is listed as n/a. Will not refresh. Will not display current info or radar. No error message. Just decided it wasn't going to show weather anymore. Please fix this!! I've been a loyal user for years. I'll have to find another weather app if this isn't fixed. :( 2/5
Positive review Great but massive battery waster by anonym
I had this on both my nexus 7 and optimus g. On both devices it actually beat out the screen for most power used. Outside of that, this is exactly the app I always wanted and if that gets fixed I Will reinstall no questions asked Stopped caring worth the power 5 stars 5/5
Positive review Great app with a few bugs by anonym
I really love this app. It has everything I want for my weather needs. But the widget keeps freezing requiring me to restart my phone constantly. After reading some of these reviews, I see I'm not the only one with this problem. Please fix this issue and I would purchase the pro edition. 4/5
Positive review Great graphics by anonym
I switched to this app because of option weather alerts for my location or any area in US I chose to select. All the features are great. I didn't give five stars as the accuracy was off. Clear skies when raining and temperatures were off. My husband has been using this app longer and it has performed well on his exact phone. I am figuring problem today is just a glitch....but if you tell me snowing tomorrow....I live in FL and this is May. I will be back to chat! 4/5
Positive review Good Apps by anonym
its a good apps, but unfortunately, just found a big bug there... the forecast will show weather from my last day to next 4 days! not start from currently today! and that makes me confuse, as the highest and lowest temperature in current always keep the same as the first day of forecast, even its not today! 4/5
Negative review Awesome interface by anonym
This is the best interface in any weather app in the Play Store. Period. See if you can add accuweather also and let users choose the weather source, bacause weather underground is not showing the correct forecast. Also in 2x1 widget size the weather icon is slightly getting cut from the top (in the default icon set). 1/5
Positive review Gets the job done! by anonym
Other weather apps pick up the temp/conditions from 25 miles away from my city. I use Weather Underground but since there is no WU widget I gave this app a shot. So far so good! Updates right on time and when screen is unlocked. Weather conditions right on target for my location. Easy on battery. May consider the Pro version. 5/5
Positive review Review by anonym
I like it. Mainly the graph that shows temp and percipitation percentages together. You can move the curser several hours and it tells you what the temp and hum will be. Wish the picture changed with it but it only shows current conditions. My brain would like it better and process the info faster if it did which would make better my time spent. Wish it had a 15 day extended forcast shown on a calendar which seems easier for my brain to digest and comprehend and would be so useful to me. 4/5

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