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MortPlayer Music
Created by Mirko Schenk
MortPlayer Music

Android version
Team note
9 / 10
Users note
9 / 10
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Team review

" Eseay and smart music player. "

The application has not yet detailed description, however the team assigned the note of 9 / 10. This note is based on the following criteria: Quality, Usefulness, Ease of Use, Privacy Concerns of user data (depending on the permissions required)..

The app is compatible with most Android devices running on.

Its weight is very light, less than a megabyte is sufficient to store and operate.

Its number of downloads in the Android Market (Google Play) is quite low. The application is either new, or limited to a specific area that only a few users are interested in.

User reviews

40 users have given their review on MortPlayer Music.

Positive review Better than others by anonym
The only music player that supports Chinese tag. Well done! But need a better ui design. Overall still a better one. 4/5
Positive review Has all I need by anonym
Has all features I was looking for, most important - playing folders and sort playlist by file name (also few sorting criteries). Still has room for improvements, but not critical. 5/5
Positive review Sounds very good. by anonym
I've tried out many other music players and this really is the best. Stock Android is better than many "free" players but this has the best sound. 5/5
Positive review Final a fix for the droided m3u bug by anonym
This is the perfect player for anyone that knows how to use a file system. My phone fell a-foul of the empty playlist bug. It affected a couple different music players that I tried. Thankfully Mortplayer ignores all the hidden secrets and just uses the file system as file systems were intended to be used. Thank you MortPlayer! 5/5
Positive review Brilliant Functionality, Little Outdated Interface! by anonym
This is indeed an excellent music player. The customization can be bit over whelming, but with a little time, it works just as I like. I wish there were future updates lined up, just to ramp up the interface a bit. If you can get past a little dated interface, this is just the best player. And top it all, its free! Thanks for the great work. 5/5
Positive review Looks slick after last update by anonym
But I would like to see more of the audiobookplayer features included so I could use this app for everything, music, podcasts & audiobooks. Also screen rotates if rotation is turned off in system settings. Fix please. 4/5
Positive review Thanks for understanding not everyone can afford to pay for apps! by anonym
You're the best! Thanks for making life easier in a financially messed up world, will donate when I get extra financial resources. Thank you for considering the small people who can't afford paid apps!! 5/5
Neutral review My favourite music player for my android phone! by anonym
Equaliser, lock screen menu, swipe gesture, auto sleep... You name it all, Mort Player has it all! 3/5
Positive review Very very very good by anonym
Thankyou for making this free. Finally my phone is perfect. The widget is awesome. All shape and size. Customable. Amazing. Folders as playlist. Can search trough tracks. Easy to use. For all music maniac. The widget has a next & previous folder button. Just like what pI wanted. Keep up the good work. 5/5
Positive review Thank you by anonym
Thank you thank you thank you! I had been trying to find a sane music player for an hour already, one that would simply let me point it at a folder and play that, showing the folders inside it. No playlist, album, streaming fads, just play my music please, in the structure I ALREADY HAVE FOR IT. Not some broken "album", "artist", or mp3tag (ALWAYS broken) sorting. App is otherwise also very functional and usable. 5/5
Positive review Awesome for Hard Drive based music by anonym
With an Android device installed in the car one of the hardest things I've encountered is finding a music app which can play music directly from USB attached storage. MortPlayer does an awesome job of this and has a very car friendly user interface. I only wish the shuffle button was a toggle and not a sub menu function. 5/5
Positive review Great! by anonym
So many options make it confusing. However after some time, the user can customize it and get exactly what wanted. appearance could be a bit better. 5/5
Positive review One of best players on my opinion. by anonym
Share 1st player position with Music Folder Player Free, cause can't save playlist state. 5/5
Positive review Finally! by anonym
Beautiful interface, great controls, all the options you want are there, the interface lets you do everything you could possibly want. It may take a minute to figure out but once you do it's perfect! Great for power users. 5/5
Negative review by anonym
I really liked this app, it played the files my basic player wouldn't recognize. But now if I use the player once then pause times out, when I go to play music again it shows it playing but no sound comes out unless I completely restart my phone. Even killing the app and restarting it doesn't work. Not sure if it's a conflict with my phone but I'm ditching it for something that actually works. 2/5
Negative review Keep force closing by anonym
I been using this player for two years now. Never had a problem til this updated start. That's why it's only two stars now. Til I see an improvement. 2/5
Positive review by anonym
Excellent app! Can you issue an update to have mp3 tags in unicode? Hebrew tags look gibrish.. 5/5
Positive review Best music player... by anonym
I don't know why any other music player gets five stars compared to this, I think this is the best music player for Android that I have used. I sometimes download different music players and they all fall short (except with ads, they cram lots of ads). I think that some people have some problems, and I do notice that after a long time that I sometimes have to restart the app, but that is a problem with the operating system more than the application. 5/5
Neutral review Stop audio on disconnecting call by anonym
Fantastic app with headset control, But when the call is disconnected it resummes the play without sound. After close and opening the player only the sound coming. If this fixed i will give 5 star. 3/5
Positive review I love it!!! by anonym
I've been using MortPlayer for my audiobooks since I got my phone more than a year ago. It is by far the best player for audiobooks, and MortPlayer Music gives me everything I want and need for my music too. I love having the separate apps so the media doesn't get mixed during playback. The interface is completely logical and easy to use and the widgets are great for easy access. My only complaint is that the app's icons be different colors as the two are too similar and difficult to differentiate. 5/5
Positive review Beats every player in the market even poweramp by anonym
Suggestions: 1. Keep the apk size small so that the app runs smoothely just for reference there is a launcher in the store named lightning launcher, it is 200kb in size and has features which even go launcher doesn't hv n those which go launcher has, it really revolutionary - why i am all writing this is because your app has almost every feature user may look for but plz make and keep it speedy/ lag free,for me it lags just a bit while browsing folders. Plz cnsidr. 2. UI can be improved greatly. BIG THANKS. 5/5
Negative review Was great , Keeps getting worse by anonym
I've been using this app for soo long it sucks that I'm looking for another player. The UI is soo bad I don't bother to set it up right anymore, I use this to play music by folder and for now the built in app for anything else , because I can actually use the playlist functionality. 2/5
Positive review I like its by anonym
Good Good Good good Good Good 5/5
Neutral review UI by anonym
The UI could use a bit of an update. Things are a little cluttered and could be shoved off to an slide out menu. Other than that things function beautifully. 3/5
Positive review Like it well by anonym
I like the random play and play by folder. And pointing it to where to look for music. But the bloaty 442 update has jinxed the player so that when activating the phone with this app as the last active on locking, it makes it dump it's memory of where the music is, it says: no files in this folder. Thus I have to point to the folder again. Sony Xperia z1 and Samsung s5. 5/5
Positive review The very best...hands down by anonym
always been a fan of mortplayer. However I recently installed a custom rom on my phone and for some reason the lockscreen menu doesn't work...I looked around at a dozen other players and only one (poweramp) comes close .why don't they compare? I add certain songs to specific folders.none of the other players had the option to skip folder to was all one long list of all my files .I would press skip for the next song and my Japanese lesson 1 would pop up. Or I had to manually select each folder.. 5/5
Neutral review Shuffles annoyingly. by anonym
I've used this player for a long time, and I've come to notice a really annoying habit it has. I have a playlist of 500+ songs that I listen to regularly, but this player has a tendency to shuffle mainly among only around 100 of those tracks, if even that many. I end up having to skip forward a lot because it's like, "I heard that one yesterday. That one too. That one too. Ugh, that one too!" A better shuffle algorithm will get you your stars back. In addition, I'd like to be able to hide the title bar; I feel it's wasting space. 3/5
Positive review Just like a fat-ugly anally fixated secretary. by anonym
Definitely one of the best under rated players out there. The UI is not tablet friendly. Every icon and button is huge and unappealing. Takes up too much RAM.. with that said.. the ability to sort by date added is a life saver. I hate having a new batch of songs and nit be able to play it in the order you want it to. Other players have autoplaylists where the recently added files are made in to a temporary playlist. It is just the worst thing. Nauseating even. This player gives me what i need. Thats just it 4/5
Positive review Just as good as the audiobook player by anonym
I downloaded this simply because I was so impressed by the audiobook player, and was not disappointed. Great configuration options, nice controls and excellent organisation. The usage of folder structures makes it all the more intuitive in operation. Far too many players try to reinvent the wheel when it comes to handling files, and this one just does what it should. An excellent product well worth downloading. 5/5
Negative review Nasty problems with Bluetooth by anonym
I'm experiencing very serious problems when using this app with a BT Headset. After a while it loses the connection to the buttons. When tapping on the app to re-enable the buttons, it sends a very nasty, high-piched and extremly loud noise that has the potential to make you deaf. The app can also sometimes after this problem arises, and you change track with the BT buttons set the volume to extremly high, beyond the phone's loudest setting, which also will damage your hearing. A lot of nice features, but what are they good for when you end with bein deaf? 1/5
Neutral review Unstable lately by anonym
Using kitkat. Crashing regularly. Love this because I can sort by folder structure but the UI is clunky and unintuitive 3/5
Negative review Great app at first, ruined with time by anonym
It was a great app at beginning - simple, reliable. Adding so much useless stuff you just made it heavy, unstable - useless... 1/5
Positive review Awesome music player by anonym
I love this awesome update. My complements to the developer team.. keep on developing such awesome cool app.. thanx alot.. this is the only music player i use.. 5/5
Positive review Great app folder plqayer with many extra s by anonym
Great app A bit interface confusing but has many excellent features like controls on locked screen and sleep timer. 5/5
Positive review Love it! by anonym
Awesome!!!!! Suggest to use this ap kinda hard to learn how it works but once u do easy and love the techie stuff about it. 5/5
Positive review Jannu by anonym
I'd suggest shake control added..( in some update) the best player i know right now... Would you change equaliser to 10 bands? This 5 band eq is killing me... Ty for your time. Thisfar all the updates have made mortplayer better n better . Thanks ^^ anyway, keep up the good work? :) S E Xperia Arc 5/5
Negative review Confusing Interface by anonym
I used to think this app was the only app that could play tracks in the correct order (by MP3 tag). I later discovered that it was actually ignoring the "disc #" tag, and all the other music players were doing it correctly. That, combined with a confusing interface and lack of playlist support led me to switch to another app. 2/5
Positive review THE MP3 player for people with many MP3! by anonym
Most people load their MP3's on a SD card using a file manager, Right? Well now there is a mp3 player that let's me move through the songs the way I mentally see them! WITH Folders! Love it! Love it! Oh yes and an "exit" function. When I found this player, I could not wait to get W1n@mp off my device. And the purchase model is wonderful. Donations.. I move through a lot of mp3s reviewing them from new artists, this app would be absolute perfect (even more Perfect-er) tee hee, if there was [Menu][Navigation][select Folder][the icon to the right of each folder had a 'Delete folder' feature]. Donation coming.. 5/5
Negative review Terrible UI. by anonym
The worst UI ever! 1 Star for ignoring me for so long. Try driving and change to a pecific track or folder. Or use the EQ... The controls are scattered and difficult to reach. There is no playlist (winamp style) so you can see what comes next. I can help you with the design for free. But you have to prove you are changing. 1/5
Negative review Bad Update by anonym
I've been using Mort for a long time, but since the last update, Mort has been stopping the music at random and Force Closing. At times, when it stopped the music in the middle of a song, I've found it saying it was "Reading folders". lt's made my phone restart several times. Before this, I really enjoyed having Mort. (That's why it retains 2 stars instead of receiving 1.) But if it doesn't get fixed, I may be forced to find a new music player. I dearly hope this isn't required because I used to love Mort. 2/5

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