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Out of Milk
Created by Capigami
Out of Milk

Android version
Team note
10 / 10
Users note
9 / 10
about 5000000
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Team review

" Shopping & to-do lists ! "

The application has not yet detailed description, however the team assigned the note of 10 / 10. This note is based on the following criteria: Quality, Usefulness, Ease of Use, Privacy Concerns of user data (depending on the permissions required)..

The app is compatible with most Android devices running on.

Its number of downloads in the Android Market (Google Play) makes it an indispensable application. More than five million people already use. Do not hesitate to get it back. Any device (smartphone or tablet) must possess.

User reviews

40 users have given their review on Out of Milk.

Negative review Update broke app. by anonym
Have used this app for several years with no issues. Latest update broke ap. HTV Inspire 4G with Android 2.3.5. Not a new phone, but c'mon...legacy software is mot uncommon. 2/5
Positive review Extremely useful by anonym
Easy to use & read, along with any special notes for a given product. Checked off items do not automatically delete so that if you buy them often you can un-check them back onto your list. Would prefer that checked items were arranged so they could be easily found again- maybe arranged alphabetically? 4/5
Positive review I'd be lost without it! by anonym
I absolutely love this app. I have been using it for probably about two years now. Always works and i never forget anything i need. Lets me keep track of item costs so I know if I'm paying too much for something. I can't live without it. 5/5
Positive review Great! by anonym
I am a list maker this app is great for my shopping and to do lists. Love being able to send the grocery list to the mister via text so he can pick stuff up when I can't haven't used all the bells and whistles but like the parts I have used. Have recommended to many friends and family once you use it you will love it! 5/5
Negative review Keeps erasing a shared list! by anonym
It keeps erasing the data from my Whole Foods list! It's a shared list with my husband and I can't add or change anything to it, then it just all goes away! What the heck?!?! 1/5
Positive review Helpful App! by anonym
Love everything about it and use it all time. Love how my hubby and I can share it and sync. Needs easier way to manage item list. Would like to remove duplicates and rename them easier. 4/5
Positive review Have already recommended it to all my friends! by anonym
Great app! Used to use Our Groceries then stumbled upon this one. Much better. Love that you can add prices so you Have an idea of how much your groceries are going to be. You can also use the barcode scanner in the free app which is also pretty slick. 5/5
Positive review A little slow sometimes. by anonym
Sometimes it takes it awhile to sync lists between devices but other than that it's great! 5/5
Negative review Used to be awesome but update messed it up. by anonym
1) Notes at bottom do not stay in the product info.... DEAL KILLER. Currently looking for app replacement due to this. PLEASE FIX! I LOVE THIS APP... AT LEAST I USED TO. 2) Cannot Copy and Paste notes in Android Phone app. Samsung Galaxy S4. PLEASE FIX THE ISSUES! I have LOTS of entry time invested in this app. 3) FORCED CATEGORIES NOW? If I wanted categories I would have added them myself.... REALLY! Your "Upgrades" are TOTALLY bogus! 1/5
Positive review Great App by anonym
I love this app. I mostly use the lists. The only thing that would make it the best EVER would be if they included an auto date when you add something. 5/5
Negative review Syncing Makes No Sense by anonym
When my wife and I create lists together, the categories each of us have are different, causing our categories to duplicate. I realize why it works like that, but it makes it impossible for my wife and I to contribute to one list. I realize I can move them to one category easily but I don't want to do that for every item. 1/5
Positive review Makes life so much easier! by anonym
I love using this app, love being able to have different lists as I do shopping for more than one household. I love the ability to arrange items, add quantities, and add the price. 5/5
Positive review Functional enough by anonym
Latest version is better, but items in dictionary very USA specific. Categories are often incorrect, but can be changed quickly. Would be better if I could order the categories to appear in my list in the same order as my supermarket is laid out. Items are added automatically after using the first time, so with frequent use the app becomes more useful. Crashes less often than previous versions. 4/5
Positive review Been using for a while.. by anonym
Works well for my husband and I. We like that we can both view and manage shared lists. There was a time last year that the app started to freeze and wouldnt sync, but it seems all good now. Two enthusiastic thumbs up! I wish, however, that I can add images so my husband can see exactly which brand I want. 5/5
Neutral review Its ok by anonym
OK for a shipping list and I really liked the idea of adding recipes but it says that it works with most recipes.. It does not... Should say works with only the big recipe sites. I could only as one out of about 10 recipes I really wanted to add. Basically don't get too excited to get let down:( 3/5
Positive review "elegant" design by anonym
this app does everything I need it to do - and nothing more. no skins, options, complications. it's just a shopping list, and it does that to perfection :) I can add things as I think of them and not lose it like I would a piece of paper. 5/5
Positive review Works well by anonym
Easy to use and share. My only issue is the categories. It will put things in categories automatically which I have to change, but it learns where you want things so when you enter them again it remembers where you want them. I use this weekly although I'm not organized enough for the pantry part. 4/5
Positive review So far so good! by anonym
I really like that it automatically sorts my items into categories.. Editing by dragging and dropping is easy and great! I can put my categories as well as items in the order I pass them at the store... no more running back and forth! The share option is awesome too! 5/5
Neutral review Give customers option to change back! by anonym
I have really enjoyed this app until it was updated. I like to have control on where my categories go. For example, I want my "other" catagory at the top! In reading other comments, many have the same issues with the updated version. I, also, emailed my concern and haven't heard back. Maybe there are too many complaints with the app, and they can't get back with everyone. I can't recall if I paid for this app. If I did, I want it to work how it was before. If it was free, I guess I can't complain too much. 3/5
Positive review Good utility by anonym
My SO and I have been using for a couple months. It has been a good and reliable way to keep track of our groceries. My only complaint is it is too easy to drag items into the wrong category when one handing the phone. 4/5
Negative review Once a 4 now a 1 by anonym
The latest upgrade made the app useless on my phone. a fixed block including an undo bar at the top of their app blocks my ability to select lists, etc. I've e-mailed the company twice to report the problem details including providing my phone and operating system info. But, NO ONE has responded. This is VERY POOR customer service. The new mandatory categories make the program a confusing mess too. UNDO your upgrade...take it back! 1/5
Positive review Out of milk by anonym
Not always up to date. Some stores don't always show up, sale items not always on list. 4/5
Positive review Use it all the time by anonym
I love that I can have all of my lists in one place. No more writing things down and then forgetting it at home. I had my hubby install it on his phone also, so that if he stops at the store on his way home from work, everything I put on my list syncs with his. It's very convenient. 4/5
Negative review Very unhappy now. by anonym
The newest update has completely ruined what used to be my most favorite app. I've been relying on it for years. The current interface is absolutely terrible. It's now cluttered instead of simple, it creates its own categories which I don't want, and every single item I've ever put in it pops up anytime I do anything in it. All of this so they could add a recipe section where I can't even add my own recipes. This app is now the exact opposite of helpful. 1/5
Negative review Used to love it, now it's terrible by anonym
Used this for about 18 months with zero problems. Now, I can't get the lists I create from my browser to EVER sync with my phone. What's the point of having sync if it doesn't work. So disappointed. 1/5
Positive review Use this everyday! by anonym
Once you get this app customized to your own needs and preferences it is an amazing time and money saver! I don't use the pantry feature much because it's hard to keep up with what had been used with four people in the house, but the custom shopping lists are wonderful. When you think of something you need just add it to any list you'd like and you won't forget things on your next trip to the store. 5/5
Negative review Newest version too smart by anonym
I like the old version better where I could list my OWN catagories. Now the app is constantly giving me new catagories for the food I enter (which I do NOT want since I had already set up my own catagories based on the store I shop in) and the app is adding catagories which I already had listed! So each time I use the list, dupicates are created. The catagories are so micro managed that my list had tripled in size. On top of that the catagories created by Out of Milk won't delete! Ugh! 2/5
Positive review Custom organizing woohoo! by anonym
I wanted items organized by how I shop, the isles in order, etc. There's some initial setup but after that it's great. I have multiple lists for multiple stores, not just groceries, though that's the main reason for downloading the app. My categories are by isle in my grocery store. From there, I had to tell OOM which isle/category to put cold cereal. After that, it remembers. I can also change the order of the isles by the order I shop through the store. Great app! 5/5
Negative review Horrible update by anonym
Used to love this app but the update has ruined it. No way to manage categories and if u don't put the item in some sort of category it automatically puts it in the category other at the bottom of the list. I want certain things at the top not under a category. This app has become more trouble than its worth. 1/5
Positive review Fantastic App by anonym
My wife and I use it all the time. Need something? Just put it on the list. The next person at the store picks it up. Shopping together? Divide and conquer, the synced list updates as you shop. I use it to for my todo list as well. I always have my phone so my list is always available. I highly recommend it. 5/5
Positive review Love it by anonym
The only reason I didn't give them 5 stars is b/c they asked me to...inappropriate. you can easily switch b/n your Things To Do and Grocery lists. Plus scanning items is a piece of cake! 4/5
Positive review A must-have tool! by anonym
My husband and I use this all the time to share grocery lists. I like that it remembers special items that you sad and you can add notes, quantity, wright, and more. 5/5
Negative review Never works by anonym
Does not work. I see my lists in browser but does not show up in the app 1/5
Positive review No one wants to be Out of Milk by anonym
Great app, period. Now, when my wife makes me go shopping while she stays home and plays classic board games with the dogs, she can simply add things to a shared list from the comfort and safety of the couch. No way I'll forget to replenish our supply of yogurt covered raisins and fish paste now! I like the fact that it remembers the last 3 lists you used, instead of bombarding you with every list you have. Make a list for when you're out of lumber, out of ammunition, out of monkies, or out of shark bait. 5/5
Positive review Even I can shop like a pro! by anonym
No longer trying to track paper pen. I can walk through the aisles and intelligently find one item after another. For a middle-aged, slightly overweight bald man, this app makes me look good! 5/5
Negative review Works by anonym
I don't have the Pro app. My version seems to take a significant amount of time to sync with my wife's as well as about 20 seconds at time when editing an existing list. When deleting items and trying to edit, it's very slow indeed. It's almost easier to delete a list and start from scratch. I noticed that an upgrade was making the app faster, but I'm not seeing it. It's a helpful application, you just need to be patient. Another new upgrade and the app still incredibly slow with sync and bringing the shopping list up. We still use it a lot only because we are to lazy to hunt down another. 2/5
Negative review Forget sync by anonym
Wonderful stand-alone. Used for years. Even paid for the app. Now that I want to sync with wife's list, the program loses entire categories and items. Very disappointed that I'll have to find a more reliable alternative. Update: Tech support sent a helpful email: "Well, it shouldn't do that." Gee, thanks. 2/5
Positive review Really pleased! by anonym
This is such a great app, IMO. I use it all the time and it keeps things organised. I just LOVE the recipe section that lets me find my vegan recipes on the net and automatically registers not only the pages link, but also the ingredients for that recipe to add to my shopping list. So many more things too! 5/5
Negative review It stops syncing, so re-install the app on your phone by anonym
Honest to God, that is what the Out of Milk website has as a workaround (Type in "out of milk dosn't --" the rest Google will fill in). The article is now closed for comments. 'Nuff said 2/5
Neutral review by anonym
With latest update isn't synching between my phone and tablet. Uninstalled to reinstall on my phone and keep getting a not enough memory error message. Still okay on tablet but I don't want to carry that around while shopping and running errands. Not a happy camper anymore. This has been my go to app and I don't want to change. 3/5

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