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Retro Camera
Created by Wise Shark Software
Retro Camera

Android version
2.3.3 and up
Team note
8 / 10
Users note
8 / 10
about 10000000
1 Mo
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Team review

" Make amazing photos ! "

The application has not yet detailed description, however the team assigned the note of 8 / 10. This note is based on the following criteria: Quality, Usefulness, Ease of Use, Privacy Concerns of user data (depending on the permissions required)..

The app is compatible from version 2.3.3 of Android. Any supperior OS version will support it.

Its weight is very light, less than a megabyte is sufficient to store and operate.

Its number of downloads in the Android Market (Google Play) makes it an indispensable application. More than five million people already use. Do not hesitate to get it back. Any device (smartphone or tablet) must possess.

User reviews

40 users have given their review on Retro Camera.

Positive review Love it by anonym
Enjoyed it 5/5
Negative review B.A.D by anonym
Omg i have been lookin for a camera that sees in front of you! Omg mother fu$%ing in front of you 1/5
Positive review Sub_Zero by anonym
Very nice one, u ve to give it a try. 4/5
Positive review Great for Instagram! by anonym
Love that you're able to take photos in square format and the other features are pretty cool too! But I think there should be an option to not apply any filter on the photo 4/5
Neutral review Unconvincing by anonym
It's all right-ish, but the pictures don't really look like the real thing. More of a spoof on the film look than a serious attempt to replicate it. 3/5
Negative review happy by anonym
Good 2/5
Positive review by anonym
Its amazing 4/5
Positive review Luvs it by anonym
It's awesome and easy 5/5
Positive review by anonym
Woow this app is awesome!! 5/5
Positive review by anonym
Negative review by anonym
Too much ads 1/5
Negative review by anonym
Too many addddssss 1/5
Positive review Cool by anonym
After you take a picture it shows the cool part about it 4/5
Positive review Att aaa by anonym
Kaim aa 5/5
Neutral review by anonym
Wow so love ly to use 3/5
Positive review retro camera by anonym
its good camera is great and amazing 5/5
Positive review Camera variety by anonym
More cameras to choose. 4/5
Negative review Too many ads by anonym
Way too many ads... 1/5
Negative review by anonym
Too many ads. Annoying 1/5
Positive review The perfect picture.... by anonym
Love this app.... you get many many retro styles to choose from. 5/5
Negative review by anonym
To many ads. Hate this! 1/5
Neutral review Retro Camera by anonym
Too many adds and most of the filters have to be paid 3/5
Negative review Sucks App by anonym
I Was thinking that I could used all the filters. But then you have to paid for the others filters... ?? 2/5
Negative review Boring by anonym
Uninstall because advertising irritates the usage of this apps. 1/5
Neutral review If this dont by anonym
Work I will not download this app if it will work I will give this app 5 starts 3/5
Negative review Horrible by anonym
LOMO Camera was updated with Retro Camera and 2000 of my photos have been lost. Worst app EVER!! 1/5
Neutral review Confused by anonym
I'm a little confused - I paid to remove the ads shouldn't it be the pro version? Yet it says I have this one ? 3/5
Negative review Bad filters by anonym
Please don't download it its disappointing 1/5
Negative review Steve Holland by anonym
Irritating ad's. Just constantly bombarded with them. Way too many to be able to concentrate on editing. 2/5
Negative review by anonym
I have lots of lomo cameras and this what I use most of the time, at first but now crap after the polaroid was taken off after I paid for it! The more updates and the worse it gets 1/5
Negative review Doesn't work on Nexus 5X by anonym
Please fix your app so it works with my phone. The software shows the mirror image of the photos I am trying to take, making it extremely difficult and a poor user experience. 1/5
Negative review One big commercial by anonym
Plays an advert ever time you take a pic ! Very off putting. 2/5
Negative review Too much ads and poor user interface by anonym
It's very confusing to use and you have to reload the photos you just took over and over again and this is a major setback. The ads seem to flash and pop up endlessly which is too much annoying considering with the bad user interface. 1/5
Neutral review Confused by anonym
I just made a channel but I am on a nook. How can I post vids when don't have those things u take pics with 3/5
Negative review need a refund by anonym
i really didnt like this app from the start (coming from such apps as hipstamatic etc) and uninstalled it fairly quickly..i reinstalled it just recently for kicks, thinking that the in app purchase would be covered by my initial payment. i was charged a second time. i would like my 99 cents back thank you very much 2/5
Negative review Good for 2 seconds by anonym
App looks amazing but is ruined by way too many ads. Can't even take a photo with out an ad popping up. Uninstalled after less than a minute of exploring it. So sad. Had great potential. Definitely will not even consider buying it now. Ads got in the way for me to see its full use. 1/5
Neutral review I Was Surprised... by anonym
I Was VERY Impressed Initially, But Then I Attempted To ZOOM In For A Picture And I Could NOT!! I Am Somewhat Disappointed, But There Are MANY Other Great Qualities For This Camera App. Get This App As It Trumps The Factory App That Comes With A Phone... 3/5
Positive review Retro Cool by anonym
A great little app that let's you apply retro filters to your photos as you take them - select the camera style and then the filter style. I recommend the paid-for version to banish the adds. The downside is that it can be a little slow and there is no option to save to SD card. 4/5
Negative review by anonym
Not great... 1/5
Positive review by anonym
It is a very good camera but front camera is not visible.... 5/5

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Required permissions on the device

To work, the app requires access to the following device functions :