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Restaurant Story
Created by Storm8 Studios
Restaurant Story

Android version
Team note
8 / 10
Users note
8 / 10
about 10000000
20 Mo
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Team review

" Your own restaurant ! "

The application has not yet detailed description, however the team assigned the note of 8 / 10. This note is based on the following criteria: Quality, Usefulness, Ease of Use, Privacy Concerns of user data (depending on the permissions required)..

The app is compatible with most Android devices running on.

Its weight is relatively light (20 MB). This space will be required for the proper functioning of the application on your device.

Its number of downloads in the Android Market (Google Play) makes it an indispensable application. More than five million people already use. Do not hesitate to get it back. Any device (smartphone or tablet) must possess.

User reviews

40 users have given their review on Restaurant Story.

Neutral review Need more goal by anonym
I don't know if its just me ? The game started off great I was completing the goals getting the rewards but then I stop getting more goals , right now I have one goal and that's to complete level 7 on dragon story I don't want to play dragon story. I tried uninstalling it and reinstalling same problem please fix !! Otherwise I like the game 3/5
Neutral review Can't expand restaurant by anonym
I want to expand my restaurant without having to invite neighbors. I don't have any at all. Please fix this problem I want to confirm playing this game 3/5
Negative review Playiny Restaurant Stories My Likes & Dislikes of this App by anonym
Neutral review Changing my rating by anonym
Sick of the pop ups from past goals.ive seen lots of other people complaining about this and you guys haven't fixed it yet. Please do or I will soon stop playing. 3/5
Negative review Ugh by anonym
This game used 2 be fun now it glitches every 10 minutes when i use my gems the game will say it's out of sync with my server. It will take my gems but wont go,towards what i used them for I've lost over 20 gems screw this game uninstalling 1/5
Positive review by anonym
Its a nice game. But every time i try to add friends my ligun id is not been accepted. So tired of trying new names . Everytime the same msg -"sorry this name has been taken " . How do i complete my goals plzzz help 5/5
Positive review awesome game by anonym
this is the best game i ever played n didnt get bored i love this game only one thing i wish for is that when buy wallpaper n tile you could sell it 5/5
Positive review Cool, Awesome, the best by anonym
This game is absolutely beautiful and a amazing game for those who are passionate about cooking. I myself am passionate about cooking and this game inspires me to make my own recipes and cookbook. This game let's me and others decorate and cook in our own restaurant. 5/5
Positive review It's good for killing time... by anonym
But be prepared to be frustrated by how quickly food disappears from your counters. This is the opposite of Bakery Story, which makes it easier to accumulate food. While I realize that many people complained about it being too slow, thereby slowing down income, once you hit level 99 and have expanded the floor as much as you can, the need to have millions of fake currency dwindles to where you only need to have enough to cover the cost of the events. I wish there was a happy medium. RS isn't as sparkly as BS, but you get a wide variety of themes to play with and leveling isn't as big an issue as it initially seems. Max those recipes and 99 isn't so far away! :) 5/5
Neutral review Very fun to play. Annoying glitches. by anonym
I love this game. It is very fun. But there are so many glitches. So when I exited out of the game to go to homepage, I then went back to restaurant story to find out the new and expensive wallpaper I bought was gone. The new counters, new floor. Everything new was gone. I know I didn't get my money back for the missing things, because i had the same amount of money as last time. They ripped me off! Anyways, I'm uninstalling, because other people have the same problem and the creator hasn't fixed it yet. 3/5
Positive review Addicted!!! by anonym
Love this game... I'm always playing it all throughout the day! Like finding neighborsand giving tips and gifts. Love that I can decorate my space. Only thing I don't Like is having to wait too long for food to cook with the big numbers to feed your customers. 5/5
Negative review I like it by anonym
Its alright but, ill click something and all the past goals I've done already pop up all of a sudden. Fix it and I'll rate 5 stars. Oh, and it would be great if you could sell things for half their price. And if you could sell wallpaper and flooring. Also, i wish that the news, evrytime its done loading and its time to play, the news thingy pops up, and its pretty annoying. Being a clean freak, it also gets annoying when you cant delete some of the news things, the gift news. Also watch videosbfor gems. 2/5
Positive review Stay home and cook rice! by anonym
I enjoy playing this game very much. That's not only because of preparing any variety of recipes but also, because I love moving my resta furniture around! It's fun and there are a lot of great people you can have as neighbors. At times it becomes monotonous - that's where having great neighbors comes in. Design your very own place to be you. To express your creativity. Aloha! 4/5
Neutral review Good app but... by anonym
The app is awesome, a really fun game, but I wish there were an easier way to edit your restaurant, like an edit mode that's easier to navigate and move things around in instead of just the shop mode, its annoying to make big changes. It'd also be nice if you actually got gems from downloading those apps in the quests 3/5
Neutral review In the next update by anonym
When I leave the games I loose coustemers because it takes soo long to cook easy meals. They eat when im on and off! In the next update I ask that you guys put open and closed sign. Another thing is they eat so much I go broke trying to feed them. Please I am asking nicely im not demanding just please fix and ill put a 5. I love the game just too many bugs that's really bother some people. Thanks - A fan of your games 3/5
Neutral review by anonym
I want expand my shop and cant do so because I cant add people who play the game. One of the reasons I stoped playing the game when it was named cafe world. 3/5
Negative review Fun, addicting by anonym
I love this game, but the people who designed it did so in such a way that you get conned out of the gems you meticulously save. As you double click the various items to cook food or collect tips, mid click a window will pop up asking if you want to bypass the task by paying a certain number of gems, so as you are double clicking an item, you accidentally click the "spend gems" button. Very, very frustrating. Everything else takes forever to process, but not the sly windows that force you to spend $ 1/5
Neutral review by anonym
It's OK has a few glitches not brilliant images but is fun to play. Could be better if it was more realistic by better graphics. But it is cool to have friends and send messages back and forth to each other. 3/5
Negative review Ummm by anonym
Hey what's going on game isn't working & my food is spoiling?? 2/5
Positive review Playet by anonym
Awesome game, but it needs to slow down the customers coming in and out, and expansion of business should not be limited. If I buy my gems to expand my floor I should be able to do it no matter what size I want, and need more 3, 5, 2 & 1 hr food cook times, yeah!!, thanks. 5/5
Negative review Restaurant Story by anonym
I really love this game. But the important thing is please improve the speed for left tips & collect tips also cook & serve food. It's really slow in this Android vision and I found that Apple vision is different and more faster. I can save my time,please update! 2/5
Negative review What happened? by anonym
I just slept and boooom! Lost everything! Cant even login to my accnt. Says bad username and pw. How can I fix this? Already requested for pw reset but still no response. 1/5
Neutral review Ugh by anonym
It's a great game but my money keeps decreasing when I'm not even spending it. And I'm not receiving my gems I should have 6 and it says 0 plz fix Will give 5* 3/5
Neutral review Too fiddly on phone. by anonym
Looks cool though you may enjoy this, but its not for me 3/5
Neutral review by anonym
A lot of your gaols are just flat out ridiculous for anyone with a job and family! I have 20 hrs to complete 25 plates that take three hrs each? I work a full time job and have a family... that's just unrealistic for anyone with a life outside your game.. fix or I will have to remove all storm8 games for good! 3/5
Positive review Good, maybe some changes by anonym
It is interesting but the goals which are already accomplished are keep coming back every time you open the game and need to keep hitting the X or no! What if those history goals, already accomplished, are deleted by the program automatically? Will be nice also to sell, borrow or give as a gift the cooking machines to the " neighbours ". All over an interesting time spending game! 4/5
Positive review :) by anonym
I love the game but the pop ups and goals interrupt me from playing. Also bought gems never got them. All in all with bugs fixed its a great game fun . 5/5
Positive review I like it but... by anonym
it keeps freezing and my tips and gifts don't come in I love this app but please fix problems 4/5
Positive review It's so fun by anonym
I like it but if you play it to long it gets a little annoying. Instead of that it's a really fun and good game. 5/5
Positive review I love this game and their support team by anonym
I changed my phone and then lost my game; then i wrote email to their support team to help me recovering my game as i have forgot my password and then i gave them all details. And i was surprised to see their quick support and they transfered my old game to my new phone within 24 hrs. Thank you team. This game is my new addiction :) 5/5
Neutral review No automatic update by anonym
All my neighbors get appliances before I do. For instance....the yoga stove....there isn't an update for this game, and I can't get the stove....very disappointing..... 3/5
Positive review Cool game but... by anonym
This game is nice but everytime I open it, it shows all my past goals which really wastes my time. Not only that but the customers move in and out really fast. I have space for 20 in my restaurant(level 16) and its still not enough. And every once in a while, the game kind of freezes for a while and I have to restart it all over again. It takes a lot of time to open menu , to open design bar and to make food. Also no wifi needed. Please fix these flaws, Mr. Support Team. Other than that its a great game. 4/5
Positive review by anonym
Restaurant story is great but it's hard to download games to earn more gems when you don't have enough storage space on your phone 5/5
Positive review Love this game! by anonym
Been playing for about 5 years on IOS. Now over 1 year on the play store. Improvements: People eat when closed, slow menu opening (Inc. neighbors loading, messages, news feed), placing object's Inc. tiles, pall paper need to move to next square not bring up the editor again. (Another words how the game previously was like). If these get fixed than the game is perfect. 5/5
Negative review Disappointed by anonym
I love this game so much. But, it's like there's someone out there playing my game. I lost a lot of gems, money, and the design of my restaurant. He changed everything and play. It makes me very sad and disappointed. Please fix it. 2/5
Negative review Annoyed by anonym
Probably would have given it 5 stars but practically every day I'm having to go through and exit out of past goals that I've already completed or missed. Please fix this.... I am re-rating at this point. The problem has still not been fixed, so I have taken another star. 2/5
Positive review A Suggestion by anonym
I absolutely love this app, especially as you can get along fine without friends and without paying for it, but you have the option to do one or both of those. I would definitely recommend this game. However, I have a suggestion: maybe for the next update, could we have 1) the option to move the food to whichever bar we choose and/or 2) could we have option to order the menu by amount of time/amount of money/dishes we haven't leveled up on, etc. 5/5
Negative review No way to expand unless you add neighbors by anonym
I used to play this on another phone before it crashed and I lost everything, but my restaurant was quite huge. But this time around, I have only been allowed 2-3 expansions and then I have to find some neighbors to do so again. It sucks when your friends are not the kind to play this kind of game, so its a negative rating from me for sure :/ 2/5
Positive review Customers eat while closed by anonym
I' ve closed the restaurant (by blocking door) because I'm out of food, etc. There were some food ready but was still cooking some food. When I come back, the food prepared in the counters were gone. Also, I just finished cooking all food for the counters and quitted but remembered to do something and when I come back, all the food were gone instantly!! Pls Fix 4/5
Positive review Can't expand unless you have neighbors by anonym
I don't know anyone else who plays the game, so how am I suppose to get neighbors? I want to expand my restaurant but I can't... definitely should change this. It would be better if you make it so we can visit other people's restaurants who play the game around the world and add them to our neighbors list! 4/5

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