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Created by Google

Android version
Team note
8 / 10
Users note
8 / 10
about 1000000000
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Team review

" Start exploring ! "

The application has not yet detailed description, however the team assigned the note of 8 / 10. This note is based on the following criteria: Quality, Usefulness, Ease of Use, Privacy Concerns of user data (depending on the permissions required)..

The app is compatible with most Android devices running on.

Its number of downloads in the Android Market (Google Play) makes it an indispensable application. More than five million people already use. Do not hesitate to get it back. Any device (smartphone or tablet) must possess.

User reviews

40 users have given their review on Google+.

Negative review by anonym
Constantly stops working on my Acer Iconia Tab 8 since last update. I have sent an error report 20 times in an hour. This is making my tablet useless and me very unhappy. Just had to send a report in the middle of this msg. PLEASE FIX ASAP! 1/5
Negative review Always runs in the background by anonym
This app is now the same thing as the Facebook app, always running in the background. It gets closed by the Android built-in task killer only to be restarted. If you don't use this or don't know what it's for I suggest you disable the app. 1/5
Negative review Mind of it's own? by anonym
App continually starts itself, freezes, and drains my battery as the phone tries to get it to shut down. No idea why it is starting, but when I unlock my phone it often comes up with a blank, black screen with the burnt orange bar across the top proudly proclaiming, "Google +". This is on a brand new Samsung S5. It was easy to ignore the default app until it started doing this, now it's just annoying. Issue didn't start until after upgrading OS to Lollipop. 1/5
Negative review Needs improvement. by anonym
This app has a lot of potential to be great however it's riddled with glitches force closes the app also so suddenly shuts down periodically for no real apparent reason. I'm operating a Samsung Galaxy Note pro. 1/5
Positive review Niche but nice! by anonym
Now the app is more than ever dedicated to social photography, which means it's not a mass market service like Facebook is, but that's a good thing. Photography is so important at least to me. 5/5
Negative review Not good by anonym
New cell, new plan no like. Only two weeks in used all my 1GB . Used 198 MB in a half hour and haven't even set it up yet. All used 513mb in two weeks. Not a happy camper. 1/5
Positive review So thankful by anonym
I'm so thankful for google plus I regularly lose or break my phones and getting my pictures back is so simple I just had a baby and it devastated me when I thought I lost all the photos I had taken from day 1 Google plus made me one happy momma when I realized they were all stored safely for me? 5/5
Negative review Hot on Google+ and Trending on Google+ by anonym
There should really be a way to disable these too features. The app and users posts things that I'm not remotely interested in and utterly disgusted by, pornographic material, sexual provocative models, and Satanic paraphernalia just to name a few. My children use Google+ and I shouldn't find myself having to shield their eyes from such things, especially if these things are being added without their input. Very dissatisfied and disappointed Google... 1/5
Negative review This sucks!!!???? by anonym
Its pops up every 2 seconds..literally...just to tell me that google+ has stopped I can't do anything without being interrupted!! Plz fix it and make it work or quit sending me notifications 1/5
Positive review Timeline Woes by anonym
It's important to change your syncing options or all of your photos from your phone will be upload to your Google+ profile. I like Google+ better than Facebook, but they need an option to sort your timeline by most recent on down instead of it being organized by what has most recent comments. 4/5
Negative review I use to like it by anonym
I use to like Google + before the update now I'm not so sure it constantly shut my phone down every time I go into.I have a LG g3 vigor. To whom it may concern can u fix this problem then I will rate this app a 5. 2/5
Negative review Way to screw up the photo backup by anonym
With the latest update you can NO longer backup your photos only when charging. Thanks alot google so now if I am on the wifi you will backup my photos at anytime draining my battery!!! Why fix what isnt broken??????? 1/5
Negative review Hate it now, but it used to be great. by anonym
Used to love Google+ but now hate it. So many issues of not being able to log in & if you creators EVER get to read this WHY THE HELL DO YOU HAVE AN EMAIL ADDRESS IF YOU CANNOT USE IT???? What is the point if people cannot report these issues to you & get them sorted out! Your service sucks!!!!! 1/5
Negative review Auto upload (lack of) control by anonym
Why has the control over which folders auto upload been taken away? I don't want to auto upload photos sent to me on WhatsApp or created in Instagram. I pay extra each month for 1TB of space to store my photos but this lack of control makes me think it'd be easier using OneDrive and I'd save money in the process. 2/5
Negative review I'm agitated by anonym
I had uninstalled the regular one by accident thinking it was going to benefit me in some way (changing my name) which was suggested. The next step was to update it to go back to the original way it comes on our phones, tablet, ect. It didn't work as expected. I updated it and when you tap it, it closes. When you uninstall it again and use the old version it has things going on. It exits out after a while and won't let you back in.You have to go back and forth upgrading and degrading ever so often. It sucks 2/5
Negative review No control over calendar by anonym
Events are being put onto my calendar by people who have included me in their circles, yet I have found no way of doing these people from including events on my calendar that I don't want on it. I would like to use the calendar for my personal usage only, not a community chest. 1/5
Negative review Used to be excellent by anonym
It used to be a great social network when created but it's lost its way, was better before they began trying to force you into posting public (I mostly used it for private posts) and it's starting to aim to much at kids 1/5
Negative review No workee, Samsung Android by anonym
Google+ is a disaster on my NoteII. It worked at first, but after I changed the "background" setting on the phone for Google+, it crashed. The worst thing has been its effect on the Youtube functions. Tried every trick I know, but still no go. Works fine on my WINDOWS-DRIVEN laptop. So here's the irony: Android, Youtube belong to Google, but Google+ won't work. Windows is microsoft, but Google+ works fine. Someone at Google needs to be waterboarded first, then fired. 2/5
Negative review This is annoying -.- by anonym
I can't tell if it's chromecast or google+ but I'm trying to cast photos on chromecast and it would show like 3 then shows a timed out black refresh screen on the tv. When i check and look at google+ and the pictures in the album everything freezes. I exit the app and try clicking it but it only shows a black screen. Please make an update for chromecast or google+ 2/5
Negative review Was better before by anonym
Used to be good before. Now it doesn't respond and eventually crashes after a while when I try to upload images. :( 1/5
Negative review What an unintuitive application! by anonym
What a poor way to view photos, make comments on photos, search for album names, etc. Students would do better job vs this corporate disaster 1/5
Negative review Worse app ever by anonym
It keeps popping up when I don't open it please fix and I will rate 4 * because it doesn't seem like a good app anyway people say things that are inappropriate and I see lots of cuss words 1/5
Negative review Google Photos sucks! by anonym
Please bring back the basic Gallery app! I have a Nexus 5 and I hate having to use the Photos app. Or at least add an option to have your pictures sorted/displayed by album instead of date! 2/5
Positive review by anonym
The photo app that comes with it freezes alot. Also just now everything went black on me so im uninstalling and reinstalling. Sometimes that helps...just not what it used to be. The eazyer the better.. 4/5
Positive review by anonym
needs the ability to manage +1's and links on profile... I should NOT have the use a browser or desktop computer to edit those! 4/5
Positive review Best social network but... by anonym
Later post: The app evolved, runs faster. The app is running slower and slower with each update. Love the scrolling animations but the lag is more and more present with each update. Looks like is a general trend for latest updates of the most popular Google Apps. What is happening, Google ? Trying to make us all update our phone every 6 moths in order to have a lag free user experience ? 4/5
Negative review Screw this sh*t by anonym
I have a OPO, and the cyanogen gallery was just perfect, choosing my photos from there was great because it created folders for each app and I got use to it, it was the great default gallery, but then the update comes in and this piece of shit auto back up photos thing comes in and it made its self a default photo app, its sriving me freaking nuts, if anyone can help Ill take it, I uninstalled it with a program and i couldnt even share my photos so had to install it again, please help 1/5
Negative review Not compatible with my device running Android 4.4.2 Kitkat???? by anonym
Since my upgrade from Jellybean to Kitkat, I can no longer install this app because it says that it is not compatible with my device, a device running the second most recent OS of Android. I am an avid user of this app for a long time now so please, fix this issue ASAP. 1/5
Negative review Used to be a good app. by anonym
I have used this app for many years through a number of android devises. Since the last update I have had to uninstall across. I had to specifically disable it on my Verizon LG G3 as it would auto-update to latest version (being factory installed app) and crash my ph to the point of having to remove the battery in order to reboot. As soon as I would connect to charger Google+ would launch and render my phone unusable. Once I disabled app, problems are gone. 1/5
Negative review Just use the pc version; don't bother with the app by anonym
Okay wtf now the app will not even open and I can't comment on YouTube or share to g+ 1/5
Negative review Google is doing shit now,he don't want to sync the app,every time I turn on the WiFi connection I have sync errors by anonym
Fix it on Acer iconia a1-810 1/5
Negative review Forced to Have... by anonym
I cant go into app setting at all,it crashes always when selecting settings option. I dont use or even need the social media feature within the google + app,....its using up way to much of my mobile data in the background,its made my phone frustratingly slower. This Google+ app is forced on us just to run other certain apps alongside with it....if you choose not to take part with Google means loosing certain personal loved apps too.If i could I would delete this app, and rate zero stars, its a useless app 1/5
Negative review Whyyyy by anonym
I like Google plus and all I really do but this latest update stinks for Samsung devices it won't open and can't be Uninstalled it is good on my iPod Gen 4 but not this why Google why 1/5
Negative review Stories no longer working by anonym
Everything was working fine and smoothly before, but now no matter how many photos i took it just doesn't want to do anything besides auto awesome. Before i thought the problems has something to do with my phone, but after trying 2 other different phones and still get me the same result, so hope you guys can fix this issue asap. 1/5
Negative review Not happy by anonym
I wanted to store my photos on google+ while I switch back to android from iPhone but now some are missing and I cant get those back and also it is sharing private photos I dont want to share ver very poor should have stayed with iPhone 1/5
Negative review Auto update by anonym
I have this feature turned off but it never fails to notify me that my photos have been backed up without my permission or desire. 1/5
Negative review Whacky sack by anonym
Changing gonna kick rocks that a kick rocks on the road is my not be best side full message let's make the best out of what's not good so when they it may be worthy being judge by our Heavenly Father his Savior and all God's alike Thanks goodbye 2/5
Negative review Not satisfied by anonym
Switched from iPhone to google- should have stayed. Lost photos, won't share to googleplus.. not happy at all. 1/5
Negative review by anonym
All my camera photos are missing without being asked to me....I don't expect such worse things...even wrote many times to Google as well as other technicians but nobody is there to n where can near about 1000 photos gone....don't upload to Google...never 2/5
Negative review Google plus sucks I took photos of other people and then they went onto my google profile and my phone was hacked so the hacker could've seen ecverything! (Sorry ig I can't spell I'm quite young! by anonym
:( 1/5

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